Christmas Eve Boxes: Guilt Free Gifting!

Often Christmas Eve can easily be wished away by over-excited little ones (and even big ones!). These boxes are a perfect solution to help impatient children and adults slow down.

This year, M&S are ditching glitter to make their wrapping, card and cracker products more environmentally friendly. We thought we would help you gift back with some more earth-friendly Christmas Eve box ideas!

Sustainable Snacking

Christmas Eve is the perfect night to snuggle up with your family and loved ones with a hot drink and festive snacks. These are the ultimate go-to box hamper ideas, so why not opt for some ethical goodies to have guilt-free snacking? There are so many Fairtrade, organic and sustainably sourced chocolates and hot drinks out there that can keep your mouth busy while watching a festive flick.

eco-friendly gifting items for christmas eve boxes

Organic Choca Roo Brew - Joe’s Tea // Milk Chocolate - Cocoa Loco // Dark Chocolate - Green and Blacks // Sweet and Salty - Propercorn // Hot Chocolate - Whittards

Gifting Back to the Environment

Whether it is helping wildlife or plant life in your local area or through a charity, there is so much more we can be doing to protect nature.

Although Wintertime is not the best time to start gardening, there is no time like the present to begin preparation! For example, Bee’s have been in long term decline and with a Seed Bomb by Kabloom; you will be taking a step in saving our busy friends. They bloom into beautiful flowers which will not only help boost bee numbers but have your garden looking bright and beautiful when Summer comes around.

The colder months can be a massive struggle for wildlife. Equip your loved one with some tools, like feeders and food, to help birds and other wildlife make it through the colder months. Or, you can go further afield and could adopt an animal (perfect for animal lovers!) on their behalf or support a charity through a product!

eco-friendly gifting items for christmas eve boxes

Beebomb Gift Set - Kabloom // Nutley’s Seed Collection: Herbs: - Nutley’s // Pinecone Bird Feeder - Waitrose // Sponsor a pet - Born Free // Charity Pot - LUSH

All these green goodies can be packed nicely into our fantastic range of recyclable Christmas eve boxes. Available in a variety of colours, our boxes have festive hot foil designs on the lid to fully embrace the Christmas period. Decorate the box with printed ribbon and twine for a festive finish to kickstart your Christmas fun in a world friendly way!

We’d love to see what you add to your Christmas Eve Hampers, tag us using the hashtag #tinychristmaseveboxes!

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