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If you are in search of quality raffia ribbon then you have come to the right place. Here at Tiny Box Company you can choose from a range of natural raffia ribbon, made from straw from places such as Madagascar and Aspen. It is a great way to pack a gift or retail item, in order to create an impression of luxury and to show that care has been taken.

Your choice of raffia straw ribbon includes natural raffia from Madagascar, which is available in 230 gram bags; there is also natural wood filler from Aspen, available in 435 gram bags; and natural red straw raffia ribbon from Madagascar, which comes in 180 gram bags.

This natural fibre is attractive and useful, and a perfect choice to fill in space around a product or gift in bags and boxes. It is a great alternative to unattractive polystyrene or air-filled plastic pouches. Raffia has obvious aesthetic advantages over these alternatives, so it is well worth investing in if you want to give a truly thoughtful gift, or if you would like to sell your shop or business’s goods in gorgeous packaging.

Take a look at the varieties of raffia ribbon on this page and order yours today.

Raffia Ribbon

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Natural raffia - 230 gram bag
Natural straw raffia from Madagascar
Red raffia - 180 gram bag
Natural red straw raffia from Madagascar