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29 Christening Gift Ideas

 by tom on 13 Aug 2015 |
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A christening ceremony holds much more importance to a family than just the religious significance in modern times.  These days for many parents and families, the Christening ceremony is a mark of new life and a ritual which celebrates bringing a new...

26 Great Gifts for Foodies

 by tom on 16 Jul 2015 |
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Food is the source of life. But for many of us, it’s also the source of conversation, culture, and inspiration. If you’re shopping for the perfect gift for a foodie, it must be said that you’re not tasked with the easiest of responsibilities. For a t...

7 Invitation Ideas For Parties Or Weddings

 by tia on 06 Jul 2015 |
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7 INVITATION IDEAS FOR PARTIES OR WEDDINGS   It is vital to have consistent packaging whether you are branding, re-lauching a product, having a summer party or your big day. We have put together some colours to complement our boxes to give you some i...

The Ultimate List of Wedding Gift Ideas

 by tom on 15 Jun 2015 |
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Wedding gifts are easy if the bride and groom provide a gifting list. But today, modern ceremonies don’t always follow tradition – and some of the more relaxed events don’t expect guests to come bearing presents. But most of us like to thank the bri...


 by tom on 13 May 2015 |
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Celebrating your 21st is a significant milestone in life; it’s a landmark birthday which marks one’s passage into true adulthood. Whilst turning 18 is a game-changer in many ways, becoming 21 has a whole new level of sophistication to it because it s...

17 Amazing Ideas for Easter Egg Decoration

 by tom on 01 Apr 2015 |
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Easter is just around the corner and if you’re curbing the chocolate and making decorative eggs instead, here are 17 totally A-MA-ZING egg decorating ideas! Fun to make with the kids and a great alternative to stuffing your face with chocolate, getti...

Top Twenty Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

 by tom on 12 Mar 2015 |
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Mother’s Day is looming and whether you’re spending the day with your mum or sending her something thoughtful in the post, it’s important to make your mother feel loved and special. One day a year, we get to tell our mums just how much we love them. ...

Gift Ideas and Packaging for Mother's Day.

 by tia on 03 Mar 2015 |
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Gift Ideas and Packaging for Mother's Day The day is approaching for that special lady in your life, so she deserves only the best and most importantly this needs to be packaged perfectly to impress. We have put together a few gift ideas as well as ...

27 Alternative Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

 by tom on 10 Feb 2015 |
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Is shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day present giving you a headache? Or perhaps you’ve not even had chance to give it thought and now you’re in an online shopping frenzy trying to get something delivered on time? Here at Tiny Box Company, we’ve...

DIY Gift Box Ideas - Great For Valentines Day

 by tia on 03 Feb 2015 |
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Valentines Day DIY Craft Ideas and Inspiration Valentines Day is approaching and we are thinking up all the little tips and tricks of Craft you can do to make your boxes stand out and personalised at little cost. Take a look at some of our ideas f...