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30 Glorious Gift Ideas for a 60th Birthday Treat

 by tom on 22 Sep 2015 |
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A 60th birthday is one of the most important milestone birthdays in life. Like many of the other milestone birthdays – such as a 21St, 30th or 40th – turning the ripe old age of sixty is something of a great achievement. It was Pablo Picasso who articulated that, “one starts to get young at the age of sixty” and English actor Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree who said, “I was born old and get younger every day. At present I am sixty years young.” So perhaps, turning sixty doesn’t change much in life (and isn’t as scary as we all think). But it most certainly will be a significant and momentous occasion; one to be celebrated with the whole family and surrounded by loved ones. And if you’re in search of the perfect gift to celebrate this amazing life juncture of a best friend or family member, read on for 30 glorious gift ideas for a 60th birthday treat!

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gifts for 60 year old man

1 | Sports Car Hire a Day
Rent a sports car and surprise your loved one with his dream car for a day! If racing experiences are a little too action-packed for him, contact a UK sports car broker and organise for a Lamborghini or Ferrari to be delivered to his doorstep. It will be a great surprise and he won’t want to hand it back at the end of the day!

2| A Bottle of Vintage Whiskey
As we age, it’s not unusual to start craving the finer things in life. If he considers himself to be a bit of a whiskey connoisseur, surprise him with the most spectacular vintage bottle of whiskey; it will be the most treasured bottle in the house.

3| Personalised Golf Club Links
Golf club links not only add a personal touch to a set of golf clubs but they also ensure that any lost property is returned to the rightful owner. Perfect for an experienced golfer who takes his sport seriously.

4| Golf Holiday in Scotland
At the ripe of old age of sixty, keen golfers should be packing years of experience (especially if they started young). Carnoustie Golf Links Course is one of the toughest in the world – one which is famed for reducing French golfer Jean Van De Velde to meltdown during The Open Championship in 1999. Gift your father, husband, brother, uncle or golf-loving buddy to a weekend here for the ultimate lifetime challenge. But beware; it may reduce him to tears too.

5| Engraved Hip Flask
For long walks, picnics, trips to the seaside, or just for everyday use; a hip flask will always come in handy for a keen drinker. Make the gift extra special by engraving your own personal message onto it.

6| Cognac Glasses  
If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly; this is one of life’s lessons that we all eventually learn. If your husband, father or best friend is a cognac drinker, it’s important that he’s getting the best possible taste from his beverage. Gift him with special tulip or balloon glasses which are often referred to as “the King of glasses for drinking cognac”.

7| Garden Fire Pit / Barbeque   
It’s no secret that man loves fire. It’s in the caveman nature to want to get a fire started every time it’s cold. With a little bit of smart engineering and technology, the man in your life can now make his own fire pit and get a nice little BBQ going at the same time.

8| Inflatable Zimmer Frame  
For those with a small gift budget or for those who like a bit of tongue and cheek humour, the inflatable Zimmer frame (available from Prezzybox.com) is ideal for a few laughs and giggles. It’s an ideal present for a 60th birthday party and is guaranteed to put smiles on faces.

9| Personalised Port Bottle  
A great gift for a friend is a personalised bottle of port. Vintage port is something that port drinkers will really appreciate and you can make it extra special on their big birthday with a personalised label. It won’t be like anything they’ve ever received before and they will really treasure the bottle.

10| Car Seat Massager
We all know someone who complains of aches and pains, especially if they make regular journeys on the road. A car seat massager (available from Halfords or Amazon) will ensure that he has stimulation on all pressure points – and you’ll never have to hear him complain again! Perfect for a dad, grandad or husband.

11| The Little Book of Scrabble Secrets
We think this is the perfect present for board game playing dads and granddads! Available from most book stores is The Little Book of Scrabble Secrets and it’s the perfect gift for scrabble enthusiasts who hate to lose. It contains all the insider secrets so that your gift recipient can train himself into a scrabble mastermind!
gifts for 60 year old woman

12| Personalised Embossing Rolling Pin
This fantastic little gift from Notonthehighstreet.com is by Boon Homeware and it allows you to create a personalised rolling pin which embosses every pie, pasty or cake with a very unique and personal touch. If your mum, aunty, sister or best friend is a keen baker, this present will be such a lovely surprise.

13| Artisan Gin / Craft Gin  
When you’re old and grey, cheap supermarket gin will no longer do. It’s time to start enjoying the finer things in life and if you know someone who loves gin, gift them with a very special bottle of artisan or craft gin. Some of the best UK brands include Sacred Gin, Butler’s Gin, Darley’s View and Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin.

14| Grow Your Own Sloe Gin Set   
Slow bushes make great gifts for the garden and they can be sourced from your local garden centre. Or if you’re looking for a ready-made set complete with gin-making kit, shop online at Notonthehighstreet.com for their Sloe & Damson Gift Set by The Seed Bomb Factory.

15| Afternoon Tea in London
Afternoon tea is the ultimate daytime treat for grandma, mum or just a close friend who loves cakes and finger sandwiches. Enjoy cream tea at Harrods or book into the 5* Bentley Hotel, the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, The Ritz or hop onto the Bakery Cream Tea Bus for a tour of the city.

16| Jam Making Set
The Kilner Jam Making Kit can be bought from Amazon, Hobbycraft or other similar craft/home stores in the UK. It’s ideal for kitchen goddesses who love to make everything from scratch and it comes with everything you need to get started.

17| Personalised Macaroons from Ganache-Macaron   
Ganache Macaron in Cambridge now offer a personalised macaroon service where they can add personal messages or even photos to their delicious macaroon treats. These little meringue bites are the ultimate in luxury when it comes to desserts. Ideal for someone with a sweet tooth!

18| Engraved Designer Watch / Jewellery
If your budget is a little bit bigger, take a step up from the macaroons and go for an engraved designer watch. Jewellers such as Ernest Jones can help you add engraved names, dates, initials or messages on any watch or jewellery piece from just £16.

19| Hidden Message Necklace   
Personalised message gifts are great but perhaps your gift recipient is a bit more understated than that? The Hidden Message Necklace by designer Beth Macri looks like a sleek designer jewellery piece but it contains a secret compartment for messages. You can also find similar items from John Lewis or other gift/department stores.

20| Flower Subscription
Bloom and Wild offer a fantastic flower subscription service and deliver beautiful bouquets direct to the recipient’s door every single month. The fresh bouquet is packed into a postbox-sized box so they don’t even have to be home to receive it.

21| ‘Name A Star’ Gift Set   
Anyone who makes it to sixty years is a star, and should have a star named after them. Make your loved one feel extra special on their 60th birthday and mark the occasion with something that will be there forever. The ‘Name A Star’ gift provides official documentation and can be treasure for many years to come.

22| Personal Shopping Experience  
If you don’t know what to get her, why not treat her to a personal shopping experience (complete with consultation) at one of the UK’s top luxury department stores. Selfridges offer a 2 hour personal shopping service in London, Birmingham and Manchester. And Harrods can provide a 360 degree service which can help to create a whole new wardrobe.

23| Engraved Crystal Champagne Flutes  
Every woman loves champagne and there’s no better way to toast the 60th birthday milestone than with a glass of luxury bubbly. Make the toast even more special with some crystal champagne flutes which have been engraved with a personal message. If you want to keep the flutes looking understated, just simply have the recipient’s name or birthdate added.   

24| A Bottle of Vintage Champagne   
Perhaps you know an avid vintage wine collector. Or perhaps you know someone who just enjoys the finer things in life. Whatever the case, a bottle of vintage champagne can be extremely special. Vintage champagne available for public sale can range from anywhere around £40 to £2,000 (with some of the world’s most excessively priced bottles reaching a crazy £50,000 at exclusive auctions). If you want a way to make your friend or family member feel special, it simply has to be a bottle of vintage bubbly; she can choose to share it on her special day or save it for her next milestone!
unisex 60 year old gifts

25| ‘Become a Laird or Lady’ Gift Set
A ‘Become a Laird or Lady’ Gift set if ideal for him or for her. Mark the occasion of them reaching the golden age of sixty and officially turn them into a Laird or a Lady. The gift set will come with a welcome letter and registration details; and after registration, they will receive an official certificate.

26| Bonsai Tree
There’s something beautifully symbolic about a Bonsai Tree; in Japanese culture, it symbolises antiquity and immense strength and endurance. So it’s ideal for someone who has been through a lot in life. Bonsai Trees also require a lot of care and attention so it’s the ultimate challenge for a keen gardener and will put their gardening skills to the test.

27| A Wine Decanter   
Wine is something to be savoured and it’s not uncommon to enjoy a little wine education once you become of age. A wine decanter makes the perfect present for someone who not only enjoys drinking wine, but for someone who likes to study it too.

28| A ‘60’ Mug   
Becoming sixty is something to be proud of and one’s 60th birthday celebrations will be treasured forever. Remind your loved one everyday just how loved they are with their very own ‘60’ mug. This present is perfect for someone with a small budget.

29| Grapevine Crate Gift
The grapevine tree is a fantastic gift available on Notonthehighstreet.com and is suitable for wine enthusiasts, garden enthusiasts or just hands-on folk who just love to try their hand at everything. These grapevines are ready to plant so your recipient can have his/her very own vineyard within minutes.

30| Silver Letter Opener
Gift your loved one with something that they can use every day. After 60 years of opening mundane bills and letters, it will be a delightful surprise to use an engraved silver letter opener which reminds them of you every time.
For a large selection of gift boxes, packaging/post materials and recycled gift bags, make sure shop online at Tiny Box Company. Our online range includes everything you need to make that 60th birthday gift look extra special.


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