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Solve the headache of shopping for your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother or granddad and take a look through our super-extensive list of gift ideas for him. We’ve left no stone unturned when it comes to finding your man the most thoughtful present for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or other special occasions.

Boggle your mind no further and read on to discover our 66 gift ideas for him.

gadgets gifts for men

  1. iPhone speakers – if your male best friend loves music, iPhone speakers are essential to his life and wellbeing. No bachelor pad is complete without loud beats or the sound of guitar riffs blaring out of the living room.
  2. A smartwatch – for the tech geek or the modern man on a mission, a smartwatch is a luxury gift that will keep him constantly entertained. A great gift for serious girlfriend points!
  3. Wallet phone charger – give him the gift of power in the form of a luxury leather wallet and he’ll never miss a call from you ever again.
  4. Touchscreen gloves – make sure he’s only a text message away with some touchscreen gloves that can keep him both warm and text-able all winter.
  5. Plectrum puncher – punch plectrums not holes with the Pickmaster Plectrum Device. Guitar playing fellas will love this gift and it works just like an office hole punch.
  6. Smartphone camera remote – if you know a shameless selfie snapper, gift him with the smartphone remote control so he no longer has to struggle with an awkward one-man operation every time he wants to take a snap.
  7. Novelty USB stick – whilst most men may have moved onto cloud sharing, some old fuddy duddy types still use USB sticks to transfer files. A novelty USB stick is the perfect pressie for an old-fashioned kind of guy who doesn’t quite get “cloud” technology (dad).
  8. Bluetooth gloves – step into the future with a pair of jawdroppingly good Bluetooth gloves. With inbuilt speaker and microphone, he can answer your calls without touching his phone. Weird and wacky but amazingly progressive.
  9. Inflatable gadget chair – gaming addicts and TV bums will be in their element with the inflatable gadget chair. It has everything they could need including magazine storage, a drinks holder, USB mobile device connection, integrated speakers and a pocket for the remote control.
  10. USB powered task light – task lighting is essential to anyone who works on a laptop regularly. For a work colleague or friend, or a stocker filling for a family member, this is ideal.
  11. USB mini fan – for the man who gets flustered easily, a USB mini fan is crucial for any stressful office situations where body temperature might become elevated.  
  12. Multi-function pen – ideal for the practical man or the modern geek, a multi-function pen with UV light, flash light or laser pointer will have him well prepared for any situation.
  13. Air drum kit – don’t have space for real drums? Get him an air drum kit so he can whack his sticks into thin air and create monster sounds. Don’t forget to include some headphones if you want to keep the peace with your neighbours.  
  14. Mini Fridge – for the man who finds getting up to go to the fridge too much like hard work, a mini fridge for his table side is just perfect.
  15. Shiatsu chair – if your dad or granddad is complains constantly of aches and pains, give the gift of relaxation and healing with a shiatsu massage chair.  
  16. Heated car seat covers – early morning commutes in winter mean cold and icy cars. If you know someone who has to endure a cold commute this winter, make sure you warm his heart (and bottom) with a heated car seat cover.
  17. Phone camera tripod – for social media bods or photography enthusiasts, taking photos on mobile phones is a big part of everyday life. If you know someone who’s passionate about getting his mobile phone snaps just right, send him a phone tripod.
  18. Mood lamps – candles are for girls and mood lamps are for boys. The stylish mood lamps are a fun idea and great for lighting up a bachelor pad.
  19. Inflatable punching bag – for the lazy fitness freak who doesn’t quite make it to the gym some days, an inflatable punching bag could be a convenient alternative. A light home workout or just a lot of fun to be had with friends.
  20. Pocket backscratcher – get your boyfriend a pocket-sized extending backscratcher stick and you can be relieved of your back scratching duties forever.  
  21. Selfie Stick – for lone backpackers or just shameless selfie snappers, the selfie stick can make phone photography so much more convenient.  
  22. Credit card multi-tool – a credit card cleverly disguised as a bottle opener, wrench, knife, screwdriver, ruler, can opener and saw blade. Pretty amazing eh? This wallet sized gift may be small but it’s certainly mighty. Use our small stationery boxes and you can pop this gift in the post.
mens accessories gifts
  1. Daniel Wellington Watch – cited in GQ Magazine’s ‘Best Affordable Watches Under £500’ list, a Daniel Wellington Wristwatch is a luxury gift for the style conscious man.  
  2. Aspinal of London Leather Wallet – surprise a loved one with a fine leather wallet. Aspinal of London also offer personalisation with names or initials.  
  3. Cosy onesie – for the ultimate winter gift, choose a super-comfy onesie for your loved one.
  4. Christmas jumper – if it’s a festive present you’re in the market for, you can’t go wrong with a fun Christmas jumper. Spread the Christmas joy with a novelty knit.  
  5. Pandora bracelet – according to SS15 trend reports, the ‘mangle’ (men’s bangle) is going to be huge and Pandora has been one of the first brands to adopt this trend. If your friend or boyfriend is a contemporary, style-conscious man, a ‘mangle’ could be the answer. We have some slick black jewellery boxes perfect for the occasion too.
  6. Egyptian cotton PJs – every man needs comfies to lounge around the house on a lazy Sunday morning and nothing beats the softness and comfort of Egyptian cotton. A great gift for the lazy man in your life.  
  7. Day of the week boxers – designed for the man who forgets to do his laundry. Give this gentle reminder to encourage better hygiene and a punctual laundry rounds in the home.
  8. Initial cufflinks – for the man who likes to dress up on occasion, initial cufflinks are a fun yet luxurious gift. See our black cufflink box, starting at 0.38p.
  9. Plectrum wallet – if you know someone who plays guitar or travels from gig to gig, a plectrum wallet could help him keep all of his guitar picks in one safe place.  
  10. Leather camera strap – know a budding photographer? Treat him to a premium strap that sets his camera apart from anyone else’s. Make it extra special by getting the leather strap personalised with his name, a message or his initials.  
  11. Personalised bootbag – the perfect gift for the football mad or rugby mad boyfriend/brother/dad.  
  12. Cashmere football scarf – if football’s his world, get him a thoughtful pressie to show that you really care. Keep him warm at season matches with a special cashmere football scarf.  
  13. Original Beard Hats – for the man who can’t or won’t grow a beard, a temporary solution is now available with the Original Beard Hats. Hooray!  
mens travel gifts
  1. Shirtshuttle MK3 – travelling isn’t easy for the well-dressed business man. Cramming items into small weekend bags can make dressing immaculately rather tricky. But the Shirtshuttle MK3 has been designed to keep shirts crease-free as he travels. Phew.
  2. Personalised collar stiffeners – another lifesaving present for the travelling businessman. Personalised collar stiffeners will keep his shirts looking tip top and the personalised message will keep him thinking of home.
  3. Digital luggage scales – if you know someone who has to take off at a moment’s notice, get him some easy-to-use digital luggage scales so he never goes over the airline limit. A thoughtful gift for a regular jet-setter.
  4. Waterproof iPad case – perfect for beach lovers who can’t peel themselves away from their iPad. This splash-proof case will keep his prized tablet safe even by the sea or poolside.
  5. Kindle – know a booklover who travels? The Kindle is a great present for anyone who loves to read but doesn’t have the hand luggage space to carry heavy books.
  6. Travel clock – don’t let him miss another meeting / train / flight. Keep your man in check with a travel-sized alarm clock that will have him up in good time for the day ahead.
  7. Travel mug – for outdoor enthusiasts, life just isn’t complete without a flask or an insulated travel mug.
  1. Supercar driving experience – petrol heads and adrenaline junkies will be forever grateful for something as exciting as a supercar driving experience. Make his year with a day to remember!
  2. Football stadium tours – if your dad, brother or boyfriend is football mad, skip the usual football memorabilia and gift him with an exciting stadium tour for his favourite club.
  3. PGA professional golf lesson – golfers are true perfectionists so they’re always looking for ways to improve their swing. Get your loved one a special PGA professional golf lesson and he will love you for giving him an advantage over his golfing friends the next time they hit the course.
  4. Tour of Silverstone – racing fans will love this experience gift. Create a day to remember and tour the prestigious Silverstone racing track. These tours are great value for money so you still have budget left over for dinner and drinks afterwards.
  5. Brewery tours – for beer lovers, there’s nothing more exciting than a brewery tour. Help him get to know the makings of some of his favourite beers and lagers and create a fantastic day out that he’ll always treasure.
  6. The Rail Ale Trail – if a brewery tour isn’t enough to fill his curiosity, hop on board the Rail Ale Trail, a great gift that can be experienced together. There are ale trails in various locations and all pubs marked on the trail are walking distance from their respective train stations.

mens food gifts
  1. Beers from around the world – is your man a big drinker? If he’s passionate about his beers, or he’s a well-travelled man who likes to savour the best booze from different countries, get him an around-the-world selection of thirst quenching beverages.  
  2. Beer flavoured Jelly Belly – the Jelly Belly brand have finally made their most requested flavour of all time – that’s right – beer flavoured jelly beans! A great stocking filler for the beer mad dad or husband.
  3. Make your own whiskey kit – drinking out is expensive these days, so make drinking in your new weekend fun with a whiskey making kit.
  4. Whiskey rocker glasses – if a whiskey making kit isn’t enough to satisfy the whiskey connoisseur, finish off your present with some specialist rocker glasses, designed especially for whiskey drinkers.
  5. Tabasco chocolate – all men claim they can handle spice. But have they tried Tabasco chocolate? A small but thoughtful gift for a choccy connoisseur or a hot sauce lover.
  6. Rum advent calendar – make every day a rum day with a rum advent calendar. A brilliant early Christmas gift and a superb way of spreading Christmas spirit to all the men in your household.
  7. Diablo Toasted Snack Maker – every man loves a toasted sandwich. Whether it’s a midnight snack, a lazy Sunday brunch or a hangover cure, this Diablo Toasted Snack Maker will be much appreciated by its recipient.
  8. Selection of local cheeses – for the cheese aficionado, a bottle of wine simply isn’t enough. Hand select some delicious cheeses from your local cheese monger and create a sophisticated gift for the cultured man.
  9. Mason jar pint glass – stylish drinkware is important to any self-respecting bachelor. Get a mason jar pint glass (because standard pint glasses simply won’t do) for your best friend, housemate or brother and he’ll look all the more stylish for it.
  10. The Corkcicle – the corkcicle is the perfect solution to keeping white wine chilled to perfection. For the sophisticated drinker, this present is ideal.
  11. Monkey poop coffee – ‘Kopi Luwak’ is the most expensive coffee in the world. Made by monkeys ingesting and passing coffee berries before the beans are used, this makes for an interesting gift. Luckily there’s now a more affordable version from most gifting websites.
mens novelty gifts
  1. The Walking Dead Monopoly – if you and your housemate / best friend have spent hours and hours watching Walking Dead marathons together, be sure to make his Christmas with the Walking Dead Monopoly board game. And who doesn’t love board games at Christmas time?
  2. The X Cube – for the advanced Rubik’s Cube player, the X Cube will blow his mind and have him baffled for hours and hours on end.
  3. Novelty socks – if your man has hole-y socks, it’s time to replace them with something completely wacky and silly.   
  4. Beer helmet – party animals don’t need much more encouragement but sometimes if you can’t beat them, you just have to join them. The beer helmet is a great gift for the party boy.
  5. Half pint glass – literally a half pint glass; instead of the petite half pint glass we’re all accustomed to, the half pint glass now comes in the same height and shape, just chopped down the middle.  A great present for someone who likes quirky or silly drinkware.
  6. The Jedi fleece robe – the Star Wars fan in your life will love this warm and cosy fleece robe. And if he has a light sabre at hand, his outfit will be 100% complete.
  7. Mini executive golf – if your man spends more time at his desk than on the golf course, gift him with a miniature desk golf set so he doesn’t feel like he’s missing out.
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