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5 Great Uses for Your Personalised Ribbon

 by tom on 17 Oct 2014 |
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If you have a stash of ribbon at home and you want to get crafty, you have loads of options. There are plenty of fun things you can do with strips of ribbon, whatever the colour, length and thickness. Here are 5 great uses for your personalised ribbon...

1) Make a ribbon chain
If you want to make good use of your ribbon, a ribbon chain is a great idea. They are very easily made too, which is always a bonus. A ribbon chain is just like a paper chain, but you know, made with ribbon! Anyway, all you have to do is take a short strip of ribbon, curl it into a hoop and stick it in place. Add different colours alternating to create a fabulous decoration that is ideal for Christmas or just to brighten up your home at any time.

2) Brighten up glassware
One way to use ribbon that you may not have seen elsewhere is to brighten up your glassware. If you are having a party then a strip of coloured ribbon tied around the base of your wine glasses will add a blast of colour and a touch of fun.

3) Customise gift packaging
A more traditional use for ribbon is of course for gift wrapping. And a present is definitely more special when it’s wrapped with quality ribbon and tied in an elegant bow. You can also embellish a gift box with coiled strips of ribbon that you can curl with the edge of a pair of scissors. When it comes to presents the more personal touches the better.

personalised ribbon

4) Make crafty ornaments
Ribbon can also be used to make unique ornaments to dress up your home, or to give as inexpensive but special gifts to your loved ones. If you have long stretches of ribbon they can be folded over each other to form a circle which looks like a fabric flower. There are a huge number of design ideas for ribbon ornaments on the internet so just have a browse to see what is possible and what you think you could manage with the ribbon you have.

5) Enhance envelopes
Presents, wrapped carefully in their boxes, are often adorned with ribbon and other touches to make them more attractive and impressive. So why not envelopes? Dull old envelopes are usually pretty boring, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Once you have addressed your envelope, wrap a length of slender ribbon around it from side to side, and then top to bottom. Tie it in a bow at the front and the recipient is sure to be very impressed when they get their extra special card from you.
The above ideas should keep you busy with your ribbon, and if they inspire you to get crafty but you don’t have enough, there is plenty of quality ribbon to choose from here at The Tiny Box Company.


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