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Gift Boxes

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Gift boxes available for every purpose. At Tiny Box we offer a huge range of recycled gift boxes for all types of gifts and products for every occasion. These include boxes suitable for sending gifts through the post, for retail or your ecommerce store. From Kraft paper gift boxes in a variety of colours, great for craft fairs or home crafts to luxury gift boxes perfect for your more expensive high-end items. With no minimum order, we sell to the small company up to the largest company.

Our ranges include jewellery gift boxes, stationery boxes, ecommerce packaging boxes, photography boxes, flat-packed boxes and many more; suitable for clothing, accessories, sample products, cosmetic and beauty products, corporate products and home craft products to name just a few uses. If you cannot find the style of box you want then please ask us as we are adding to the range all the time and may well have boxes in stock to suit your needs. Alternatively, we can make boxes to suit your needs; our bespoke option is popular with larger businesses looking for their new style. Many of the boxes are made from recycled boxboard with the paper covering from sustainable forests.

Most items can be printed on - exceptions include the largest box as it is too large to go through our printers! But please do give us a call and ask for further details. Please note that all our box measurements are internal.

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Serving as a one-stop-shop for all of your gift packaging essentials, at Tiny Box Company we believe that we have everything you could ever need. Whether you’re an ecommerce business that requires postal boxes, labels, filler or tape, a retail business needing branded recycled luxury gift boxes and satin ribbon, or a small home business looking for affordable essentials to start your new venture, we have all you need to make your business stand out and your product pop.

With various styles and finishes to choose from, such as matt laminated gift boxes, the ever-popular matt Kraft boxes, flat-pack ecommerce boxes or hamper style magnetic boxes in trending colours, you can find everything you need in one place for all your gifts throughout the year.

Keep your eyes peeled for popular celebration gift ideas such as Christmas boxes, Easter hamper boxes and more.

A Gift Box is Not Just a Gift Box

We feel that what makes us special is being able to see a gift box as more than just a gift box.

Imagine this scenario: you are the customer. We’ve all been one many times before.

You search for a good few days to find the perfect gift for your sister. You find just the thing and you go online and order it ready for next day delivery. You spend a decent amount of your hard-earned money on the beautiful, luxury gift you have chosen especially for this occasion.

The following day you receive it in the post. It arrives in a brown padded envelope. You open it, without hesitation, to find the present exposed in the padded bag. You immediately think less of the item and you devalue the gift. You begin to wonder if it was worth buying from this company and debating if it was worth the money that you paid for it. You decide that it wasn't and you don't go back to buy anything else from that website. 

Now let’s move into a parallel universe where you bought this gift and the following day it arrives. You receive a beautiful white postal box, complete with a branded label, stamp, and personalised note. You open it excitedly to find a perfect white gift box tied beautifully with a luxurious satin ribbon and printed in gold foil. Opening the box, you find a pretty folded parcel of tissue paper secured with another branded label. You gently pull off the label and unravel the gift underneath. The experience has made you feel like you just have to take a picture, share it, tell you friends and get excited that your sister will be given the same exciting experience when she receives the gift. You feel as if you have bought a little bit of that brand, creating brand loyalty, and that your money has been spent well.

This is the first impression that you should aspire for your company's customers to have. You want a great experience for them and you want them to talk about how gorgeous their gift looked. Don’t devalue the product you worked so hard on by exposing it to a padded envelope. Here at Tiny Box Company, we can help you from concept right through to your customer's post box. If you have a product, we can help you find the right collection of gift boxes, accessories and postal boxes. Along with offering branding, printed labels and finishing touches to ensure your ecommerce and gift packaging reflects your brand and gives your customer that perfect first impression of your business to ensure they return to buy again.


Lacking Inspiration?

Are you experiencing writer's block, or as we call it in the packaging world, “packaging block”? We’ve all been there!

At Tiny Box Company HQ, we are always thinking up new ideas, video tips, blogs and lifestyle images to help fuel your imagination and bring your gift boxes to life.

If you have a small business or just started a new company, this is exciting but very scary to say the least. You have 50 million things to think about with packaging being one of them, alongside logos, business cards, branding and more. We get it, it’s certainly not easy, but we are here to help! Our team are always happy to discuss branding colours, printing, labels, logos and help give you suggestions and ideas to make the process easier.

Our social pages are consistently being updated with new on-trend designs and creations from our creative in-house team. We hope these not only show you how our products can be used but also what colours look great alongside them, the branding we love and the ribbon or tissue paper that we feel compliment each other.


Why Buy Gift Boxes Online?

Whilst we understand that some people like to hold their packaging before purchasing, with our extensive wholesale range of gift boxes, you simply wouldn’t have time to march around a store looking at all of these options. Therefore, we have simplified things for you by putting all of our products into categories suited for any application, product and style. Not only that, with our new size search guide (in the top left-hand corner of our website), you can very easily pop in your desired gift box size and your closest match options will appear giving you the simplest and quickest way to package your item.

Getting a feel for your packaging is very important. You need to decide if the paperweight, the feel and the size will hold your product well and give it that je-ne-sais-quoi. That is why here at Tiny Box Company, we offer a sample service* to help you make the right choice. (*See our t’s & c’s for details)


How We Decide which Gift Boxes will Work Best for You

We are continually looking for the newest and most on-trend ideas for our new gift box products.

We take note and listen to customer requests and try to meet your needs within the industry that you work in. We visit trade shows and keep in touch with interior design, fashion trends and much more.

At HQ, we have a product development team which get together to share ideas for packaging. This includes some of our customer-facing staff, helping us come up with the most relevant ideas and requests you have asked of us.


Eco-friendly Gift Boxes

We pride ourselves on being an award-winning, eco-friendly gift packaging company.

We work with suppliers that use FSC papers from certified forests, natural cotton materials to be used over and over and fully recycled boards. We have suppliers that provide products with low carbon footprints, using hydroelectric energy*.

Our satin-feel ribbons are made from wood pulp using hydro-electric energy, our magnetic gift boxes are 40-% recycled, our flat packed boxes are fully recyclable and Kraft gift box jewellery range being made of 90% recycled materials which are fully recyclable (even the cotton inserts! *), and that’s just to name a few!

So welcome in, make yourself at home and enjoy our extensive range of gift boxes and packaging!



*each supplier has its own way of working so not all eco solutions apply to one supplier, but all our suppliers are chosen based on their environmental ethics.

* the Kraft range is slowly being replaced with fully recyclable properties. Please ask first whether the colour chosen has moved over to being fully recyclable yet.

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