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The Ultimate List of Christmas Gift Ideas

 by tom on 12 Nov 2015 |
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It’s that time of year again. The clocks have gone back and those mince pies have made it back onto supermarket shelves. We know there’s still plenty of time to be shopping for Christmas presents. But if you’re one of those people who always ends up rushing around a few days before Christmas, it’s lists like this that can be a real lifesaver. So whether you’re getting an early start on crimbo shopping this year or you just want to be prepared for not being prepared, make sure you bookmark our ultimate list of Christmas gift ideas! For affordable gift wrapping, don’t forget to take a look at our gift boxes and gift bags online…

1| Personalised Watch Stand
Watches are fantastic gift ideas for him and are suitable for any occasion. But if you’ve already ticked that box, gift him with a luxury watch stand (or even better, a personalised one) so he has somewhere to safely and securely place his expensive watches. He’ll never lose another watch again!

2| Monthly Coffee Subscription
Coffee is a way of life for some men. If your dad, husband, brother of best friend can’t function without his first cup of coffee in the morning then this subscription is the perfect pressie. It will give him the essential daily fuel he needs to feel human, whilst taking his interest to a new level.

3| British Beer Collection
We’ve done beers from around the world; now it’s time to look a little closer to home because locally brewed artisan beers are all the rage right now, don’tcha know? If you know a cool and hip beer drinker who loves to discover new brews, surprise him with a crate of tasty beers from around the country.

4| Artisan Chilli Sauces
Know a daredevil? Or someone who pretends to be? Test his spice threshold with a set of artisan chilli pastes or sauces and see how he handles the heat under pressure. Devil’s Dynamite do a great little set of pastes with some mouth-watering flavours, such as Tandoori Twist or Explosive (available from Notonthehighstreet.com).

5| Chorizo Making Kit
If your man has a taste for Spanish food or cured meats, the chorizo making kit from Notonthehighstreet.com is an ideal Christmas gift. It will keep him busy for hours and home-made tapas will have a brilliant new twist.

6| Personalised Magnum of Beer
Forget the champagne – because beer monsters don’t care for refined bubbles! Instead go for a 4 pint magnum of beer from Best of British Beer and personalise it with your own name / message. We think this is the perfect present for dads, granddads and thirsty husbands who spend too much time at the pub.


7| Sagaform Pizza Scissors
Anyone who enjoys a homemade pizza will own pizza cutters. But that’s because they don’t know about the new pizza scissors by gift innovators, Sagaform. Yep, those clever folks have created a kitchen utensil hybrid, bringing together the practical elements of a pizza slicer and a serving spatula.

8| Diablo Toasted Snack Maker
No man is a stranger to the midnight snack. In fact, most have graduated with a first class degree. So this toasted snack maker by Diablo will seriously put a smile on their face. Take them back to their student days (or just yesterday if they don’t know how to cook) and give them the ultimate snacking tool which will help them rustle up the most delicious toasted sandwich in minutes. The perfect hangover cure.

9| Hangover Rescue Balm
Talking of hangovers... We’ve found something that every man on the planet will appreciate it. Especially if they are on breakfast duty the next morning. If hangovers aren’t as easy as they used to be (and the kids are there to remind them so), not to fear. The Hangover Rescue Balm from Apply Me is a Sunday morning saviour. Perfect for jaded dads / boyfriends / husbands.

10| Personalised Beard Comb
Beards are in and there’s absolutely no hiding from it. If your boyfriend or husband is one of those hip beard wearers, they’ll need a special beard comb to keep it good nick. So why not opt for a super cool personalised one that they can really treasure? Visit Notonthehighstreet.com to browse their selection of beard combs and beard products.


11| Sauvignon Blanc Making Kit
What woman wouldn’t love to make their own wine, eh? And don’t worry if your mum / wife / best friend is one of those women who’s more interested in drinking it rather than making it, because the instructions are very simple to follow. So they’ll be kicking back with a large glass and guzzling in no time. There’s a great home brewing kit available at Notonthehighstreet.com or you can browse more at Thelittlewinekit.co.uk.

12| The Chocolate Cheese Board
Cheese. Tick. Chocolate. Tick. Party trick. BIG TICK. Luxury chocolatiers, Choc On Choc have seriously excelled themselves with this little party number. Their chocolate cheeseboard is not only delicious to eat but it’s an absolute masterpiece, one which is full of illusions. If you know a kitchen goddess who likes to throw a dinner party or two, she will absolutely love this chocolate cheeseboard trick. You’ll be on the top of her list for every dinner party from here on out.

13| Yumbles Tea Subscription
A good brew solves everything. For some women, that’s pretty much a fact of life. If you know a lady who can’t get through the day without a good cuppa in hand, sign her up to a Yumbles tea subscription. You will be spoiled for choice and can select from herbal teas, flavoured teas, Chinese speciality teas, Japanese teas and more.


14| Hand Sh*t Hand Cream
If you’re looking for a bit of a joke present to give to the outspoken potty mouth in your life (be it mum, sis, neighbour or bestie), this Hand Sh*t Hand Cream from iwantoneofthose.com is just ideal. It’s a joke pressie that has practical value; because every woman likes to keep her hands feeling soft when the cold weather sets in. Dry hands no more but the swearing will continue…

15| Personalised Jewellery Box
If you know someone with a penchant for expensive jewellery, it’s important that they have enough storage for their most prized items. A personalised jewellery box could be a lovely gift for someone who needs a little help with their jewellery organisation. If you’ve exhausted all the different jewellery presents year after year, surprise them with a lovely personalised box with their name or initials instead.

16| Vegetable Spiraliser
Spiralised veg has become a huge food trend, especially with gym bunnies and health fanatics. If you know someone who eats kale, goes running or swaps dairy for substitutes such as almond milk, it’s likely they’ll be interested in trying out the veggie spiraliser (if they haven’t already). Team with a cookbook by ‘instafamous’ health guru and chef Ali Maffucci, and you’ll have them cooking up delicious courgetti bolognaise and courgetti noodle soup in no time.

17| Make Your Own Chocolate Pizza Kit
We’ve all heard of the chocolate pizza. Most of us have eaten one (probably to ourselves). But few of us have had the pleasure of making one from scratch! Within the shameless generation of instant gratification, it’s time to remind our loved ones that all good things come to those who wait. And graft. And melt their own chocolate.

18| Yankee Candle Gift Set
Everyone knows that Yankee Candles are a symbol of luxury in the candle world. They make wonderful gifts for women of all ages and we particularly love the Yankee Candle 5 Votive Gift Set which includes some truly festive fragrances (Christmas Cookie, Berry Trifle, Cosy By The Fire, Winter Glow and Bundled Up). There are five fabulous candles so they should last until next Christmas too!


19| Recipe Mugs from Getting Personal
Women love to multi-task, especially mums (and they’re pretty awesome at it too) so why not give your mum something that multi-tasks just as well as she does? These fab recipe mugs from Gettingpersonal.co.uk double up as the perfect tea/coffee vessels as well as dessert recipes. The mugs (available in chocolate brownie, French macaroons, strawberry shortcake and vanilla cupcake) feature a pretty design, full recipes and they even include measurements so they can be used as measuring jugs. Talk about dual purpose!

20| Style By Portobello Vintage Subscription
Do you know a subscription box addict? Or do you know a vintage fashionista? Style By Portobello is a fantastic idea for vintage lovers who don’t get to visit the iconic Portobello Market in London very often. Each month, a hand-curated selection of accessories sourced from Portobello will be delivered to the recipient; gift a loved one with an annual subscription or just a one-off box (cancel anytime). Register at Stylebyportobello.com.

21| Girls Night In Trivia
Party girls need party games, and the Girls Night In Trivia game from iwantoneofthose.com is a top pressie for best friends and partying partners in crime. A takeaway and this trivia game will make a fun night in with close pals – just make sure you keep the cocktails flowing!


22| His / Hers Bedding  
For the couple who always fight over the covers. A novelty his / hers bedding set will clearly mark out each person’s territory so there will be confusion no more. Just beware though, there may be some designs which favour one side more than the other.

23| Personalised Photo Coasters  
Photo coasters are a great gift for families or couples who really treasure their travels and their memories. If you know a family who dote on their first born or an adventurous pair who jet off to exotic destinations each year, surprise them with some photo coasters from Photobox.co.uk that really mean something.

24| Personalised Table Runner
Christmas dinner is the most important dinner of the year and it’s one which has so much meaning to every family; which is why a personalised family table runner by TillyAnna (Notonthehighstreet.com) is such a great gift for families or newlyweds.

25| Couples Photoshoot Experience  
Photographs are wonderful for locking in those special memories. Without them, we would all be a little lost when it comes to reminiscing about all those occasions in the past. A couples / family portrait photography experience is not only a fantastic day out but the recipients of your gift will have something to take away from it and keep forever.

26| Personalised New Home Piggy Bank  
The house shaped piggy bank from Gettingpersonal.co.uk can be engraved with names of your choice so that you can show your support for your favourite couple in their house-buying adventure. Getting on the property ladder isn’t as easy as it used to be so this gift is a great way of giving encouragement.

27| His and Hers Egg Cups
Who doesn’t love eggs in the morning? Every self-respecting cook needs a good set of egg cups because breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all. His and hers egg cups make brilliant gifts for newlyweds, young couples or families with children.

28| Baby’s First Christmas Bauble 
If it’s baby’s first Christmas, make it extra special with a personalised bauble. A beautiful bauble can adorn the tree every single year and no doubt it will have so much nostalgic value years on. This present is also perfect for kids of all ages as they’ll never be too old to appreciate something with such personal meaning.

29| Children’s Baking Set   
If you know a family with young children who like to help out in the kitchen, a children’s baking set it a must. Baking sets are wonderful because they encourage participating in family activities and really help to promote a healthy, happy family life.

30| Chocolate Sprout Roulette   
The Chocolate Sprout Roulette game from Firebox.com is such a fun pressie for kids who hate sprouts. Spin the roulette wheel for a chance to taste delicious milk chocolate treats or be the unlucky player who gets a sprout flavoured surprise once you bite into your choc. Great for Boxing Day giggles.

31| Jelly Belly 50 Flavours Gift Box 
If the Sprout Roulette just seems too cruel, go for a 50 piece selection of delicious, tasty flavours (with no surprises) from Jelly belly. This selection box is ideal for sharing (we don’t want all their teeth to fall out) so if you know a family with lots of little ones, the Jelly Belly Gift Box would be a great shout.

32| Chocolate Coin Maker   
Chocolate coins are so quintessentially Christmassy and that’s why we love them so much, no matter our age or generation. The Chocolate Coin Maker from John Adams © will provide hours of fun – and more importantly, will keep those rascals quiet and entertained whilst you put your feet up and enjoy  a glass of wine. 


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