Halloween Activity Ideas


With summer now well and truly behind us, we can now focus our attention on Halloween, and with that in mind we have put together some perfect Halloween ideas for you.

If you are expecting some little trick or treaters to be knocking at your front door, or perhaps you are set to be hosting a 'Spooktacular' Halloween party then here we have some fantastic treats that you can make yourself and also some Halloween games to entertain your guests.

A Halloween inspired game of pass the parcel is an easy and fun way to keep little monsters happy. Between each layer of wrapping paper add a sweet and a fake spider along with a forfeit or challenge such as ‘do your best zombie impression’ or ‘do your loudest possible ghost BOO’. The final present could be a super scary Halloween mask or some slime! You could even make the fake spiders yourself using turned paper balls painted black and black string for the legs.

You can use old glass jam jars to make Halloween lanterns with the children. Using our white tissue paper in small sections and some PVA glue, cover the outside of the glass jar entirely in tissue, and add ghost faces or silhouettes using our black tissue paper on top of the white. Finish with a tea light inside, or some little fairy lights of your choosing. These make great presents for friends or relatives and look great presented in one of our black gift boxes such as our candle box.

Are you taking the kids trick or treating? How about getting them to make some fun themed gift bags to take around with them to collect all their treats in. Simply by using a white pen or white paint on our black luxury gift bags or coloured felt tips on our white luxury gift bags they can decorate them by drawing spiders, webs, ghosts and much more.

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Try out a game of Halloween Musical Statues – Monstrous Musical Statues, if you will. Play some spooky tunes and make the children ‘BOO-gie’ until you stop the music, when they have to freeze into statues. Monsters that cannot stay still are eliminated from the game and the last ghoul standing wins the game!

How about decorating your own Halloween cupcakes or biscuits as giveaway treats, or even turning it into a party activity? Try making up some coloured icing and lay out some green, orange, purple and red toppings for the children to add to their treat to decorate. You could even make them red velvet cupcakes for a blood inspired theme.

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If you haven’t already watched it, take a look at our YouTube tutorial video on how to make some spooky bat boxes using our small black pillow boxes or some bat treat bags using our coffee bags.

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