Fifty Shades of Ever-Popular Grey


Grey seems to be absolutely everywhere, there’s no escaping it, but what has caused the rise in its popularity? We are seeing grey in interior decorating, shops, catalogues and even on catwalks.

We all know that every dog has its day, but since grey took its place firmly at the top of the popular colour chart a few years ago, its shown little signs of shifting.

Despite its previous sombre connotations, due to predominantly being a colour which is associated with rainy weather and ill health, it’s no longer seen as the gloomy colour it once was and its melancholy reputation seems to now be a thing of the past.

Much of its popularity can be put down to its neutral, unassuming attributes and its ability to blend and be paired with the majority of other colours. Grey can look just as at home paired with a warm colour which has yellow undertones, such as green, as it does with a cooler colour with blue undertones, such as burgundy. And more surprisingly has even been seen paired with browns and creams to great effect. It compliments many shades of a colour from deeper darker shades such as a punchy ink blue right through to lighter pastels like ice and baby blues.

grey, grey room

Grey itself has such a broad spectrum with shades ranging from darker charcoals, to lighter dove greys and even venturing into silver tones. What was once thought to be a colour made up of 2 parts – equal parts white and black now takes so many forms. We are also starting to see other variations of grey being introduced, including the ‘putty’ colour featuring warmer more green undertones, ‘greige’ which features beige hints and ‘bray’ which is the combination of grey and brown together.

grey room, grey, shades of grey

What we like about the much-loved grey is that it doesn’t draw attention to itself and allows other colours to take the stage meanwhile offering more in terms of depth than just a stark white. It is maybe as a result of this that grey has over taken the once favoured magnolia in the interior design world which only ever seemed to sit well with warmer, natural tones. Grey makes a great base colour for flat lay photography or in decorating, where other colours can be added for an accent using accessories like throws, cushions or wall art and subsequently these can be easily changed as and when someone’s taste changes.

Here at Tiny Box we think it’s safe to say that grey is here to stay, and with this in mind we have now expanded to our luxury gift box range. We have added more sizes including A4, A5 and A6 boxes which are great for photos, stationary and even document archiving. As well as a Choker and Deep Bangle box which are perfect for jewellery items, and a voucher box to make gift vouchers stand out. Take a look at the full range here. We also offer grey boxes in our cheaper Kraft range, take a look here.

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