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Printing Boxes and Bags

At Tiny Box we offer a branding opportunity, which is so important in today's competitive 'stand out' market. Brand identity has never been more valuable and here at Tiny Box we work with you to make our products part of your brand. For a minimum volume of just 50 boxes (per box size), we can turn your 1 colour design or logo into your own personalised range. Using a process of hot foil printing we print 1 colour onto our boxes and the majority of our bags. Visit our Gallery to see some of the images and names that have done just that! 
Just a few things you need to know!

All print orders need to be placed in the office.  Web sales are for plain stock only. We need to find out all your details and check your artwork.
The minimum order for printed boxes is 50 units per size of box, and for small bags, 100 units.  For larger bags, the minimum order for printing is 300.
Printing prices start at £9.00/100 or 9p a box (plus VAT) if you order 100 boxes or more.
For our larger gift boxes or Luxury range pricing starts at £18.00/100 or 18p a box (plus VAT) for 100 boxes or more.
For our much larger box sizes including the snap-shuts prices range from £18.00 to £23.00/per 100 boxes. That's just 18p to 23p per box (plus VAT) for orders over 100.
For all new orders there is also a one-off printing block charge starting from £24 + VAT rising to £78.30 (plus VAT) for the largest size of 12x17cm. (The cost is dependent on the print size, hence the block size required.)

We print using a one-colour hot foil process. We have a large pallet of foil colours to choose from, in both matt and metallic finishes.   

Two-colour printing
Depending on your artwork we may be able to provide a two colour print. This is possible if the two colours are not interrelated or require alignment. With a two-colour print the box/bag is passed through the printer twice. In these circumstances perfect re-alignment may not be achievable.
Below are some examples of what we would and would not accept for two colour printing.

Inverted Logos
An inverted logo is where the background is solid and the artwork will be the colour of the box showing through. See image.
Wherever possible we would recommend ‘text on’ (just text onto the box rather than a solid background) to achieve the best print results. Using a text on approach ensures finer detail on your artwork.

For more information on two colour or inverted logos please do email or call us for more details: printing@tinyboxcompany.com - 01342 810 900

What we require
Should you wish to go ahead or receive a quote for printing please send over your details to printing@tinyboxcompany.com
We would need your artwork to be over 600dpi and in an Illustrator (Ai), PDF or Photoshop (PSD) file (with all the layers). If you are unsure if your artwork would be suitable, try zooming into the artwork in your desired program, if it has jagged edges, looks blurry and/or unreadable; we would be unable to use it. If it has crispy clean edges then it should be useable.  If in doubt, please email it to us and we'll let you know!

The Process
As soon as you are happy to go ahead with your order, please email us with the product, quantity, your artwork and details.
We will send you a PDF proof of your artwork on the required box, so you can see the position and size of the print. We send a photo of the first box off the printing machine so you can see the final sample for sign off.
If you would like a physical sample prior to printing, this can be provided for a fee of £7.95 plus Vat, Logo print block and delivery. 

Our Cant's
We can't print on Corrugated boxes, Clear Lidded Boxes and cello bags, because they melt or get crushed with our hot foil printing process. 

If you would like your logo/branding or details printed on your packaging, or would like a firm quote please do not hesitate to contact us or talk to us via online chat! 

Email:  printing@tinyboxcompany.com

Tel:  +44 01342 810900