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Gift Guide: 6 Christmas Gift Ideas On A Budget

 by tia on 24 Nov 2016 |
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Gift Guide: 6 Christmas Gift Ideas On A Budget  

(with packaging)



The season is nearly with us and for those who need a little gift inspiration for friends, neighbours or family,
we have put together 6 great gift ideas your friends and family will love. And what's better, it all on a budget!

1. Memory Frame

This is such a lovely sentimental gift for loved ones.
Simply buy a frame - you can buy second hand and paint it, spray it or decorate it. Then add pictures, quotes, memory tokens or anything that you and your loved one have enjoyed together.
It's a great gift as it shows you have put alot of thought and effort into creating a DIY gift.

We Used:
Wilko Frame £ 7.50
Photo's and Memories - FREE!
Ribbon - £4.39 per roll.


2. Home Baking

 A classic way to give gifts, all you need is some flour, butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate and a little love.
Whoever you choose to give this little gift to is sure to be happy to receive it. Tie with a ribbon and you can even add a personalised label telling the person how much they mean to you.
You can make many batches using the same ingredients and packaging.

We Used:
Recipe For Cookies
Ingredients approx. £5.50
Cello Bag - 0.18p
Ribbon - £5.21


3. Homemade Beauty Items

If you know anyone who loves taking care of their skin, then homemade organic skincare can be a great way to make an original gift on a budget.
Whether you want to make homemade candles, beauty scrub or bubble bath there are some great recipes for it.
Homemade candles
We Used:
Recipe for candles
Ingredients - approx £6.00
Boxes to fit candles - from 0.20p


Homemade bubble bath
We Used:
Recipe for bubble bath
Ingredients - approx £9.00
You can also add a little food colouring to make it a lovely frosty blue.
For the packaging you can get fillable baubles which are great for scrub or bubble bath - £3.99
Boxes to fit bauble size - From 0.33p
Ribbon - £6.31 per 50 metres.
These products will make multiple baubles for many gifts.


4. Personalised Hamper Box

Hampers are a perfect way to get lot's of little gifts into one big present. The beauty of hampers is you can completely personalise each hamper to the person you are giving it to.
Get creative! We have done a Christmas themed hamper, but if your family or friends has a particular interest you can tailor it to them.

We Used:
Fluffy Christmas Socks - £4.99
Candy Canes - 0.60p each
Malteasers tube - £1.00
Mini Prosseco - £3.00
Marshmellows - 0.90p
Cello Bag - 0.15p
Raffia Filler - £6.33 per 230g bag
(for this box we used approx £2 worth)
Hamper Box - £2.77
Ribbon - £3.30 per 50 metres
(for this box, we used about 1 metre)


5. Gadgets

Everyone loves a good gadget. Depending on your budget you can splash out a little more on headphones, hardrives or phone cases.
However we found a great little tool for the office or home. A USB mug warmer!
We Used:
Cookie Mug Warmer - £8.95
Box to fit USB warmer - 0.58p


6. Stationery

Stationery can be such a lovely gift. Whether its a diary, a calender or a sketch/note book, it gives the recipient a chance to plan for next year in style.
Add your own little message to the first page for a special touch.

We Used:
A4 Geometric Notebook - £4.95
Kraft A4 Bounded Notebook - £1.00
A4 Gift Box - From £2.18
Ribbon - £4.07 for 20 metres


We love these gifts and they will definitely be loved and very well received.

We hope you liked these ideas and it gives you some inspiration for your Christmas Gifts as well as providing you with some Christmas spirit!


If there is anything you would like to see featured in our blog, please do not hesitate to email tia@tinyboxcompany.com.

Written by Tia | Tiny Box Company



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