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Tiny Telegraph March 2016

 by tia on 01 Mar 2016 |
21 Comment(s)
In our March Newsletter Issue we gave you a sneak peak into what we did on pancake day and how we celebrated it at Tiny Box with a little humour. We asked for some help from you, our customers, and also some new products coming soon to keep your eye on!

Tiny Box News

Pancake day fun at Tiny Box. We put together a little video that we shared with our Facebook followers on pancake day. We hope you'll enjoy it. If you don't already follow us on Facebook then browse for us @tinyboxcompany and like our page to keep up to date.

What do you need? - Photography
We love keeping in touch with you to get to know you and your company. When we think about bringing in new stock lines our best recommendations and ideas come from you.
We are looking at expanding our photography box range. We would love to hear from you the most requested sizes, colours or styles from your customers, whether you are in the wedding industry and need deeper boxes for albums or books, or whether you sell high end prints one at a time. Please do either comment on this blog with your ideas, facebook us @tinyboxcompany or email me on tia@tinyboxcompany.com. We can't wait to hear your ideas!


Upcoming Products!
Exciting news, we have some new products joining our stock range this month. We have bought in some new pop -up flat packed boxes in larger sizes. These are a great cost effective option other than our rigid larger boxes. We have bought them in three sizes in white and Kraft. They are due into us in around 6-8 weeks so watch this space!

Sizes confirmed:
250 x 175 x 30mm
310 x 215 x 42mm
380 x 240 x 50mm



Sarah Vivienne - Comment
Sarah Vivienne01 Mar 2016Reply
It's great to hear that you're thinking about expanding your photography range :) I would love to have a box big enough to hold a full set of 6x4" wedding prints. At the moment I'm using multiple boxes (6 or 7 sometimes!) for this but would prefer to put them all in just one or two.
tia - Comment
tia01 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Sarah, Thank you for your feedback. This is a great idea and we will take this on board when we bring in the new sizes. Thank you!
jennifer baker - Comment
jennifer baker01 Mar 2016Reply
Just want to take the time to say that your pancake video was a brilliant marketing idea, I feel like I know your premises now and who I am talking to when I call up!! Weel done to the brains behind that little insite into the life at Tiny Box

tia - Comment
tia01 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Jennifer, that's great to hear! Thank you :)
roz vidler - Comment
roz vidler01 Mar 2016Reply
307mm x 254 in a deeper depth please, like 30-35mm, in Kraft brown so I can package up these photo frames securely and safely:- https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/267753666/oban-argyll-bute-scottish-wall-art-stag?ref=shop_home_active_3

Pretty please! :-)
tia - Comment
tia01 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Roz, Thank you for your feedback. It is great to hear your ideas. We will take this on board when bringing in the new size. Thanks so much!
Lisa Smith - Comment
Lisa Smith01 Mar 2016Reply
I tried to place an order with you online. But your form insisted on a mobile phone number, I do not have a mobile phone, as I always use a land line for my business. So I was unable to order from you. So as I cannot order online. Box sizes do not matter.
Sorry I cannot do business with you unless your online order form changes.
tia - Comment
tia01 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Lisa,
When you checkout online and it requests the mobile field, you can simply enter your landline number and it will accept this. We will then use this as your contact number should we need to contact you. Many thanks!
Emma Jones - Comment
Emma Jones01 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Tiny Box Company,

I’m so glad you are expanding your range for photography! I am a photographer and I struggle no end finding nice boxes for my prints.

I do boudoir photography so put from 3 to 30 loose prints in boxes and these are simply to be a presentable and usually temporary packaging for the prints. My clients may keep them in this box, frame them or put them in their own albums, usually the latter 2.

The boxes I require need to not only fit the print size but be pleasant to look at with no scratches on (which seems to be a problem with a lot of boxes, especially black or metallic) and be cost effective.

Many photography labs and companies offer boxes but in limited sizes and tend to focus more on 10x8” (5:4 ratio). Now 10x8 is a lovely size for traditional portrait photography and indeed needed but we stopped using film of this size a long time ago and the majority of photographers cameras output a 2:3 ratio, yet somehow we seem to suffer a shortage of products for this commonplace ratio.

Unfortunately I cannot use products based around a 5:4 as I’d lose either feet or heads of my clients and have tons of extra space at the sides which I don’t want.

So I’d really love to see a range of boxes that were 6x4, 9x6, 12x8 and so on…

I particularly like your white boxes with black insides and have been keeping my eye on some absolutely stunning boxes in a silver pearl finish by another UK box supplier (wrong sizes though) which would be very popular in my line of work.

I’d me more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have regarding what I’ve mentioned as we are in desperate NEED good boxes!

Kind Regards

Emma J
tia - Comment
tia01 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Emma, Thank you for your feedback. This is all great and will help us a lot when bringing in the new size. We will keep this in mind. Thanks so much :)
Jeanette - Comment
Jeanette03 Mar 2016Reply
I'd love grey jewellery boxes!
Henrietta WIlliams - Comment
Henrietta WIlliams04 Mar 2016Reply
The majority of my prints are 10 x 12 But I would love to see an A3 box for larger prints and posters. Much nicer than rolling.
tia - Comment
tia04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Henrietta, Thank you for your feedback, have you seen the A3 boxes we stock currently? See link: http://www.tinyboxcompany.co.uk/Listing/search?keywords=a3&searchType=2&sortItem=7&sortDirection=0
maria bateson - Comment
maria bateson04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi TBC! I would love a range of boxes that fit the royal mail cheaper postal prices, some boxes mean the difference of a couple of pounds postage.
tia - Comment
tia04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Maria, Have you seen our Royal Mail Friendly section? See link here: http://www.tinyboxcompany.co.uk/c/4537703/1/royal-mail-large-letter-friendly-gift-boxes.html
Pauline - Comment
Pauline04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi! The Royal Mail Large Letter Earrings Boxes you have are pretty expensive compared to the KR4 Kraft Boxes at 36p.
Could you not make the KR4 Kraft Boxes a few mm thinner?
tia - Comment
tia04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Pauline, Thank you for your message! This could be an idea we bring in the future, thank you so much for your feedback.
Ulla C - Comment
Ulla C04 Mar 2016Reply
Great news I have been waiting for a larger and deeper pop-up boxes for my knitwear! I hope they are in stock SOON! Flat pop-up boxes are so easy to take with me to the fairs and customers love to have items gift boxed! I keep telling everybody that Tiny Box Company is good place to buy gift boxes!
tia - Comment
tia04 Mar 2016Reply
They are due in to us in around 6 weeks. I'm glad to hear you are happy!
Hilde  - Comment
Hilde 04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi. I haven't searched through your pages right now, though I have bought boxes from you before. But I am looking for like folder/Envelope like boxes, that I could but series of books inside, so the back of the pages are available to see. I you see what i mean. Is that in your sortiment right now, or can be?
tia - Comment
tia04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Hilde, I'm sorry I'm not too sure what you mean, do you have an image of something similar?
Lesley Ratomska - Comment
Lesley Ratomska04 Mar 2016Reply
An A4 and A5 Box with a see through or clear lid would be useful. It would be easy for retailers to display/stack and allow customers to view product. I can only currently order this as a custom order and min 1000 neither of which is feasible.
tia - Comment
tia04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Lesley, that's great. Thanks so much for your feedback :)
Louise hendry  - Comment
Louise hendry 04 Mar 2016Reply
I'd really like a charcoal grey box in a few different sizes the largest box that's quite small in depth that I fit my clients wedding photography books in and also the thin 10x8 I think they are and also the small match box size , also would you consider doing s small box specifically designed to hold a USB in ? Xx
tia - Comment
tia04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Louise, thank you for your message. We are bringing in a grey range this spring however we are only bringing them in smaller sizes for now to see how well they do. We may think about bringing in larger boxes in the future. We will certainly take your feedback based on the sizes you need. With regards to the USB boxes, we do have various boxes which are often used for USB's. See link here: http://www.tinyboxcompany.co.uk/Listing/search?keywords=earring&searchType=2&sortItem=7&sortDirection=0
hilde  - Comment
hilde 04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Tia. Regarding my question. Have you seen boxes for miniature books? where you can see the back where the title is, and pick a book out. that kind of box
tia - Comment
tia04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Hilde, it this just a rigid box with a clear back?
Duncan Knifton - Comment
Duncan Knifton04 Mar 2016Reply
Loving the photography boxes....just one thought. How about making one that has an area to set a USB stick in, as well as mounted 10x8 prints.
This would be ideal for my portrait sittings.
Also, USB boxes around 5x5 inch square, with a photo mount frame on the top, so we could slide in a portrait from the sitting. Making each box unique to each client

Duncan x
tia - Comment
tia04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Duncan, Thanks so much for your ideas. We will take these on board for our future ranges. Many thanks!
Clare Woolford - Comment
Clare Woolford04 Mar 2016Reply
This is a fabulous idea.
Ronald Andersom - Comment
Ronald Andersom04 Mar 2016Reply
Blue A5 boxes. Bought them before but no longer available.
tia - Comment
tia04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Ronald, thank you for your message. We decided to discontinue our navy blue boxes as they became unpopular. However we will take your feedback on board for future decisions. Many thanks!
Jo Smith - Comment
Jo Smith04 Mar 2016Reply
I'm with Emma J on the size ratio - 9*6 , 12*8. I currently use the black snap shut which hold 5-7 mounted prints, but I would like a deeper option to hold 10 or 15.

tia - Comment
tia04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Jo, Thank you for your message! Do you know what would be the ideal depth for you?
Rosemarie Teece - Comment
Rosemarie Teece04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi, I am a funeral celebrant and after each service I prepare an A5 keepsake copy of the service transcript for the chief mourner. I deliver these wrapped in tissue paper, tucked in your white A5 jewellery boxes (WPA5WH). Glad to see you have brought in a sighter thinner version which is even better! Just waiting to order some but need to add grey satin ribbon which I use to tie the service sheets together - you are out of stock at the moment. Will it be in soon? Suggestion for new range - the quality paper and card I use is a marble effect grey so a light/silver grey box would really enhance presentation. Rosemarie
tia - Comment
tia04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Rosemary, Thank you for your feedback! Could you please let me know which ribbon you are looking at which is out of stock because both our satin and sheer grey ribbons are currently in stock. With regards to the grey boxes, we are looking at bringing in a smaller grey range in the next few months, starting with jewellery sizes to see how popular they become. Should they have a high popularity we will start bringing them in our other standard sizes including the A5! :)
Melissa Tompkins - Comment
Melissa Tompkins04 Mar 2016Reply
I need very tiny boxes. A box company called 'tiny Box co" should gave very tiny boxes. I need 3 cm square boxes, 4 cm boxes, 5 cm boxes. I need 3.5cm boxes, all square. Can you carry some actual tiny boxes? How come you sibtvysexnetruc size boxes when you are a metric country? Please carry some actual 'tiny Boxes'! Thank you.
Melissa Tompkins
tia - Comment
tia04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Melissa, We do have some! Please see the links here to our smaller boxes:
I hope this helps! :)
Fiona Wyatt - Comment
Fiona Wyatt04 Mar 2016Reply
Square boxes please? (4"x4", 5"x5" and 8"x8" would be fantastic in white or dark grey).

Thanks very much!

tia - Comment
tia04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Fiona, Thank you for this. What sort of depth would you like to see on these sizes?
Fiona - Comment
Fiona04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Tia,

1/2inch; 1inch and 2inches would be great.

tia - Comment
tia04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Fiona, Thank you for your message. Are these dimensions for the depth of the box you would like? Could you let us know what the full dimensions (L x W X D) are of the boxes you would like to see. Thank you!
Carolyn Aish - Comment
Carolyn Aish04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Tia and Tiny Box, We love your boxes at KiwiKate. Revolutionised our gift wrapping. I miss the navy blue colour but grey sounds good too. We'd love a cardboard/heavy papery wallet that we could slip one pair of (folded) socks in to (about 24 cm long, 8 cm wide) Maybe concertina sides and a flap at the top to fold in like an envelope? It would save all the hours spent wrapping socks in tissue. I actually just guessed those measurements. Happy to send you a pair of socks to experiment with if you follow up on this idea ever :) Many thanks for asking! Carolyn Aish
tia - Comment
tia04 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Carolyn, It's great to hear you are loving our products. These are some great ideas, it may not come in on the photography side of things but we will certainly keep this for any future sizes we may want to bring in. Many thanks!
Caroline De Winter - Comment
Caroline De Winter07 Mar 2016Reply
I would love to have the A4 +photography box in a higher size (say 150mm). I sell baby books and it would be lovely for my clients to have a box where they can also store small keepsakes in.
tia - Comment
tia07 Mar 2016Reply
Hi Caroline, Thanks so much for the feedback. We will definitely take this on board. Many thanks :)

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