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14 Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

 by seo on 19 Feb 2016 |
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A gift should be from the heart and this means that they don’t always have to cost a lot of money. Some of the best gifts in life are completely free or cost very little; but a handmade present will cost you in time, consideration, creativity and perhaps a little bit of skill. If you can afford to spend a little bit of your time and energy on creating something completely unique for your loved one, why not try your hand at some cool and quirky craft ideas? With Valentine’s Day looming and the world going crazy for upcycling and recycling trends, this is your year to make something from scratch and show your wife / husband / boyfriend / girlfriend just how much you care. Here are 14 Valentine’s Day craft ideas to give you some inspiration on what to make…

1. A Memory Box
A memory box is one of the easiest gifts you can make and if your other half is a sentimental soul (one who saves ticket stubs to your first gigs together or train tickets for your first weekend getaway), this will be the perfect way to say “I love you”. Start your creation with one of our Luxury Snap Shut Boxes or Large Kraft Natural Box and decorate to your taste to make it unique and personal; embellish the lid with wooden letters to create ‘his and her’ initials, write a personal message with Scrabble pieces (available from Hobby Craft), paint it with a meaningful image / pattern or add a montage of photo cuttings to represent your best memories together. Don’t forget to place a few special memories inside for that extra sensitive touch.

2. “50 Reasons Why I Love You” Jar
If the gift of chocolate is getting a little old but your other half still can’t resist the delicious cocoa, why not create something utterly unique that combines charm, creativity and chocolate together? And we promise that just about anyone (romantic or otherwise) will find this gift to be extremely charming and you won’t believe how simple it is. Choose his / her favourite type of chocolate (something that is small and individually wrapped so you can fit 50 pieces in a jar), think of 50 reasons why you love your partner and print these out then stick them on each chocolate treat. Place inside the jar and decorate it with a label which reads “50 Reasons Why I Love You”.

3. Jigsaw Photo Frame
Have you ever wanted to tell someone that you love them to pieces? Well now you can with a homemade photo frame design made from pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. If you have an old jigsaw puzzle lying around somewhere in your attic / shed / garage then you already have 50% of the required materials. Next you will need a mache picture frame that’s ready for embellishing (available from Hobby Craft) and some PVA glue or a glue gun to stick the jigsaw pieces to the edges of the frame. Make sure you paint the pieces first to make them look totally awesome and add some small Scrabble letters or alphabet stickers to spell out a loving message – if your jigsaw gesture isn’t all too clear, perhaps “I love you to pieces…” would be fitting. And don’t forget to browse our range of Photography Boxes and Ribbon Products for the ultimate gift presentation.

4. Rainbow Heart Cookies
If your loved one is a self-confessed cookie monster, forget chocolate or flowers or beer or aftershave; go all out in the kitchen with this amazing rainbow cookie as shared by YouTube baking legend, Eugenie Kitchen.

It’s a time-consuming affair – buy hey, true love is worth all the time in the world, right? You will need to whip up some ordinary cookie batter and you will also need red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple food colouring.to create the rainbow layers. What follows is an awful lot of rolling, cutting, separating, refrigerating, layering, merging, slicing, dicing, measuring and even more rolling to complete your laborious project…..but the finished article is worth your efforts. Watch the video, set aside a good few hours, and don’t forget to shop our Clear Cello Bags or Coffee Bags for some pro packaging inspiration.

5. Junk Food Bouquet
Not everyone has a taste for the finer things in life; it could be that your other half prefers a pint of lager and a packet of crisps over a stuffy Michelin star meal. Or maybe he / she would prefer chowing down on a good old fashioned Yorkie Bar than an artisan chocolate slab from a posh chocolatier. If this is the case and junk food is the key to their heart, surprise them with their own personal bouquet of edibles. All you need is a bouquet gift box (or similar size gift box) serving as a base, fill it with some of our Natural Red Straw Raffia, then arrange the chocolate, sweets and crisps in a bouquet style display – just remember to finish off with some cellophane wrap and a pretty ribbon!

6. Beer Bottle Bouquet
If the way to his heart is through his liver (AKA via the pub), show him how much you care with a beer bottle bouquet. This idea is just as fantastic for her too if she’s a keen beer drinker! Make it extra special with artisan beers from around the world or just a collection of his favourites then arrange them in a bucket and decorate with some Raffia, Tissue Paper and Ribbon to make it look the part; if you want to go all out, watch this video on how to make the easiest tissue paper flowers to adorn your bouquet with…

7. Homemade Love Candle 
Scented candles are extremely sensual gifts, especially if they’re fragranced with smells that will put a bit of romance in the air. Some naturally erotic scents include vanilla, black liquorice, cinnamon, citrus, Lily of the Valley, sandalwood, almond, jasmine, lavender, rose, basil, black pepper, ginger and peppermint – so take your pick! For homemade candles, you will need wax flakes, natural colouring, your chosen scents and oils and a candle wick. Set in a jar or a mould and complete your candle gift with a Luxury Box.

8. Valentine’s Day Popcorn Balls   
These delicious popcorn balls are brilliant for three reasons; they’re super tasty and perfect for movie night, they are bright and colourful and will catch your recipient’s eye, and they’re a natural aphrodisiac according to some experts! Did you know that the smell of salty, buttery popcorn can increase male arousal by 10% (as seen in research conducted by Dr. Alan Hirsch of Chicago’s Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation)? So if you’re staying in to watch a cosy movie together, these could be the perfect movie time snacks.

Popped popcorn
Marshmallows (around 10 oz.)
1 cup M&Ms or Smarties
½ cup butter
A drop of vanilla essence
Red / pink food colouring

Melt the marshmallows and butter, add the food colouring and then mix all of the ingredients together in a large bowl. Coat your hands in butter or baking spray and roll the mixture into small balls. Let them cool and then wrap them up in Cello Food Bags or browse our complete Food Packaging Products section for packaging ideas.

9. Edible Love Letter 
Love letters are great and they’re so romantic; for sentimental lovebirds they make an ideal gesture of love and commitment. But what’s even better than a letter confessing your undying love for your girlfriend / boyfriend, is an edible version of your passionate prose. All you need to do is bake an oversized cookie in the size of an A5 piece of paper (or larger if A5 isn’t big enough to accommodate your words of admiration), ice it with white sugar icing and then write your message using an edible ink pen (we recommend Wilton pens, Colour Splash pens or Rainbow Dust pens).

10. Heart Shaped Teabags   
If you’ve ever heard the phrase “tea solves everything”, you’ll know that tea can help to mend all, even broken hearts. For tea drinkers, tea has been the one constant in everyone’s lives; through breakups, bad times, blaring rows, tea has always been there to comfort us. And if you’ve shared some bad times with your loved one, comforted them through life’s tribulations or worked through complications together, handmade teabags are truly fitting as a Valentine’s gift. They’re so simple to make and all you’ll need is some coffee filter paper, his/her favourite tea (or your own special blend), a needle and some thread. It couldn’t be easier and you can decorate the end of the tea bag string with a heart shaped love note.

11. Heart Shaped Chalkboard  
Relationships mean the coming together of two people who want to share their lives. And this means sharing everything, from thoughts and ideas to money and possessions, time and energy to problems and household chores, friends and family to events and commitments. But it’s not always easy to conduct this act of sharing seamlessly so sometimes a little notice board is in order to keep everyone on track. Never forget a great aunt’s 60th birthday bash or to pick up the dry cleaning again with this beautiful heart shaped chalkboard. All you need is some cardboard or wood (cut out into a heart shape), some chalkboard paint, some ribbon / string to hang the board, and some pieces of chalk to write on it with. This is a very sweet gift which also has a lot of practical value too.

12. Love Elbow Patch Sweater    
It helps that elbow patches came back into fashion recently but either way, this sweater gift is extremely thoughtful and a cute addition to anyone’s wardrobe. If your style-conscious beau loves a bit of vintage-inspired fashion, customise a knitted jumper or cardigan with some DIY love heart elbow pads. Elbow patches are very easy to make and can be hand-sewn to your chosen sweater if you don’t have a sewing machine. Just be sure to choose a darker shade of thread and use a simple blanket stitch to make them stand out with that rustic, handmade look. And don’t worry if you don’t have too much of a steady hand either – according to 2016 catwalks, the crafty and “Etsy” look is all the rage right now.

13. Custom Photo Puzzle    
Do you have a special photograph that you want to share with your Valentine? Perhaps it’s the first time you met, your first holiday together, or even your wedding day. Whatever it is, you can now create this special memory into a fun and adorable photo puzzle – it will give your recipient something exciting to do when they open it up and they will really appreciate the sentiment. Once they have completed the photo puzzle, you can even get it framed to put on display in your home. To make this photo puzzle, print your chosen image onto matte photo paper and select a jigsaw set that is a similar size (or smaller) than your photograph. Turn your photo upside down and the puzzle upside down and starting from one corner, start tracing each individual puzzle piece onto the back of the image. Once you’ve done the whole thing, you need to carefully cut the pieces and glue onto the corresponding puzzle pieces. Present the puzzle pieces in one of our Luxury Gift Boxes and watch as your partner pieces your gift together.

14. “You Light up My Life” Mason Jar  
The options are endless when it comes to crafting with mason jars and we just can’t get enough of this cute and romantic idea which transforms a boring old jar into atmospheric lighting. Perfect for creating a little bit of ambience and a very sweet gift for someone who appreciates nice lighting for the home. All you need to do is paint the jar (red or pink) with a cut-out heart stencil so that the light inside glows heart-shaped, fill the jar with White Constellation Series 50 LED String Lights, secure the lid (also painted) and add a ribbon for decoration. Finish off with a gift tag that says “You light up my life” and then let the romance commence…
Good luck with your DIY crafts this Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to browse our full range of Gift Boxes, Gift Bags and Finishing Touches for the ultimate V-day presentation. 


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