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Five Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

 by tia on 13 Dec 2016 |
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5 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas  

Why wrap with the same boring ideas, have a look at these ideas to help give your gifts with a little fun!

1. Fluffy Present

Use some fun fluffy pom poms to add a little colour under the tree.
Source: A Subtle Revelry

2. Humour

Why not add toys, props and create a funny scene. Great for kids.
Source: Growing Spaces

3. Lollipop

Take half your present and stick it on the outside to decorate. This technique can be used in so many ways.
Either use it as a clue to the bigger gift underneath or simply add it to decorate.
Source: Temple & Webster Journal

4. Christmas Lights

Get creative, all we did here was some cutting and colouring and you can get a brilliant effect.
Source: Country Living

5. Reindeer's Journey

We love this idea as it tells a story on the gift. You can use different stories and ideas to create the scene, but it can look so sweet.
Source: Kate's Creative Space


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Written by Tia | Tiny Box Company


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