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Women's Design & Trends | Gift Boxes For Women

 by tia on 16 Mar 2017 |
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Women's Design & Trends | Gift Boxes For Women

Our blog last week on men's design ideas got some really good feedback, so
this week we want to talk about women's designs and gift boxes.
Very often we get asked about different trends for men and women when it comes to gift boxes,
colour choices as well as printing and extras such as ribbon and tissue paper.
This blog is geared towards the female market and what's trending.

It's very important how your product comes across to your female audience as well as how eye-catching the box is on the shelf.
White and Neutrals such as beige and light greys have always been more common in women's packaging.
Whites & Metallics are used for luxury high-end products for women. The metallic finish can help draw the eye.
Avoid using dark colours such as dark greys, navy blues or blacks as this give the initial impression of a masculine product.

Keep It Unique
We often get asked whether one type of gift packaging design would work for both men and women.
In some cases, unisex packaging can work. However, try and keep it unique to your audience. Use colours and
a design you know will pull in your target buyers.

Be specific
Women are known to look into more detail when purchasing. They like to know more about the brand, 
the message and what exactly they are buying, how it will affect them and so on.
Take this opportunity to really explain why your brand is unique. Describe the product, the uses and the benefits.
Creating this as part of your design is likely to attract your female audience.

Learn about your audience.
This is one of the most important steps. Get to know your female market.
Without good audience research, you cannot properly know who your packaging is
targeting and what they like. The majority of women's products are kept with the family in mind. It is targeted
to point out discounts or sales, to be featured in homeware sections and so on.

Women like to view products in a sensory way. The touch, scent and look of a product will help to influence the purchase.
Women's packaging with different textures such as blind debossing, or matt/metallic combined can look great. 
Make the product look sleek and approachable with interesting branding or design.
Our print department sees various logos and branding designs every day and the blind debossing, as well as using
metallics have only become more and more popular, especially for women's products.

Sharing is Caring
Take a look at this great article on women's packaging for more insight.

If there is anything else you would like to see on our blog, do not hesitate to contact me on tia@tinyboxcompany.com

Written by Tia | Tiny Box Company



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