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Whether you are shopping for your wife, girlfriend, best friend, sister, mother or work colleague, finding the perfect present can be a mind boggle. Here at Tiny Box Company, we’re the experts in packaging and gift boxes – so we’ve seen our fair share of pressies of all shapes and sizes – and here’s our ultimate gift guide!

Here are 66 gift ideas to give you some shopping inspiration.  This extensive list includes cool gadget gifts, clothing and jewellery, gifts for the home and garden, experience gifts and food and drink.   
Read on to see our complete list of 66 gift ideas for women.

  1. USB mug warmer – every tea drinker needs one of these for the office. The perfect gift for winter, a USB mug warmer will keep your drink hot for hours.
  2. The iKettle – for serious tea drinkers, the iKettle is an amazing gift. Operated by iphone, the iKettle can be turned on remotely from anywhere in the house.
  3. Portable phone charger – for girls who love to stay connected, there’s nothing more frustrating than low battery, so give the gift of extra battery life!
  4. Headphone earmuffs – music lovers can keep their ears warms whilst filled with the sounds from their favourite album. Ideal for ladies who commute by public transport or take long walks in the countryside.
  5. Waterproof MP3 player – this gift will be much appreciated by avid swimmers and gym bunnies; they’ll never have to worry about being bored in the pool again.
  6. Touchscreen winter gloves – winter can be harsh on your hands when you don’t wear gloves, but how can you text your BFF or check your social media feeds? Touchscreen gloves to the rescue!
  7. The multi-tool – for the independent woman who needs a screwdriver at the very last minute, or a pair of tweezers for a quick eyebrow fix, the multi-tool is the perfect present.
  8. The key finder gadget – if your girlfriend, sister or mum is always losing her keys, gift her with the ultimate key finder which will beep, whistle or vibrate to help locate missing keys.
  9. WiFi or bluetooth speakers – party girls and music fans will love this gadget. Change the track from anywhere in the house using WiFi or Bluetooth speakers; the ideal present for someone who loves to entertain at home.
  10. Self stirring mug – this battery powered mug is ideal for the lazy lady in your life. At the press of a button, it will stir itself so no more sugar clumps.
  11. Light therapy alarm clock – do you know a serial snoozer? If your girlfriend or housemate is a regular offender of tapping that snooze button, get her a light therapy alarm clock to help her wake gently and naturally.
  12. Polaroid camera – polaroid cameras have a retro feel to them and are perfect for the arty types in your life. If you know a writer, artist or blogger, a polaroid camera makes for a brilliant gift.
clothing and jewellery gifts
  1. Charm bracelet – charm bracelets are hugely sentimental and a perfect gift for girlfriends or close family members, and you can add to the charms every single year.
  2. Microwavable slippers – if your housemate is always cranking the heating up when you’re not looking, send her a hint in the form of some cute slippers that she can warm up in the microwave.  Nice and toasty!
  3. Phone charger clutch bag – a stylish evening handbag which also serves as a phone charger? The perfect combination for clubbers and party girls.
  4. Animal onesie – for cosy winter nights, every girl needs a onesie. If your best friend would prefer to stay in and watch The X Factor on a Saturday night, she’ll definitely appreciate a onesie.
  5. Name necklace – letter necklaces or name necklaces are super sweet gifts for someone close to you. Present it in a lovely gift box to make it feel extra special.
  6. Cashmere scarf – scarves and gloves are common Christmas gifts but if you want something extra special, choose a cashmere scarf for complete luxury.
  7. Personalised leather goods– whether you’re looking for a small purse or a large tote bag, personalisation can be so special for someone you love. A perfect gift for mums, sisters or daughters, and can be customised with a name, initials or a lovely personal message.
  8. Silk nightgown – nothing says luxury like a gorgeous silk nightgown; a great gift idea for the glamour puss.
  9. Personalised friendship bracelets – if you want to mark a special friendship, personalised bracelets are an adorable way of sharing something forever.
  10. Designer underwear – for your wife or girlfriend, you can surprise her with some extra luxurious underwear for the bedroom. Show her how well you know her taste by choosing something flattering for her shape.
gifts for the home
  1. Eames chair – the ultimate symbol of style in the home, the famous Eames chair is perfect for interior design snobs who love contemporary décor.  
  2. Photo canvas – if you and your fiancé have a favourite holiday snapshot, a photo canvas for the home is a great way of capturing that memory forever.
  3. The picnic hamper – if your ‘Mrs’ loves romantic picnics in the park, be the perfect ‘Mr’ and surprise her with a luxury hamper complete with blanket and crockery set.
  4. Mr & Mrs pillows – a sweet gift for your girlfriend in your first home together, and also a clever way of gently claiming your side of the bed (and keeping it that way).
  5. Personalised cushions – name cushions or letter cushions are lovely gifts for homemakers who are constantly rearranging the throws and pillows in the living room.
  6. LED solar garden lights – the perfect present for green fingered ladies who like to appreciate their pretty garden, even at night.
  7. Framed vinyl record – a framed vinyl record will put a huge smile on the face of a wife, mum or girlfriend who loves music, or has a sentimental connection with her favourite song.  For older family members such as your grandma, you can choose an old time favourite to evoke those priceless memories.
  8. Scratch off world map – if you and your wife/girlfriend love to travel, gift her with a scratch off world map to display in your home and mark off the countries after each adventure. 
  9. Framed quotes or messages – sometimes, the right words just don’t come to you and when they do, it’s not so easy to say. A framed quote or heartfelt message is a great gift to a friend or family member without having to say it yourself.  
experience gifts
  1. Wine tasting experience – for ladies who love the vino, there’s no better gift than the gift of knowledge about their favourite tipple. This gift experience is best enjoyed in pairs or in a  group.
  2. The Orient Express – there’s no experience quite like the Orient Express train. Your gift recipient will get to wine and dine like a queen on Britain’s most famous train trip.
  3. Chocolate making class – most girls love chocolate but for serious choc connoisseurs, a chocolate making class is an interesting experience that she’ll remember forever.   
  4. Pole dancing experience – if your best friend loves a bit of a laugh, get the girls together for a pole dancing class for her birthday or other special occasion.  
  5. Luxury spa weekend – perfect for a girlfriend or a best friend, a luxury spa weekend with dinner and drinks is a wonderful way to say thanks to someone you care about. Present the experience gift voucher in an A6 gift box and complete the packaging with a pretty ribbon.
food and drink gifts
  1. Personalised champagne – make a toast to a milestone birthday or special occasion with a personalised bottle of bubbly, for the woman who loves the finer things in life.   
  2. Grow your own chilli kit – spice lovers can fulfil their spicy cravings by growing their own chilli. A superb gift idea for someone who loves to spend time cooking for her friends and family.
  3. Macaroon making kit – there is no finer art than the art of making a macaroon. If your mum, sister or best friend spends all of her money in Laduree on delicious macaroons, give her her very own macaroon making kit so she can create these little bites of heaven in her own kitchen.
  4. Chocolate pizza – the novelty chocolate pizza is a fun way of showing someone you care, and it’s such a joy to open when you realise that your pizza delivery is not quite a pizza.
  5. Food and wine hamper – if you can’t find the perfect foodie / wino pressie for your loved one, try and create your own hamper by filling it with everything that she loves; a one of a kind present that she’ll really appreciate.
  6. Personalised flask – even poor girls need their tipple. For friends who love to drink but can’t afford a night out on the cocktails, a personalised flask is a truly thoughtful present.
  7. Teas from around the world – present your mum or grandma with a specialist tea set and she will revel in sharing all her favourite brews with guests and visitors.
  8. Local cheese selection – create a tasty gift for cheese fans and bring together a thoughtful selection of all the best local cheeses.
  9. Cheeseboard and knife set – for the dinner party goddess (and we all know at least one), there’s nothing more sophisticated than the final course of wine and cheese; she will love showing off her new cheeseboard at her next glam party.
  10. Marble pestle and mortar – for keen chefs, there’s nothing more important the striking the right balance with spices. A marble pestle and mortar is a luxurious gift for kitchen queens who love to create delicious dishes from scratch.
  11. Vegetable spiralizer – fitness fanatics across the globe are going crazy for spiralizing veggie noodles and pasta. If you know a dedicated gym bunny who has an interest in nutrition and dieting, a spiralizer is a great addition to her kitchen.
  12. Smoothie maker – another smart gift for the dieting lady, a smoothie maker is a fantastic way of getting your 5 a day in one easy smoothie and fitness fans all over the world are going mad for the juicing diet.
  13. Specialist coffee – some women just can’t function without it; if the first morning coffee makes your housemate less grouchy, be sure to put a huge smile on her face with some unique or expensive specialist coffees.
  14. Cocktail making kit – a great gift for the party girl and great fun if you’re in a group.
  15. Gin making kit – if your best friend has always dreamed of brewing her own alcohol, get her started with a fun gin making kit, and then test it out together with some delicious cocktail recipes.
  16. Home -made jam – for something handmade with love, try your hand at making your own delicious jam and then add some personal touches to the jar for that chic and rustic homemade look.
  17. Gold flake vodka – turn up to your friend’s party with a gold flake vodka to earn extra girl points. This glamorous spirit will be sure to liven up the party and will be loved by all party goers.
  18. Espresso machine – instant coffee simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to coffee connoisseurs. For a gift to impress, deliver a slick espresso maker and really make her day.
  19. Vintage cake stand – bake-off fans will be delighted with a vintage cake stand. Encourage your mum, daughter or sister to exercise her baking skills with a pretty stand that she’ll really enjoying using.
  20. Truffle oil set – for serious foodies, there are fewer indulgences in life as exciting as truffles, so give the gift of luxury truffle oil, perfect for pasta lovers.
  21. Caviar gift set – for the extended budget, caviar is the ultimate piece de resistance.
fun and novelty gifts
  1. Novelty slippers – novelty slippers are a super fun present and suitable for females of any age, from all walks of life. Because every girl needs a fun pair of novelty slippers!
  2. Wine wipes  – red wine lovers will be thrilled with this funny yet practical gift of wine wipes, which will rub away the stains from your smile in seconds.  
  3. Upcycled light bulb vase – an old, unused light bulb turned into a vase is a genius invention and one that will be praised by eco warriors.  
  4. Wine hat – need a subtle (or obvious) way of telling someone that they drink too much? If your best friends with a party animal, arm them with a wine hat complete with drinking straw for your next party or event.
  5. Henry the Hoover desk cleaner – if your colleague has a dirty desk, give them a little encouragement in the shape of a cute novelty desk hoover.
  6. Hand warmers – when gloves simply aren’t enough, fight the bitter cold with some cute one-click hand warmers that can be reused again after boiling.
  7. Dust mop slippers – is your housemate an overbearing neat freak? Dust mop slippers clean the floor as you walk so she will never have to worry about mopping ever again.
  8. Giant champagne flute – a giant champagne flute can hold an entire bottle of bubbly, so Moet drinkers can enjoy a drink without ever having to share.
  9. Biscuit coasters – coasters disguised as Digestive biscuits; a fun way to confuse your grandma or a silly gift for someone who loves to confuse their guests.
If you were struggling for ideas for your loved one this year, then hopefully this post has given you a few ideas!



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