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Deluxe Hinged Collection

Due to customer demand for packaging that specifically complements high end products, we are thrilled to introduce our Deluxe Hinged Collection.

These super luxurious hinged jewellery boxes have a plush padded appearance and feature a soft suede interior. The padded inserts are all a gentle grey, one of the key colours for this year. These gift boxes make an instant impression and the expectation will be that there is something really special inside.

The Deluxe Hinged Range covers the complete collection of jewellery items to include pendant, choker, bangle, bracelet and ring boxes.

We are sorry but we cannot print on these hinged jewellery boxes.

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  1. Deluxe Hinged White Choker Gift Box
    183 x 183 x 17mm SKU: HCWH32
    £5.41 £4.51 As low as £3.65
  2. Deluxe Hinged White Bracelet Jewellery Gift Box
    214 x 44 x 12mm SKU: HBWH24
    £4.16 £3.47 As low as £3.02
  3. Deluxe Hinged White Bangle Jewellery Gift Box
    92 x 87 x 36mm SKU: HBWH54
    £4.86 £4.05 As low as £3.60
  4. Deluxe Hinged White Pendant Jewellery Gift Box
    82 x 80 x 13mm SKU: HPWH27
    £3.47 £2.89 As low as £2.84
  5. Deluxe Hinged White Ring Jewellery Gift Box
    45 x 45 x 22mm SKU: HRWH47
    £2.77 £2.31 As low as £2.15
Set Descending Direction

5 products found

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