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The Most Unorthodox Uses Of Our Boxes...

 by tia on 24 Jan 2017 |
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The Most Unorthodox Uses Of Our Boxes...

Over the last 10 years at Tiny Box, we have had some odd uses for our boxes. They are multi-purpose of course,
however, we couldn't have quite expected some of the requests we have had. We thought we would share them with you.


1. Magic!


"Once I had a wonderfully long conversation with a magician, he was friendly and very funny. He asked for several boxes for a magic trick.
He said if he told me the trick, he'd have to kill me. We had a good old laugh and I sold him the boxes!" 
- Tia | Sales/Marketing

2. Sex Toys

Sex toys

"We had an appointment with a couple once, I remember naively asking what they need packaging for, they confidently said 'Sex toys!'.
I remember trying not to laugh, however, completely admiring their open attitude"
- Rachel Watkyn | M.D

3. A Single Pork Pie

pork pie

"We got an email through a few months ago asking to find suitable packaging for a single pork pie. We thought it was brilliant, however, wondered
why there was only one! We managed to find something that worked."
- Rachel L | Sales

4. Teeny Tiny Knitted Hats For Angels

"A few years ago now I remember being in the sales office and answering the phone. I took a call from a really sweet lady. 
She made gorgeous little angels and knitted hats for them. I remember comparing them to the size of my thumb and realising how very teeny
they were. I was amazed something so small could be knitted. Obviously, we found a tiny box to suit!"
- Nicky | Sales

5. Babies hair & nail clippings


"I was once on a call to a lovely small business owner.
We chatted and I asked her what her new company venture was and what her boxes were for, she told me she ties and packages
a baby's first hair and nail clippings. I didn't even know there was an industry for that. You learn something new every day!
We chatted about babies and I sold her the gift boxes"
- Vicki | Sales

6. A Box For A Baby

"I was helping out in sales and took a call from a new customer. Their company provided accessories for new born baby boxes.
Straight away I thought of a baby hamper, however, later in the conversation she explained that it was a Finnish tradition
to put your 
new born baby in a box. She was looking for a box big enough for a 
new born.
I finally clocked on in the end what she meant, we had a giggle and carried on!"
- Rachel Watkyn M.D

7. Jewellery from parts of the deceased.

"This is one of the most memorable requests we've had. A few years ago, back in the early days, I met up with a potential customer for an
appointment. He started with telling me about his new business idea.
He had created jewellery made from parts of the deceased. Hair, teeth and finger/toe nails.
To be honest I didn't know quite how to respond but didn't want to insult him so
continued the meeting until the end in which I sold him the boxes and rushed off swiftly."
- Rachel Watkyn M.D

8. Cuddly Toys.

"We had a call from a company investor not too long ago. The company made teddy bears made from clothes of
passed loved ones. It was certainly a touching idea, but certainly one of our more unusual uses"
- Rachel Watkyn M.D

9. Breastmilk Rings.

"I took a call once, not too long ago from a businessman and his partner. They had created pearl rings made with breastmilk.
I was taken aback but after some explanation, the product seemed quite beautiful,
it's always amazing how people come up with such inventive, unusual ideas!" 
- Rachel L | Sales

10. The Travelling Flea Circus

"This is certainly a story we couldn't forget. I took a call once. I was asked upfront whether our company lived up to its name and whether we
had a box tiny enough for a travelling flea circus. Obviously, I asked again, saying "sorry" and asking them to repeat themselves.

I obliged and went through a list of boxes that could work. After 10 minutes of talking it turned out it was a friend calling and
having me on! Everyone in the office laughed for hours, I guess you can never ever be surprised!"
- Rachel Watkyn M.D


If there is anything else you would like to see on our blog, do not hesitate to contact me on tia@tinyboxcompany.com

Written by Tia | Tiny Box Company


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