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Here at Tiny Box Company you can choose from a huge selection of top quality, attractive and functional packages and packaging accessories. We are a go-to site for wholesale packaging for businesses and many individuals purchase our goods too, to stock up on gift wrapping for family and friends. It is our feeling that packaging accessories are just as important as the packaging itself, which is why we offer products such as our acetate satin ribbon in approx 50 metre rolls.

A flourish of colourful ribbon can make a real difference to a gift and you can certainly find colourful ribbon here. On this page you can buy approximately 50 metre rolls of acetate satin ribbon, which is an eco-friendly product, as it is actually made from wood pulp, rather than any manmade materials.  Colours available include everything from simple black and white to bright red, blue allure, purple, silver and ivory.
If you would like to gift wrap your packages and make them look extra special – whether they are for friends, loved ones or customers – this is the place to be. Order your quality, wood pulp acetate satin ribbon now and take advantage of our excellent prices.   

Due to the recycled content of the ribbon, we cannot guarantee a 100% match. 


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Acetate Satin ribbon in approx 50 metre rolls

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