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22 of Our Favourite Eco Friendly Products

 by tom on 15 Apr 2016 |
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Here at Tiny Box Company, we’re proud to feature a selection of recycled and environmentally friendly gift wrapping and flat pack box products and we always try our best to reduce waste and pollution in any way we can. It’s important to do our bit as a business and we always encourage our clients and customers to do the same. If you’re interested in becoming more earth friendly at home or in the workplace, here are 22 of our favourite eco-friendly products to try.

1. Bambooee Reusable Bamboo Towel
This fantastic eco-friendly towel is from Paperlesskitchen.com and each towel can be used over 100 times! Designed to mimic an everyday paper towel, this earth friendly reusable cloth soaks up moisture and helps to keep surfaces clean. It even comes in a roll just like your ordinary paper towels do but instead of throwing them away after one use, you can clean and reuse time and time again. Not only are these Bambooee towels kind to the environment but they are also strong, durable and super absorbent too. You can even get them in bulk to save money.

2. Bottle Bright
Bottle Bright is the quickest, easiest and safest way of cleaning hard to reach areas in water bottles, coffee flasks and other drink containers designed for people on the go. Whether you’re going camping, mountain biking or you just have a long ride to work, there really is nothing worse than a stale tasting coffee or a drink that doesn’t taste as fresh as it can be. Bottle Bright dissolves in water to thoroughly clean all bottles / containers and in the process will remove any nasty smells or unwanted tastes lingering from old beverages. But the best thing about Bottle Bright is that with every purchase made, the company Clean Ethics will donate one Bottle Bright to people in developing nations.

3. Dump Truck by Green Toys  
This fantastic toy for children had to make our list of top eco-friendly products in 2016. Available from John Lewis or Amazon, this sustainably designed toy is made from 100% recycled plastic milk containers. Completely free of phthalates or BPA, this is the sort of toy that every parent can buy in complete confidence that it’s good and safe for the environment as well as our little ones. And the design excellence doesn’t stop there – this dumper truck by Green Toys is extremely considered – made without any metal axles or connecting points, it contains no small parts.

4. Leafware Disposable Bamboo Dinner Plates
Upgrade your partyware with the Leafware Bamboo Plates from Paperlesskitchen.com. These bamboo plates may not be as cheap and cheerful as your everyday paper plates and cups but they actually offer better value for money over time – and of course, they are much kinder to the environment! These disposable plates can be used time and time again so if you’re throwing multiple parties, they really are perfect. Not only do these stylish party plate sets look awesome but they are made from naturally fallen palm leaves, they are USDA Certified and fully biodegradable, 100% natural and renewable when disposed, and contain no chemicals, glues or binders.

5. The BYO Cup
There’s something wretchedly wrong with our coffee culture; every single year, we throw away over 2.5 billion disposable cups and by the time you’ve finished reading this article on our blog, you’ve probably disposed of one yourself. Reusable coffee cups are one of the easiest ways for everyone to do their bit for the world so we urge everyone to get their hands on a reusable coffee cup like the BYO Cup. The BYO is designed to mimic the style of an everyday paper cup so it gets top marks for style; plus it’s made of silicone so it’s 100% recyclable.

6. Envirocycle Compost Maker
The Envirocycle is the perfect gift for green fingered friends and family members. This rolling compost bin turns food rubbish into fertile soil and thanks to its super smart design, the composting process happens in just a few weeks. So before you know it, all those vegetable peelings that would have otherwise gone to waste are feeding back into the plant lifecycle.

7. Plantable Wrapping Paper  
Eden’s Paper is 100% plantable wrapping paper so instead of throwing away the paper after opening your birthday or Christmas gifts, you can now give back to the environment by planting your paper in your garden and watching it grow! The paper itself is recycled and recyclable and even the ink used to print on the paper is vegetable based so it’s all good. Choose from broccoli seed paper, onion seed paper, chilli seeds, carrots or tomatoes!

8. Flat Pack Gift Boxes  
If your gift recipient isn’t much of a whizz in the garden, why not opt for our simple and stylish Flat Pack Gift Boxes instead? Just like the convenience of flat pack furniture, you can get these 3D boxes delivered flat to your door. These gift boxes are 100% recycled and come in 2 pieces for easy assembly and because they come in a natural colour, they are perfect for creating that homemade / rustic look.

9. Eco Paper Packing Tape
It’s about time someone made an eco-friendly sticky tape! 3M tried their hand at this with their Scotch Tape which is made with around 75% recycled materials and Paper EcoLogo by Tesapack pitched in too with their 60% recycled packaging tape. But we don’t think those percentages are quite good enough. Finally, the Eco Paper Packing Tape from Greenstat.co.uk gives us guilt-free taping and guilt-free packing with a 50mm wide brown tape made from 10% recycled paper! Eco Paper Packing Tape is designed with a latex based adhesive so it’s completely biodegradable. The natural brown colour and chic matte finish also adds a very cool touch to presents.

10. Environmental Bamboo Toothbrush
These affordable toothbrushes look great in your bathroom, are not harmful to the environment and they won’t break the bank either! The best thing about these stylish toothbrushes is that when you are finished with them, you can chuck them on the open fire or add them to your compost bin. They are 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable – and both the bristles and handle are safe to burn.

11. ECOS Dishmate  
There are so many reasons to buy ECOS Dishmate instead of everyday washing up liquid – if you’re looking for a dish washing solution that’s tough on stains yet gentle on the planet, this is the ultimate solution. And before you think that it’s going to be overpriced like so many eco-friendly products out there, let us tell you that the ECOS Dishmate formula actually offers great value for money. This washing up formula is plant based but it’s tough enough to get rid of stains and germs all the same, and everything is made from replenish-able resources. Plus they never test on animals so it’s totally pet friendly too.

12. Vektra Vaccum Eco Kettle  
Tea lovers and coffee lovers will agree with us when we say that we boil the kettle many times a day just to keep the whole office topped up with hot beverages. But now we’ve found the perfect kettle-come-flask hybrid to keep boiled hot water hot for hours on end! This smart invention is a cross between a standard kettle and a hot water bottle, so every time you boil it, the water inside will remain hot enough to use for up to 4 whole hours. Perfect for a busy household or a busy office environment.

13. Safe Radio by Lexon  
The Safe Radio by Lexon Home Goods is crank powered so it uses no electricity or battery power whatsoever. It comes with an MP3 amplifier, a telescopic antenna, a dynamo powered crank at the side and it’s made with a bamboo front and biodegradable plastic. It’s friendly to the environment as it runs on green energy and the bamboo design makes it an ultra-stylish design for any home / office. Just prepared to wind it back up again when it runs out of steam!

14. Ethletic Sneakers
We’ll be the first to admit that eco-friendly clothing isn’t always stylish and the same goes for footwear and fashion trainers. But we’ve found the perfect fair trade shoe design from Ethletic Sneakers; inspired by some iconic brands such as Converse or Vans, these everyday trainers are ideal for sports or just teaming with casual attire. They are made from 100% organic cotton and have a tough rubber sole which is FSC certified too.

15. The Twig Pencil  
The Twig Pencil (available from Nigel’s Eco Store) is the perfect cheap gift for eco warriors. It may seem like a novelty gift but this handy pencil is made from 100% natural materials and is biodegradable too. An ideal stocking filler for Christmas or a party favour if you’re throwing an eco-friendly party for your friends.

16. Eco Lips  
Eco Lips Lip Balm from Ecolips.com is 100% organic so you can rest assured that your lip product is not coated with chemicals or pesticides. These luscious lip balms are made from organic ingredients only, making them better for you and better for the environment too. On the Ecolips.com website, you can also make your own lip balm flavours so you can have a custom product designed just for you. A great gift / favour idea!

17. Strawesome Glass Straws
No Bloody Mary or Long Island Iced Tea is quite complete without a straw. Long drinks just aren’t the same without them but now you don’t have to litter the earth with nasty and dangerous plastic – you can opt for a reusable glass straw from Strawesome instead. These green straws are made from extra tough glass so they won’t break easily and they are completely free from toxins or BPA. They are healthier for your teeth, come in various colours and sizes and are safe for kids to use too.

18. Buckwheat Pillow from Calming Breath
If you’re looking for a 100% natural pillow, the buckwheat pillow from Calmingbreath.com could be right up your street. It’s designed to be firm and supportive for your head and neck, and even comes with a lifetime guarantee. And because it’s made from 100% organic materials, it’s much better for you and it’s much better for Mother Nature. This incredible pillow will guarantee an amazing night’s sleep for front sleepers, back sleepers and side sleepers like.

19. Planet Flops Flip Flops
Don’t let your summer holiday flip flops pollute the planet. Synthetic rubber is a huge problem according to waste and sewage studies but because Planet Flops Flip Flops are made with natural rubber taken from the Brazilian Rubber Tree, they are 100% recyclable. The extraction of the natural rubber sap does not harm the trees in the making and on top of all this, the natural rubber is super comfy to touch.

20. Papermania Bow Maker  
The Papermania Bow Maker is a really simple tool which helps you make perfect bows (available from Amazon or high street craft stores). The reason why this product is eco-friendly is because it allows you to reuse unwanted ribbon or even scrap paper and magazine pages to create beautiful looking present toppers. If you’ve run out of gift bows, a traditional ribbon/paper bow could be the perfect alternative. It’s great for the environment and will make your gift wrapping look utterly unique.

21. Natural Raffia  
Our Natural Raffia comes all the way from Madagascar and is a very chic and stylish gift box / gift bag / gift basket filler. It’s got that homemade, rustic edge which is very much on trend right now and it’s also made from 100% natural vegetable fibres. Because of the natural production, it’s completely safe for the environment and you can guarantee that there are no added dyes or colouring.

22. Ocean Salt Face Scrub from LUSH
Did you know that the microbeads and the micro-plastics found in most face scrubs actually pollute the sea? These face washes promise to be gentle on your skin but they are not gentle to the planet – in fact, these mini microbeads are not biodegradable and they are often dangerously ingested by wildlife. Because they are so tiny in size, they are too small to be sifted out of sewage systems so they will continue to be a persistent problem of pollution unless we stop using these products. If you want to help save the planet, switch your face scrub for something natural instead. The Ocean Salt Face Scrub from LUSH Cosmetics uses natural salt taken from the ocean so it’s completely safe for the earth.

Looking for the perfect eco-friendly gift? Don’t forget to browse our eco-friendly recycled gift boxes online. 


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