The Joy of Christmas Eve Boxes


Christmas Eve Boxes are fast becoming a really charming family tradition. Growing in popularity as a treat for both young and old, these thoughtful boxes stuffed with festive themed items and activities are a fantastic way to get friends and family members in the seasonal spirit and are perfect to mark the final day of the advent countdown.

Having been criticised more recently for applying added pressure and stress to parents, both financially and organisationally, the Christmas Eve Box tradition has also been praised for teaching children about the patience of waiting and preparing for the big day itself. Here at Tiny Box Company we feel they really capture the magic of Christmas, and the joy behind gift giving, and we are all for starting the festivities early.

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So, what to put into these Christmas Eve Boxes for the children? Ideas include pyjamas, festive books or films, sweets and hot chocolate. Activities such as colouring in, a family game or the ingredients and recipe for baking yuletide treats. An innovative idea is to get your little ones to bake something that they can leave out for Santa Claus – the bonus, of course, being that you get to eat something tasty on Santa’s behalf once the kids are tucked up in bed! Other clever things you can add which won’t break the bank include popping in a carrot ready to give to Rudolph or a handful of muesli labelled as ‘reindeer food’ – helping the kids get extra excited for the arrival of Father Christmas.

And what about the adults? If you are putting together a Christmas Eve Box for a grown up why not add in their favourite tipple, some luxury chocolates or some festive jam or chutney. Treats for women include a wintery scented candle, a pair of cosy socks or a Christmas bath bomb - we love the current range from Lush. Men might like some noel themed underwear, a mug or a bottle of craft beer to relax on Christmas Eve.

We offer a whole range of Christmas Eve boxes which are suitable for all ages. They come in a selection of colours with festive hot foil printed designs on the lid, and you can fill them with whatever gifts take your fancy, meaning you can really make them personal to the person receiving them. Whether you are a business offering ready-made Christmas Eve Boxes or an individual making one for someone special you are sure to find the perfect box from our range. Take a look at them here.

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