Silica Gel Sachets... Reusable?!

See those small bags of silica gel sachets with 'DO NOT EAT' plastered all over them? Definitely, do not eat them but also, do not throw them away.

It turns out these sachets which are often overlooked, come in super handy for around the house (and car). Containing silicon dioxide, these guys are experts in absorbing moisture to prevent mould and condensation.

Foggy windscreen? Super silica to the rescue.

Waiting for the windscreen to defog is not what you want to be doing on a frosty Monday morning after you've snoozed your alarm one too many times.

Popping a couple of the silica packets along your dashboard will effectively defog your windscreen. So, by the time you've picked your playlist, you'll be ready for the morning commute.

We like the idea of popping them into a pretty cotton bag to make them look more presentable.

Stinky gym shoes? Got a sachet for that.

Gym bags and trainers are among some of the awkward items that you can't merely chuck into the washing machine. As we have discovered, silica gel bags are brilliant at absorbing moisture, and that is no exception for sweat too!

If you pop a few of the sachets into your shoes and gym bag, they will eat up the nasty bacteria that also creates the smell from a hard work out.

We also love the idea of popping some silica gel beads into a pretty pouch and dropping in some essential oils. The beads will soak up the drops, and you will be gifted with a refreshing scent!

Overwatered plants? Look no further.

silica gel sachets

We've all been there, sliiiightly overestimating how much water our little grower needs. This easy hack will rescue your plant in no time! Simply, pop a couple of silica gel packets on top of the soil straight away to soak up the excess.

If you are a fan of flower pressing, these handy sachets will also help speed up the process. Place flowers in a box with a silica gel bag and watch as the moisture is drawn out of the petals, leaving you with dried flowers!

Preserving photos? Pop in a bag for me, please.

As absorbing moisture is their speciality, popping a silica gel sachet into your photo box will protect your pictures from moisture damage. Are you a fan of polaroids? These sachets will reduce the loss of clarity over time and keep them as vibrant as the day they were taken.

Spilt coffee on your notebook? Sprinkle, cover and swipe.

This is not Tiny Box tried and tested and we are not entirely convinced... however, we are very intrigued. We spotted a video on the 5-minute crafts YouTube channel showing this to be a really helpful hack. All you need to do is sprinkle the silica gel over the stain, cover with a napkin and leave to dry out then wipe the stain away. Could this be magic? It may be time for a little experiment ...

How long do silica gel packets last?

Like nearly everything, these little packets of magic won't last forever, and they will need 'recharging'. They can hold up to around 40% of their weight in moisture and once saturated, pop them in an oven at 200 degrees for 2 hours to dry them out.

While we do not sell silica gel packets on their own, they do come in the majority of our gift boxes to prevent moisture damage while in transport. Reusing these bags not only helps the environment but can preserve and protect items from condensation!

If you are looking for eco-friendly packaging options, browse our range of gift boxes and gift bags and see if you can spot a silica gel sachet!

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