Free Printing Plate Offer

Have you thought about using branded boxes and gift bags?

Printing on your packaging gives you the opportunity to brand your boxes and bags and really make them your own, adding personality to your boxes/bags with a logo or custom design. Making your packaging a part of your brand is so important in today’s competitive ‘stand out’ market.

There’s something really special about receiving something in nicely branded packaging, and as a customer you really feel like you are buying a little piece of that company. Likewise, as an organisation, you really feel like you are giving a little piece of your company’s individuality to your customers, in turn helping to strengthen your consumer relationships.

Printed packaging helps give a brand its identity, making it simple for customers to find you again, leading to repeat business. With so many businesses now choosing to operate as online traders only, branded packaging has never been so important to set you apart from the crowd. You only have to scroll through Instagram or Pinterest momentarily to see that branding is a really big deal – and, with the use of branded packaging, social media can provide companies with free advertising. Organisations are constantly being tagged in photos of their items alongside their packaging showing their branding.
Many companies are reaping the benefits of using branded packaging in helping to strengthen their brand integrity, offering consumers reassurance that they have made the right choice in buying their product.

Here at Tiny Box Company we offer a hot foil printing service which is available on the majority of our boxes and bags. Our hot foil printing is done by hand and gives a beautiful luxury finish to an otherwise plain gift box or paper bag, creating a great first impression to complement your products. We also offer full colour printed labels, which are a great way of adding branding to any items, not just packaging.

In celebration of the Royal Wedding this upcoming weekend we are offering our customers a ‘right royal offer’ of a free printing plate with any new order of printed boxes or bags which is paid for between Monday 14th May until Friday 25th May.

To see all of our printing options or if you are interested in receiving a quote please see our website. There is lots of useful information on how we can help you create brand awareness through your packaging.

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