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We, at Tiny Box Company believe that supporting small businesses is what helps bring beautiful and innovative products and services into the world. During the pandemic, we have seen the struggle and wanted to step in and help.

Welcome to Tiny Marketplace. Our makers are made up of ordinary people with extraordinary talents. 

Support small businesses from your sofa. Each item is designed, carved and made with love. Help them survive and thrive through a time of great need.

Not only that, we’re donating 10% of net profits from Tiny Marketplace to help startups grow and small businesses bounce back from the Corona pandemic. Get browsing!

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During the COVID pandemic, Tiny Box Company wanted to reach out to individual sellers and help in a way that we could, hence why Tiny Marketplace was born! Essentially a place for small businesses to showcase their talents and sell their goods with the support of our marketing team. From the net profit made from Tiny Marketplace, 10% is pumped back into helping startups grow, and small businesses...