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Due to customer demand for high end products we introduce our Deluxe Hinged Collection.

This range has a stunning padded appearance, and a suedel interior with beautiful grey padded inserts.

Use these for luxury jewellery or high end products to really show off your range.

Deluxe Hinged Collection

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White Deluxe Bracelet Box | Hinged Range
214 x 43 x 11mm. These boxes are ideal for...
White Deluxe Choker Box | Hinged Range
183 x 183 x 16mm. Ideal for statement necklaces...
White Deluxe Deep Bangle Box | Hinged Range
91 x 86 x 35mm. The perfect gift box for...
White Deluxe Ring Box | Hinged Range
45 x 45 x 29mm. These ring boxes are the...
White Deluxe Pendant Box | Hinged Range
83 x 80 x 14mm. The ideal solution for jewellery...

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