Interview with Bennita Adair George

        Here at Tiny Box Company we love to learn about our customers and understand more about how their businesses were started and how they have developed. Today we are chatting to Bennita Adair George all...
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    Free Printing Plate Offer

    Have you thought about using branded boxes and gift bags? Printing on your packaging gives you the opportunity to brand your boxes and bags and really make them your own, adding personality to your boxes/bags with a...
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    Wedding Favour Gift Ideas

        Choosing your wedding favours is a difficult decision. You want to keep your favours personal and in keeping with your wedding theme, but also with your budget in mind. With wedding season now underway there...
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    Wedding Gift Box Inspiration

        Are you in a quandary about your wedding favour gift boxes? Or perhaps you are struggling to find the perfect box to give to your prospective bridesmaids. You’ve spent hours trawling through Pinterest and your...
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    Interview with Ethical Brands

        We love to hear about businesses with an ethical and eco-friendly focus, particularly those that are closely linked with our customers and the industries we work with. When we heard about a new ethical fashion...
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    Bridesmaid Boxes

      It's the long-anticipated question that every friend wants to hear from their newly engaged pal. It used to be a case of simply asking your friend whether they would be your bridesmaid but things have changed. Now, the bridesmaid...

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