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20 DIY Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

 by tom on 11 Dec 2015 |
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Christmas is a time for sharing, a time for giving, and a time to really think about what your loved ones might desire. The art of gifting isn’t about how much you spend, but how much thought, love and care goes into each present. So if you’re feeling the pinch this Christmas, do not fear; we have 20 awesome pressie ideas for thrifty gifters and they can all be made in the comfort of your own home. All you need are some simple materials and raw ingredients (many of which you may already have in the house) and then you’re good to go. It’s time to put on your creative cap and get crafting…

1| Home Baked Cookies
All you need for your homemade cookies is a trusty little recipe (we love Mary Berry’s), some icing sugar and food colouring and any other decorative bits and pieces your recipient may appreciate. Place your cookies in a cellophane bag and tie together with a ribbon. Or if you’re making them a few days before Christmas, invest in a vacuum sealer to keep them airtight.

2| Personalised Candy Canes
If you’re throwing a dinner party or you’ve got a big group of friends to buy for this year, why not keep it cheap and simple and personalise a small favour for everyone? Candy canes won’t cost you very much and they can be hung on the tree as a decoration if you add a little loop of strip to the top. To personalise, all you need to do is add a cute little gift tag and your own message – don’t forget a splash of glitter, a pinch of tinsel or a sprig of holly to make it look super festive.

3| Homemade Jams / Preserves
Jams and preserves can be time-consuming, especially if you’re a first timer. But once you’ve got the hang of it and got a good system in place (be sure to recruit some little elves to help), it will all fall into place within the comfort of your kitchen. To give your jam jars that homemade, rustic appearance, just add some natural string and your own hand-written label. You could even get creative with your preserves by naming them after the personalities of your recipients. Eg: “Jammy James” or “Mel’s Magical Marmalade” or “Joe’s Cheeky Chutney”.

4| DIY Snow Globe
Snow globes are just wonderful at this time of year, and just like the ones we see in the shops, DIY snow globes have an amazing wow factor! All you’ll need for your homemade snow globe is an old food jar or a mason jar, water, glycerine, some loose glitter and the decorative ornaments that you want to use. You can buy decorative ornaments from craft shops or you can use old toys and tree decorations to personalise your snow globe. Use a glue gun (or just super glue) to secure your ornaments onto the jar lid, then fill your jar with the water, glycerine and glitter before sealing the lid onto the jar.  

5| Hand Decorated Baubles
This has got to be one of the easiest handmade gifts for Christmas and it definitely scores top marks for value for money. Not only are hand decorated baubles extremely cost effective (and you can make one for all your friends and family members) but they always manage to wow people. Simply buy some cheap baubles from your local bargain shop, some PVA glue and a variety of loose glitters. Use a small paintbrush to paint names, initials, dates or patterns onto the bauble, cover in glitter and then blow the excess off to reveal your finished bauble.

6| Dough Christmas Ornaments
Another fantastic Christmas ornament is the oven-baked version and this is great because it gives you complete artistic license to design your unique shapes and festive tree hangers. For your ornament dough, you will need to mix together 4 cups of flour, 1 ½ cups of water and 1 cup of salt. Double or triple these measurements if you are making a big batch – and don’t forget to punch a hole in the top for a piece of string or ribbon.

7| Vintage Teacup Candles
If you have some old, chipped teacups (or even mugs) hidden away in your shed / garage / store cupboard, don’t chuck them away just yet. We have a genius idea. Turn these unwanted teacups into cute candle holders; it’s so ‘shabby chic’ at the moment and people are paying top prices to buy them as new in gift shops all over the UK. All you need to do is melt some basic candle wax (add a fragrance if you wish) into the teacup and let it set with a candle wick.

8| DIY Chalkboard Mugs
Chalkboard mugs are so much fun and they are unbelievably easy to make. Get your hands on some cheap pottery and then add a lick of chalkboard paint to turn them into fantastic novelty gifts. Don’t forget to wrap up with a piece of chalk so your recipient can enjoy his/her gift straight away.

9| Natural Body Scrub
Body scrub is one of the most expensive beauty products in the beauty market today. But did you know that you could rustle up your own at a fraction of the price? Not only will you make huge savings on Christmas gifting this year, but your friends will be so impressed with your efforts. You can create your scrub from salt (good for relaxing muscles), sugar (feels gentle on the skin), ground coffee (can help with varicose veins and rosacea) or oatmeal (extremely hydrating) so you can choose the right ingredients for each individual.  

10| Pinecone Firestarters
The best thing about pinecones is that they’re absolutely free of charge! If you don’t live near a pine tree forest, don’t worry – you can still buy them from garden centres or craft shops at reasonable prices. Dip your pine cones in soy wax and they’re ready for throwing on the fire. Not only do these pinecones look and smell divine, but they will have a winter fire roaring with heat in no time. The perfect winter warmer!

11| DIY Handwarmers
If you know someone who complains of the cold, make sure they get their hands on one of your DIY handwarmers. They’re so easy to make and they’ll be much appreciated by your loved ones. Stitch together some cute pocket-sized shapes (hearts, animals, stars or alphabet letters) and then fill your design with some rice or barley. Close up the handwarmer and they’re ready to go – simply leave them on the radiator for 30 minutes or quickly blast them in the microwave before you head out.

12| Retro Sweets Jar
Retro sweets are so much fun and they bring back so many memories from our childhood days. If you know any big kids, make sure they get their sugar fix this Christmas with a homemade sweetie jar, filled with classic sweetshop goodies. Finish off with a personalised message and ribbon to make it extra special.

13| Wine and Cheese Hamper
If you know someone who enjoys a wine and cheese night every now and again, make sure don’t turn up without a special wine and cheese Christmas hamper. Choose a bottle of their favourite tipple and arrange in a basket with some fine local cheeses. Finish off with some tissue paper and a big red bow.  

14| Chocolate Bouquet
Flowers are great but sadly they’re not edible. If you know someone with a sweet tooth, surprise them with a bouquet that tastes as good as it looks! Chocolate bouquets are very simple to make; use a traditional planter, a vase or a small box and fill with raffia / tissue paper in the base and then stick your chocolate bars to long craft sticks and arrange in the box. Once you add an oversized gift bow, some ribbon and cellophane wrap, it will all come together and look fantastic.

15| Handmade Soaps
A basic soap recipe includes lye, oils (such as coconut oil, palm oil or olive oil) and distilled water. After that, you pretty much have free reign when it comes to how you want your soap to look and smell. Some really lovely combinations are lavender and honey, lemon and ginger, raspberry and fig, rosemary and peppermint, or blackberry and sage. There are also three different methods of soap making (cold method, room temperature method and hot method) so be sure to research which fragrances you like and which method best suits your recipe. Wrap your soaps in wax paper and add your own soap label for that stylish artisan look.

16| Zipper Clutch Bag / iPad Case
If you’re a bit of a seamstress, you’ll probably have a bunch of old zips lying around your sewing room. These zips can be put to good use if you don’t need them; and they can create a truly unique fashion item for someone who loves bags and accessories. Sew together a row of zips for the front of the bag, do the same for the back of the bag and then sew the two pieces together to create a stunning clutch! This unique clutch bag can also be used as an iPad case and you don’t have to worry about designing a flap or an opening – because there are conveniently placed zips from top to bottom!

17| Cinnamon Candle
Making gifts from scratch is really rewarding but not everyone is an expert crafter; so what do you make when you don’t have the skills or the time? We have a fantastic idea which will take you under 5 minutes to put together. Stock up on some basic white candles, ideally a similar height to your cinnamon sticks (these can be bought in bulk), use glue to fix cinnamon sticks all the way around the candle until it is completely covered, and finish with a cute ribbon.

18| Compact Perfume
Solid perfume is a great handbag space-saver idea. If you know someone who loves to smell great but doesn’t always have room in her handbag for a full sized perfume bottle, this compact perfume idea is ideal. Consisting of just beeswax, jojoba oil and the fragrances/essential oils of your choice, it’s so easy to make and it’s a perfect little stocking filler.

17| Natural Lipbalm
Making your own lipbalm and lip moisturisers is one of the most cost effective gifts, especially if you are making a whole batch for your friends and family. Lip balm tins are cheaper when they are purchased in bulk and you can get some basic ingredients (such as coconut oil and essential oils) for a very affordable price. Add your own sticker onto each lipbalm tin and place in a pretty organza bag for simple yet stunning presentation.

18| Knitted Mug Warmers
The traditional tea cosy is a great idea for keeping your tea nice and toasty as you watch TV, but in the modern world very few of us use teapots anymore. So what is one to do when we want to keep our hot beverages hotter for longer? That’s where the knitted mug warmer steps in; if you’re adept in knitting, this is the perfect Christmas project for you and it will be much appreciated by all those tea drinkers in your life.

19| Mug Cake Mix in a Jar
Mug cakes have been a huge dessert trend this year and they appeal to just about everybody; the student, the busy mum, the lazy cake lover, the non-baker or just someone who fancies a quick midnight snack. Even mug cake recipe books have been flying off the shelves this year so if you want to get on board with the trend, why not create some ready-made mug cake recipes and package them up in a chic looking jar? Add a cute gift tag and ribbon and it’s the perfect pressie for someone with a sweet tooth.

20| Home Infused Olive Oils
Home infused olive oils are extremely easy to make and they look wonderful once you’ve added all your natural ingredients into the jar. Tall jars with cork lids are great for this as they have such a rustic appearance and can be finished off with some raffia for the final flourish. Some great natural herbs and flavours to try are rosemary, basil, chilli or sage.

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