Boo-hemian Decor: Boho Halloween DIYs!

Everyone is loving Boho interiors; there is something about the rustic, well-travelled, natural look that makes an interior exude a free-spirited feel.

While Halloween is a fantastic opportunity to relish in vibrantly ghoulish colours like green and yellow, it may disrupt your earthy tones. Of course, these decorations are only temporary; however, why not create a love child between Halloween and Boho themes?... Balloween, if you will? Okay, maybe not but stay with us because we have some Boho Halloween ideas you will want to keep up after the 31st!

Tone down the vibrant pumpkin orange to Autumnal burnt orange. Sprinkle with whites, creams and greys. Then watch as your Boho-chic interior transforms into a Halloween Heaven (if that is even possible?).

Pumpkin Pets

full halloween pumpkin diy

We are seeing lots of pumpkin carving alternatives the year, in all shapes and sizes. Not all pumpkins have to be scary. We love this idea of pumpkin pets, small and scary little ones that can transform your table centre-piece!

Option 1

You will need:

  • Cardboard pumpkin
  • White paint
  • Black pen
  • Optional: Twigs, flowers or foliage


  1. Paint your pumpkin white and let them dry.
  2. Add an adorably scary expression or cut out a face.
  3. Glue the twigs either side of the stalk for cute ears!
  4. Pop these on top of a box for spooky accents on your table.


Option 2

We love the idea of chalkboard paint and having guests get creative with chalk. This is also brilliant for kids who aren't old enough to master the art of carving.

You will need:

  • Large pumpkin
  • Chalkboard black paint
  • Chalk
  • White or coloured chalk


  1. Paint your pumpkin with chalkboard paint and let dry.
  2. Get creative with the chalk
  3. Decorate your little one's room or around the house.

Bonus Bat For the Kids!boho halloween diy

If you spotted our cute little bat, you can also make that too! Here's how:

You will need:


  • Draw a little face on the flat pillow box
  • Assemble the pillow box, leaving one flat open.
  • Cut a 'V' shape in the middle of the open flat for ears
  • Fold the black card in half and cut out a bat-shaped wing.
  • Unfold and stick to the back of the pillow box!


Rustic Wall Hangings:

Create a feature wall of autumnal colours with a Halloween twist!

You will need:

  • Paper; Newspaper, card or book pages - anything easily foldable!
  • Twine
  • Glue or double-sided sticky tape
  • Optional: Pens


  1. Stack two pieces of paper and begin folding like an accordion until it is all folded.
  2. Separate the two pieces of paper. Take one page and keep it squeezed together before folding it in half again.
  3. Repeat with the other piece.
  4. Lay both pieces next to each other with the free folded edges facing outwards.
  5. Take the twine and tie the two pieces together at the fold.
  6. Fan out the folded paper and glue the free edges to each other to create a circle.
  7. Attach some twine to one side of the circle to hang on your wall!


Paranormal Activity...

... and messages from the other side. We love a good inspirational quote, and what better than some fun quotes with a spooky twist.

You will need:


  1. Write your quote onto one face of the box and cut out the lettering.
  2. Pop fairy lights inside for a spooky glow.
  3. Thread the twine through the box to hang.
  4. Hang from the ceiling to bring a floaty dimension to your space!

Even Easier Boho Halloween DIYS:

halloween diy

Outside, Inside

Being Autumn, there are plenty of leaves and twigs around that are boasting muted, earthy Halloween-esque colours. Go for a little wonder around your local area for some natural props! Collect some leaves and sticks before taking them home to pop into a jar or to sprinkle around for some colour!

Mystical Prints

A full moon is a time for spiritual completion. According to various sources, October is the time where the veil between our world and spirit world are at its thinnest. Too scared to go out? Why not recreate the moonrise and moonset on black paper to hang on your wall!

We love this DIY print idea on black gifts bags and even large square gift boxes that you can pop sweets in for trick or treaters. Once Halloween is over, you can use it as a pretty storage solution until next year!

'Wick'ed Candles

Using a black pen, draw a spooky face onto your candle, and you're good to go. The glow will give your interior a cosy yet mysterious feel.

See our range of gift boxes and packaging accessories that could help you achieve your boho-chic Halloween interior!

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