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Celebrating your 21st is a significant milestone in life; it’s a landmark birthday which marks one’s passage into true adulthood. Whilst turning 18 is a game-changer in many ways, becoming 21 has a whole new level of sophistication to it because it symbolises leaving your teens behind. If you’re in search of the perfect 21st birthday present for a friend, family member or loved one, read on to see 39 of our best 21st birthday gift ideas from the team at Tiny Box Company. And don’t forget we have a huge selection of gift boxes perfect for any occasion.

gifts for him
  1. Printed Photo T-shirt
Is there an iconic photo which marks the occasion? Perhaps a photograph from his travels or a funny photo which makes the whole family laugh? Share the moment and make it a permanent one by printing it on a t-shirt for him to wear forever.
  1. 21st Birthday Mug
Turning 21 is a big deal so make sure he has a daily reminder with a photo mug that will be used every morning with his first cup of tea / coffee.
  1. A Real Cookbook
He’s probably received all the different ‘student cook books’ in his time but now he’s 21 it’s time to step up his culinary game. Mark the occasion with a cookbook from his favourite celebrity chef and encourage him to spend more time in the kitchen!
  1. Personalised Pint Glass
We all know that 18 is the legal drinking age and he’s probably already outstripped his alcohol virginity by now. But 21 is the age of maturity so reward him with his very own personalised pint glass.
  1. Personalised Number Plate
If he’s a petrol head and already has his own car, make his 21st birthday extra special with a personalised licence plate; something he can be really proud of.
  1. His First Whiskey
Now that he’s hit that all-important milestone, it’s time to put some hairs on his chest. Gift him with a luxury bottle of whiskey and his own crystal whiskey glass. Every new man needs to learn the art of sophisticated drinking (because alcopops are reserved for 18 year olds only).
  1. Personalised Cufflinks
Cufflinks are a great idea because as he gets older, he’ll have more formal events to attend to. Whether it’s his graduation ball, a friend’s wedding or a drinks event with his first job, there’ll always be an occasion where he’ll be in need of some good cufflinks.
  1. The Book of Him
If your best friend, brother or boyfriend is one of those guys with lots of stories to tell, turn his life (to date) into a 21st birthday story book. There are many gift websites such as Notonthehighstreet.com or Gettingpersonal.co.uk specialising in these wonderful gift books and you can fill it with funny, happy, sad, moving or thought-provoking stories from his past.
  1. Beers from Around the World
This gift does two very important things; it quenches the thirst of a young beer monster and it also introduces him to the idea of travelling. Perfect for someone who has dreams of exploring new countries…..one beer at a time.
  1. Personalised CD Plaque
We all have special songs that remind us of our childhood. Whether he’s been through the pop punk phases or had his moments with EDM, there’s always one iconic song that helps to mark one’s childhood. Get a personalised CD plaque that can adorn his wall so that he never forgets his youth.
  1. Engraved iPod
Whether you’re 16, 18 or 21, music is a huge part of every young man’s life. Especially when you haven’t got a car yet and you’re still making the most of that student bus pass. But music helps us get through the longest commutes and most gruelling walks to work/college so gift your loved one with a new iPod for his birthday. Apple Inc. are now able to engrave names onto their products, making them all the more special.
  1. His First Toolkit
Getting older means growing up – if your son, brother or nephew is leaving the nest and setting up home on his own or with housemates, make sure he’s fully equipped and ready to deal with any DIY disasters.
  1. Supercar Driving Experience
If he’s passed his test recently, no doubt he’ll be itching to go out and test his driving skills on the road. But why not gift him with a unique and out-of-this-world experience driving supercars? He will love it and you can be sure that it will be a safe experience.
  1. Music Festival Tickets
Some parents don’t like the thought of music festivals but if music is his passion, festival tickets could be the perfect present to say “I love you”. As he moves into adulthood, trust is extremely important and no doubt he will appreciate the gesture. And our Stationery Boxes which are ideal for using as presentation gift boxes.
  1. Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
Now that he’s a seasoned drinker, make sure he has all the convenience it needs when it comes to opening an ice-cold beer after a hard day at work/uni. A wall mounted bottle opener could be perfect if he’s moving into his own bachelor pad.
  1. iPad or Tablet
Give him something super special this year with a new iPad or tablet. It’s every gadget lover’s dream and if he hasn’t got one already, make sure you mark his milestone birthday with this must-have piece of modern technology.
  1. Flying Experience Day
When boys become men, it’s time to start thinking about the future. Maybe he wants to be a pilot or maybe he just likes the thrill of cars, trucks, planes (and just about anything that moves). A flying experience day is perfect for wannabe pilots or just for someone who likes the idea of flying.
  1. Skydiving Experience
Is he a daredevil? An adrenaline junkie? Always the one to chase danger? Feed his inner adventurist with a once-in-a-lifetime experience gift such as skydiving. It will be an unforgettable day and something he will treasure forever.
  1. World Map
Inspire his travelling dreams with a personalised world map for his wall that can be scratched off or pinned after he has been somewhere new. At this tender age, it’s all about inspiration and encouragement so don’t let his love of travel fizzle away.
  1. Football Stadium Tour
Some men eat, sleep, drink and breathe football and this will never change. If he’s a die-hard supporter, arrange for a special stadium tour and make his birthday one to remember.
  1. An ISA / Savings Account
After reaching the important age of 21, there are many things to look forward to. From saving for a house, getting engaged and marrying the woman of your dreams, or travelling around the world, there are many things that will cost money. So start a savings account or ISA for your loved one and show him how important it is to plan for the future.
  1. Wine and Cheeseboard Kit
Sophistication is key now that he’s 21 years old. The modern man needs to know how to entertain in his bachelor pad (if he’s flown the nest) and a wine and cheeseboard kit is a great way to start.
 gifts for her
  1. Personalised Champagne
Nothing says “happy birthday” quite like a bottle of fizz when it comes to celebrating a girl’s milestone birthday. At 21, a bottle of champers is perfectly apt as it brings a new level of sophistication to the party.
  1. Name A Star
Mark this very special birthday with a very special gesture. Get a star named after her or let her pick her own name for the star; what better way is there to symbolise this beautiful milestone in life?
  1. Photoshoot and Makeover
Get her a professional makeover with a trusted name like MAC Cosmetics and she can spend the day feeling completely glamorous. A photoshoot is a wonderful way of making a lasting memory for a very special birthday.
  1. Michelin Star Dining Experience
If material things don’t float her boat, take her out for an amazing meal at a Michelin Star restaurant. And don’t hold back on the expensive wine – after all, we only turn 21 once!
  1. Cocktails at the Shard
There’s nothing more glamorous than sipping delicious cocktails from 87 storeys looking down at the London skyline. Whether you live in London or you’re going there for a daytrip, be sure to book in at The Shard for a unique experience.
  1. Personalised Wine Glass
Now that she’s 21 and not 18 anymore, she’ll want to be more sophisticated with her drink choices; help her ditch the vodka pitchers and introduce her to the world of wine with a personalised wine glass just for her.
  1. Birthstone Jewellery
To mark her birthday, get her some birthstone jewellery that’s personal and unique to her. We have a fantastic selection of jewellery gift boxes or mailing boxes that can be used in the post.
  1. Engraved Charm Bracelet
Online gift retailers such as Notonthehighstreet.com or Gettingpersonal.co.uk offer a whole selection of engraved jewellery – and charm bracelets are the perfect memory because they can be added to each and every year with a brand new charm.
  1. Mixology Kit
As she gets older, she will become a connoisseur of cocktails (it happens to the best of us) so indulge her cocktail-loving streak with her own mixology kit. It will be perfect for her 21st birthday party!
  1. Infinity Ring
Perfect for boyfriends or best friends to gift to their loved one, the infinity ring is symbolic of so many things in life; but mostly it’s about eternal love. Whether it’s between old friends, sisters, families or lovers, it’s the perfect way to show someone that you love them. Celebrate such a landmark birthday together by sealing your relationship/friendship with an infinity ring.
  1. Personalised Birthday Cushion
Get a unique birth year or birthday cushion made up from Notonthehighstreet.com to celebrate such a momentous birthday. As girls get older, they’ll start to take a keen interest in homemaking especially if they’ve just moved out of the family home – so cushions are perfect.
  1. Engraved Timepiece
Watches are a fantastic way to spoil someone. Since watchmaking began, timepieces have always been considered to be very luxurious and special gifts. Worn for special occasions (or every day), someone’s watch can give away so much about them. So find her the perfect timepiece and have it engraved with your own sweet message to make it even more meaningful.
  1. Home Made 21st Hamper
Turning 21 is a big deal and if you don’t want to give something generic to your loved one, why not create your own present at home? All you need is a hamper basket and then you can fill it with all the things that you know she will love. Tie a 21 balloon to the hamper and add some tissue paper and ribbon for the perfect finish.
  1. 21 Necklace
Landmark birthdays need landmark presents; a beautiful 21 necklace could be the ideal way of making the occasion even more special. She can wear it every day to be reminded of what a wonderful day she had. And maybe on her next landmark birthday, you can replace the pendant with a new number (unless she wants to be 21 forever, that is!).
  1. Designer Handbag
It’s the woman’s rite of passage in life. Every girl needs a designer handbag (especially a fashionista) and there’s no better time than her 21st birthday to surprise her with something so exciting. Some of the favourite designers currently include Celine, Michael Kors and Mulberry.
  1. Wine Tasting Course
Introduce her to the world of wine tasting now that she has reached the adult age of 21. No longer in her teens, it’s time to understand the sophisticated art of wine. Take her to a wine tasting course and enjoy the day trying out different reds and whites from various regions.
  1. Personalised Silver Spoon
Made for avid tea drinkers, a personalised silver spoon makes a wonderful stirring device for those who like to use a real china set for their afternoon indulgences. Engrave a lovely message and she will have a daily reminder every time she puts the kettle on. Or it can be used as a lovely ornament / keepsake.


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