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Truffle Boxes

If you are searching for packaging for sweets and candy, you have come to the right place. Here at Tiny Box Company we sell suitable gift boxes for all kinds of things, including truffles. Here you can choose from a range of folding candy boxes, which are ideal for chocolate, fudge and any other little treats. They are great boxes to give friends and loved ones on special occasions; they are perfect for things like wedding favours and they work very well for shops selling quality confectionary. Please make sure you test all products first with any food items and make sure you use a food safe barrier with all of our packaging.

We sell truffle and candy boxes which can be easily transported and stored. They are simple yet elegant packaging options, and they are available here in differing sizes and shapes, and in different finishes. White card and brown kraft finishes are available, as well as pearlised finishes. You can choose boxes for four truffles, or the equivalent of other sweets, or cute packages for a single truffle. This is a great way to make a gift or a bought item even more special and much more memorable. Take a look at the folding candy boxes on this page, the superb prices at which you can buy them and feel free to place your order today.

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  1. White Single Truffle Tote
    40 x 40 x 30mm SKU: TRWH01
    £0.18 £0.15
  2. Kraft Single Truffle Tote
    40 x 40 x 30mm SKU: TRKR01
    £0.18 £0.15 As low as £0.11
  3. Flat Pack Kraft 4-piece truffle box
    70 x 70 x 32mm SKU: TRKR04
    £0.31 £0.26
  4. White 4 Piece Truffle Box
    70 x 70 x 32mm SKU: TRWH04
    £0.31 £0.26 As low as £0.19
  5. Pearl Truffle Box - One Truffle
    42 x 42 x 32mm SKU: TRPE01
    £0.76 £0.63 As low as £0.59
  6. Pearl Truffle Box - Two Truffles
    83 x 42 x 32mm SKU: TRPE02
    £1.02 £0.85 As low as £0.85
  7. Pearl Truffle Box - Five Truffles
    165 x 40 x 30mm SKU: TRPE05
    £1.14 £0.95 As low as £0.94
  8. White Large Plain Pillow Box (pack of 100)
    160 x 138 x 40mm SKU: FFWH03
    was £31.10 Special Price £20.16 £16.80
  9. White Flat Packed Plain Matchbox and Sleeve (pack of 100)
    119 x 60 x 35mm SKU: FFWH02
    £44.71 £37.26
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9 products found

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