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One Off White Large Matchbox Foam 129 x 129 x 5mm

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Add this white foam insert to our large matchbox packaging MTWHLA for extra protection and a luxury lift to your jewellery pieces or other products. Available in size 129 x 129 x 5 mm.

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Large white foam inserts make a perfect addition to our large matchboxes, lifting your jewellery and securing them in soft foam. The foam inserts will accentuate your jewellery boxes or gift boxes as they host many benefits. Available in white this will really complement the white large matchboxes and make your jewellery and accessories stand out on top of them. Please check our matchbox categories for other colours and sizes. Measuring in a size of 129 x 129 x 5mm they are suitable for larger jewellery pieces.

There are a range of products that can sit on top of the large white foam inserts. For example if you are a jewellery business they are perfect for accentuating and giving your jewellery a lift. Add the foam insert into your matchbox and present your necklaces or bangles on top of the foam. You can also cut a section out of the foam and pierce your earrings through them to secure in place. Our foam inserts come in great prices making it affordable for you to shop for any further items throughout our categories on the site. Unfortunately our foam inserts are not eco friendly, but they can be reused so they don't go to waste. Ways you can reuse our foam is cutting them down to fit inside other boxes, view our range of categories on our site to search for other products you may be interested in. You can also use them for arts and crafts with your children, simply cut them into your desired shape and use them as stamps. For further information about our foams check our product information section on the page to discover more. There are many other products that can be suitable for our foams, sort through our categories to discover a range of other boxes, then simply cut your foam down to size and insert inside to present your items in. If you are looking to complete the look of your gift box, simply speak with our print team to find out more about printing your brand or logo onto our boxes. To find out more information you can search this in our print categories page or at the top left hand corner of our website you will find our customer contact details. Further details on our foams, store in a cool dry place or you can store inside the match boxes so they are ready to be filled with your jewellery pieces.

To improve customer experience for future purchasers, we love for you to leave a review of our products. Simply write a review in the comments section below or you can contact us with your feedback. Search in our footer to find our contact details page and either email or call us with your feedback. If you are looking to order a large quantity of our foams, you can find out our stock levels on our product pages, are stock will vary due to popularity of our packaging items. If you have a query regarding your order or stock, simply call or email us to speak to a member of our sales team. We offer a Monday to Friday next day delivery service, but order before 1pm for guaranteed delivery times. Search through our categories and product pages to discover which products account for next day delivery.

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  • Available in white foam
  • 129 x 129 x 5mm
  • Suitable for our large matcbox MTWHLA
  • Can be cut down and reused


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