Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


It’s that time of year again when romance is top of the agenda in memory of Saint Valentine.

In years gone by it was always just the traditional chocolates and flowers that people gifted for Valentine’s day, but nowadays the options are endless. And with the convenience of online shopping that thoughtful gift for your loved one is just a few clicks away. Or if you are a true romantic you might take to making something yourself – there is nothing more thoughtful than a handmade gift to tell someone you love them.

Below we have put together a few gift ideas which will certainly win you some brownie points with your beloved.

Care packages are a great gift for your special someone, and you can add a Valentines twist to the items you include such as a packet of love hearts or some heart shaped Haribo sweets. Other ideas for what to put in include chocolate or nibbles, something to help them relax such as a bath bomb or bubble bath, a DVD to watch together or their favourite tipple. Our magnetic boxes are perfect for care package presents and come in several different sizes.

Making a gift is a really thoughtful idea and is a really personal gesture. It could be as simple as making and decorating some heart shaped biscuits for your love. Or create some handmade chocolate truffles which you can present beautifully in a little truffle box or popped into a clear cello bag, they will be much more individual and special than just buying a box of chocolates from the garage on your way home from work.

heart biscuit, heart cookie, heart biscuits

Personalised gifts are all the rage, and what better time of year to gift one to your loved one than on Valentines’ Day. Whether it be a cosmetics bag with their name printed on it, or a piece of jewellery with a special date on it, a gift that is specially tailored to the recipient is the epitome of thoughtfulness.

Another lovely handmade gift is a box full of cute date suggestions or activities for you both to do together over the coming months or year, or perhaps just a collection of love notes and messages to tell your significant other just how much you love and care about them.  Things such as ‘let’s go for a picnic at the beach’ or ‘let’s make fresh lemonade together’.

We offer a wide range of different gift boxes in varying shapes and sizes which are perfect for all manner of presents and can be decorated to your own taste using ribbon or tissue paper, we even have red gift boxes and accessories should you want to go all out with the Valentines theme.

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