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Summer Holiday Fun with the kids!

 by alice on 04 Aug 2017 |
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Summer Holiday Fun with the Kids!

The summer holidays are finally here. Weeks of pure bliss. For the kids anyway! So how do you keep them entertained during the next few weeks? Below are a few ideas for getting out and about. Also, keep in mind our range of natural boxes, that would be ideal for keeping any trinkets found, items collected or to present as a gift
1. Home-made scavenger hunt
Get creative by making your own scavenger hunt game. Find some pictures of things found in the countryside. Ducks, Pheasants, Flowers, leaves. The list in endless. Get the kids to “tick” of each one as you walk around and stick bits of whatever they find to the paper.
- A great way to get them out and about, learning. There may even be a bit of competitiveness if you get involved too! Good luck!
Try our snapshut boxes for a great place to keep any items you find on your scavenger hunt.  

2. Build your own beehive
Encourage some wildlife into your garden by making an inviting place for bees to come and visit. If you lucky enough, you might even get some honey….!
- Cut (carefully) some equal lengths of bamboo and assemble inside a wooden frame. Adult supervision will be required.
- Find a quiet space to hang. On a shed, on a fence...
- Alternatively drill multiple holes of varying lengths into logs and stack on top of each other.
- Remember where they are when it comes to putting the fire on in winter!

3. Jam Jar lanterns
Create some funky candle holders from recycled jam jars for the garden. They look great at night time and you can enjoy them when the kids have gone off to bed!
- You can even decorate with glass safe paints from a DIY store.
- Empty all of the contents first!
- Always keep naked flames monitored and remember to blow them out before you go in!
Check out our candle boxes to turn your hand-made lanterns into a Luxury present. The kids can always decorate these with ribbon, tissue paper or glue and glitter! 

Also, keep in mind our range of natural boxes that would be ideal for keeping any trinkets found, items collected or to present as a gift.
Happy holidays!


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