Guide to Festive Gift Packaging


With the festive season fast approaching, now is the time to give some thought to how you will package up your Christmas presents this year.

Gift Bags

Keep it simple this Christmas by using bags to present your gifts in. Gift bags are the perfect way to add extra finesse to items that are already wrapped, or you can even save on the wrapping and put the items inside just as they are. The benefit of a gift bag is that no matter how much of an awkward shape a gift is, it will always go into a bag – we’ve all been there, hurriedly struggling on Christmas Eve in a last ditched effort to gift wrap that spherical shaped present for Aunt Maude with style… it seldom ends well. Not forgetting that gift bags make transporting presents easy. So, take the stress out of wrapping by using one of our gift bags which come in a variety of sizes. This year we have even got some beautiful Christmas printed bags to choose from too. We also offer clear cello bags and coffee bags which are perfect for edible home made items such as festive biscuits and mince pies.

cello bags, coffee bags, treat bags

Gift Boxes

A gift box is a fantastic way to package your items up, with the added bonus of providing protection to what’s inside, as well as eliminating the need for sticky tape. When it comes to gift packaging, nothing screams luxury more than a gorgeous gift box, which can give even the simplest of gifts a really high-end look. With so many gift boxes to choose from, and in so many different sizes and colours, you are sure to find something to suit every Christmas present. We also offer gift boxes with Christmas prints, including our Christmas Eve Box selection.

candle box, candle boxes, christmas candle

Cotton Pouches and Fabric Bags

Our range of cotton pouches and fabric bags are ideal for more delicate items such as jewellery and smaller accessories. Available in a range of colours, with red being a strong festive favourite. These material bags can be popped inside a gift box or a paper gift bag but look just as quaint and elegant on their own underneath the Christmas tree.

cotton bags, cotton pouch, fabric bag, christmas bag

Finishing Touches

No gift is complete without a finishing touch. Whether it be a pretty hand tied ribbon or a flurry of tissue paper to add a pop of colour and extra protection to your Christmas wrapping. Adding a little something to your yuletide gifts gives the recipient a more personal experience, and nothing builds suspense when unwrapping something like untying a pretty bow. We have a wide range of ribbons and tissue papers to choose from, as well as twine in festive colours. Ribbon and twine is great for attaching gift tags to all of your presents too, so there is no confusion about which gift is for which person - there is nothing worse than someone else opening your Christmas presents for you because they weren't clearly labelled.

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