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Printing Boxes and Bags

Please note: orders for printed bags and boxes cannot be placed online.  This is because we need to check the artwork first. 

We offer one colour logo foil printing on all boxes, except for the Corrugated boxes, Clear Lidded Boxes cello bags and where otherwise stated in the product description. The minimum order for printed boxes is 50 units per size of box, and for small bags, 100 units.  For larger bags, the minimum order for printing is 300.
Logo printing on small bags and small boxes starts at 9p a box (plus VAT) for any number of ordinary boxes over 100 of each size.  For quantities of between 50 and 100, there is a fixed print charge starting from £9 per size of box.  To print our luxury box range, the charge starts from 18p per box (plus VAT) for orders over 100. For Deep and Large snapshuts it's 23p per box plus VAT for orders over 100.

There is also a one-off printing block charge starting from £24 + VAT going up to £78.30 plus VAT for the largest size of 12x18cm. It is a one-off set-up cost as we then use the same block for all your future prints (provided you require the same artwork). The foil printing gives a luxurious finish and a wide range of colours are available. However, if you would like a particular Pantone match then please let us know and we will do our best to match it. 

We would require the artwork to be over 600dpi and in an illustrator, PDF or Photoshop file (with all the layers). 

If you are unsure if your artwork would be suitable, zoom in to on the computer, if it has jagged edges, looks blurry and/or unreadable; we would be unable to use it. If it has crispy clean edges then it should be useable.  If in doubt, please email it to us and we'll let you know! 

If you would like your logo/branding or details printed on your packaging, or would like a firm quote please contact us. 

Email:  printing@tinyboxcompany.com
Tel:  +44 01342 810900 

We will send you a PDF proof of your order before we start on your job so you can see the position and size of print. We also send a photo of the first box of the printer so you can see what it will look like. If however you would like a physical sample prior to printing, this can be provided for a notional fee of £7.95 plus Vat, plus Logo print block and delivery charge. 

Please do NOT place printed orders online as these go straight to our warehouse and will be sent plain. Should you require printing please email or call us and we can let you know how to proceed. Thank you.