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Choosing Packaging for your Product

 by hayley on 19 Oct 2017 |
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Choosing Packaging for your Product  
So you’ve been busy creating your product and you’re almost ready to start selling it but you’re not quite sure how to package it up. Maybe you’ve been selling your products for a long time but feel you need to focus on how your product is packaged to make it even better?

So why is packaging important?
The customer experience
When a customer buys a product from you, they are buying an experience. How do you feel opening a new product that you’ve purchased? From the anticipation of it arriving to opening it up, that whole experience before you actually see the product needs to be special too. By opening a well presented box with every detail considered, the experience is going to be very different from receiving the product in a plastic bag with no branding on it.
Think about how you would feel to receive your product and the feelings that you may experience as well as the ones you would want to be experiencing.
Love your product
If you love your product then show your customers you do! Treat your product’s packaging as if it were your product by giving it the same respect and love. If you show you love your product then that is going to come across to your customers. Packaging is a great way to demonstrate this.

Raise the value
Great packaging will increase the value of your product. The value of your product will no longer be just about your product but also about your brand and the experience. It’s important that your packaging is representative of your brand. Ideas of how to include your branding could be as follows:
  • Use your brand colour palette for tissue paper, ribbon and boxes
  • Logo labels on packaging
  • Boxes in the same colour as your logo
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