Interview with our customer Akvile Su


Here at Tiny Box Company we enjoy getting to know our customers and learning all about how their companies were started and how they have and are developing. We recently got the chance to interview Akvile Su all about her growing business.

How and when did Akvile Su start?

Since early childhood, I was interested in becoming an artist. Throughout the years I discovered my passion for design and I had the desire to become self-employed in the future. Jewellery seemed like a perfect combination of both worlds. It is such an interesting subject: fine art, sculpture and fashion combined. I just love the idea of making wearable art. I then went on to study Jewellery and Silversmithing at the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) and subsequently started my own brand back in 2016.

You offer some lovely gender-neutral jewellery which take some really interesting shapes, what inspires you?

My inspirations range from exploring my everyday surroundings to taking inspiration from fashion forms and more architectural designs. From this I work to refine my pieces to elegant simplicity. It often takes a critical view of social issues; therefore, I create pieces with the intention to ask questions about gender, sexuality, jewellery and the body.

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You work primarily with recycled eco-silver, is working with materials which are as sustainable as possible important to you?

Yes, it is indeed, I try to focus on more responsible making by sourcing recycled metal and packaging. Also, regularly trying to minimise any waste caused by the making process. My next step is to become a Fairtrade licensee.

You have recently had some of our grey boxes printed in hot foil with your logo, how important is branded packaging to you and your products?

The branding of the packaging is truly important to me. It communicates many things, from what my brand stands for and why my product and brand are unique. Packaging style tells the story of my aesthetic and good design helps to create brand recognition.

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What are your hopes for Akvile Su in the future?

To stay true to my aesthetic vision. And to keep to a tradition of high quality, handmade and unique pieces. Moving forward I would like to help erase the many gender stereotypes related to both how and who wears jewellery. Whilst also maintaining my sustainable business model.

Thank you Akvile for taking the time to chat and interview with us at Tiny Box, we have certainly enjoyed learning more about you and your business. For more information about Akvile Su and to see the products they offer please visit

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