Tiny Box Company shares the benefits of customised ribbon and labels in business packaging

Packaging is powerful. As an established business you may want to consider the next step to maximise your packaging for attracting new customers and retaining loyal customers. Packaging tells a story to consumers and shows them why your product and brand are different. Why should they choose your vanilla scented candle over the thousands of others on the market? Below are 5 reasons to consider using customised ribbons and labels in your product packaging: 

Stand Out

Stand out from the crowd. Your packaging could be the difference between a consumer choosing your item over a similar item with different packaging. Consumers like choice and when faced with almost identical items the only factor that might sway them is the aesthetic of the product packaging. Customised labels and ribbons will give your product the ‘complete package look,’ speak to your customers with perfect branding to show that you value your products and the way that they are presented. Show that you value your branding and have a story to tell. First impressions count -  so make it a good one.

Tells a Story

The packaging of your branding tells a story to your consumers as it communicates your brand and product purpose. The look and feel of your packaging will give your customers an idea of how you want to be received. For example, Apple products have a minimalistic white box design with a pull up slide lid. Their design reflects what’s inside - a sleek, modern and simple user-friendly product. You can communicate your branding through personalisation to highlight the quality and unique flair of your product. 


Effective packaging leaves a memorable mark inside consumer minds so that the next time someone mentions a certain item or service, they remember your branding. Tiffany and Co is recognised worldwide for their egg blue colour and satin white ribbon. Customised ribbon or labels can change a plain gift box into powerful and memorable packaging that showcases your brand to everyone. The use of the same packaging accessories would also mean if you change the type of gift box, size or shape, customers are still able to associate to your brand due to the personalisation and consistency. 

Attractive Packaging

Using attractive packaging will make the customer journey a happier one by simply giving them an exciting ‘unboxing experience’. By giving them an extension of your product they have the joy of unravelling your custom ribbon, opening up the gift box, peeling back your custom label from the tissue paper, and finally being presented with their item. A satisfied customer experience means customer loyalty.

Company Values

If the points above haven’t swayed you then we have one more important reason why you should choose personalised packaging accessories. There is an emerging trend as consumers are becoming more ethically aware of their gifting habits, making sure that their purchase is not destroying the environment. We pride our packaging on being eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable. Not only will your packaging look luxurious and personalised but it shows that you are taking ethical branding seriously, having a positive social and environmental impact on earth.

The effect of a custom label or ribbon representing your item makes it stand out with its uniqueness, tells your company story and product purpose, will be recognised and remembered by customers, creates an exciting customer journey and shows your companys’ true values. Packaging has a direct impact on sales and when this is done effectively it will hopefully build towards a positively successful and sustainable business. 

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