Father's Day gifting, all wrapped up!

It’s almost Father’s day again, although this year is a little different, you can put a smile on his face in this lockdown with a thoughtful and well-packaged gift. If you are in need of some father’s day gift inspiration, we’ve compiled some super cool gifts to get you that favourite child spot! 


Grab a Kraft A4 Postal Box to present all those pictures the kids have drawn for daddy, photos you have printed out or a Candygram for the dads who have a sweet tooth. The Kraft A4 gift box works perfectly as a treats box for storing all of dad's favourite sweets and chocolates.

For those who would like something smarter to present sheets of paper or photos then the Slim Black Postal Box is a perfect option. The mailer box is accepted by Royal Mail making it an ideal gift if you need to send anything through the post this year. Add in a personalised Family Print of all the family and pets to make it that extra special.
Where a t-shirt and beer will do the trick as a gift, a 2-Piece Flat Packed Shirt Gift Box is the ideal package for gifting clothing. Available in two colours with lid and base, the box will make anything look luxurious and presentable. For those fathers who are Star Wars fans, a Yoda Best Dad could send stars in their eyes.  

For smaller items a Jewellery Gift Box from the Deep Shoulder Box Collection would nicely present small accessories and keyrings. The two tone coloured box and lid makes anything inside look classy and lavish. Place inside the box a Personalised Keychain for a unique and personal gift, perfect for keeping with daddys keys. 

If your father can’t survive without copious amounts of coffee in the mornings then you won’t go wrong with a funny mug inside a Mug Gift Box. This smart gift box is excellent for display and durable in transit due to the inside being micro corrugated, so rest assured your gift will be received in perfect condition. A Superhero Mug from the kids to give to the most extraordinary of dads because all dads have a super magic power, right?

Transform even the simplest gift boxes with ribbon, tissue paper or customised stickers and ribbon to make it extra personalised. For greener gifting, we offer the most ethical recycled ribbon in the Bottle Satin Ribbon collection, as well as all our tissue paper and boxes being fully recyclable once the foam inserts are removed. 

Even though we are in lockdown, we can keep the spirits high with a fun packed day and a thoughtful gift for dad. If the weather is nice then suggest a BBQ and bring the pub to the back garden, serving your dad beer as if you were at the pub. If the weather is on the rainy side then think about playing a family game like pictionary or charades. If the above list of gifts hasn’t persuaded you then think about things that you could do together on the day and that could be the source of your gift! 

*please note that all gifts have been selected from Etsy.

If you would like any further information on our range of boxes to complement your father's day gift then please contact [email protected].

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