New Kid On The Block: The Gable Box

Transporting any kind of pre-wrapped delicate, yummy goods can be a feat when trying to dodge the masses or even to keep the item upright. Have you considered that an easy to hold, strong and robust gift box could be the answer to your customer's dreams? Well, say hello to your new best friend, the Gable Box. Available in 2 sizes and 2 colours, classic white and rustic Kraft, these boxes are your eco-friendly saviour being totally recyclable, re-useable and no, we're not kidding, the Kraft are completely compostable too!

*Find out how to compost your Kraft boxes.

This box features a self-closing envelope base and an integral handle, all created using virgin cardboard which is fully recyclable. This is a fantastic green alternative to other forms of packaging that can be damaging to the environment. Furthermore, these carry boxes come flat packed to save space, but don't worry - they are super easy to assemble. The design resembles a house, protecting all that is within, from the external elements. The sturdy handle provides enhanced portability to help keep goods safe and protected.

Custom Gable Boxes

Thinking outside the box, we know that promotion is essential for any business. It is crucial to seize any opportunity to increase your brand visibility in any positive way you can. Which is why our plain boxes are ready to receive brand personalisation through our custom printing services. Alternatively, if you are a craft master and want to add a personal handmade touch - DIY is always an option!

Seasonal Uses

the gable box

This may be a box, but it certainly won't contain your imagination! With Christmas and 'Boxing' Day, just around the corner, these work perfectly as Christmas hamper solutions. Decorate the boxes with some good quality ribbonfestive labels and fill the boxes with festive goodies! Also, these are brilliant solutions for an Easter egg hunt or even trick or treat for Halloween!

Special Occasions

These are also great for goodie boxes for special occasions, PR launches and events. Traditional party bags are made from plastic with fun designs which look nice but are harmful to the environment. Gable boxes make ethical alternatives to these bags with more space and stronger handles!

Another occasion these are popular for is weddings as party favours. Fill some up with colouring activities to keep little ones occupied and for adults, add some pre-wrapped treats and maybe a tipple to get the party started.

See our brand spanking new range of gable boxes to switch up the way you want to deliver your products or gifting!

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