Bridesmaid Boxes


It's the long-anticipated question that every friend wants to hear from their newly engaged pal. It used to be a case of simply asking your friend whether they would be your bridesmaid but things have changed. Now, the bridesmaid proposal has become a momentous occasion.

So, once you’ve decided on your when, it’s time to think about your how.

We’ve decided to make this whole process that little bit easier and more special for you with our new range of boxes. Available with 2 different messages on them, on 4 different sized boxes, we have a bridesmaid box that will perfectly fit your perfect gifts.

Our first box is our classic bridesmaid box, which is finished with rose gold foiling. Your bridesmaids will love this whimsical feminine design and it is sure to generate lots of smiles and glee. Rose gold is so popular, your bridesmaid will adore this special keepsake gift. This is the perfect way to say 'Thank you' to your bridesmaids.

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Our next box is our classic proposal box, with its stunning design, it has the proposal on the front of the box in gold foiling. These boxes can be used for your bridesmaid proposals and to make the occasion a special one for your bridesmaids.

Both designs are available on our popular white snap shut box in sizes medium or deep.

You could also add some of our new rose gold or slate dark grey ribbon around the box for a super gorgeous finishing touch. We also have tissue paper in various colours such as classic white, which is perfect for wrapping gifts to go inside the box or to use for padding out the box.

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Finally, we also have some stunning white gift bags that you can use to pop your bridesmaid box inside. You could even hand decorate the bag with each bridesmaid’s name to make it truly personal.

See this new range of boxes here.

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