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Wednesday #wrapspiration - Christmas gift wrapping tips for Weird & Wonderful

 by tia on 23 Nov 2016 |
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Wednesday #wrapspiration for Weird & Wonderful

Christmas packaging and wrapping inspiration



Why not just have a little fun with your packaging!

This is a great one for your Christmas window display - or just to delight your loved ones, both with your Christmas wrapping prowess and the cute little animals bearing gifts. 

Eric (the moose) and Hazel (the polar bear) are doing a fine job presenting beautifully wrapped gifts, attached with festive back and white twine.

We've kept this scene simple with just a couple of Christmas trees. You can, of course, add fake snow, little baubles, jingle bells, festive sweets - whatever you like.

Next week’s Christmas packaging and wrapping 
#wrapspiration will be for Stationary...

We used:

  1. Black & White Twine
  2. Tiny White Gift Box
  3. Single Pearl Truffle Box
  4. Kraft Jewellery Box
  5. Small White Gloss Gift Box

If there is anything you would like to see featured in our blog, please do not hesitate to email tia@tinyboxcompany.com.

Written by Alice | Tiny Box Company


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