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Easter Gift Boxes

Easter. The time of bunnies, chocolate eggs and Easter gifts. And gifts mean the need for Easter gift boxes. Thankfully you can choose from a wide range of seasonal gift boxes here at Tiny Box Company. We try to provide you with everything you could need to package your Easter gifts, whether you are an individual wanting to give a special present, or a retailer wanting to package your products in attractive, suitable packaging.

Easter gift boxes are a great way to make your presents for family and friends more special. Just take a look at the various packages available on this page and choose the most suitable ones for the gifts you want to give, whether you are buying chocolate eggs, sweets or even something more special like jewellery.

If you are a retailer selling Easter gifts then it is even more important to offer your customers a choice of appropriate packaging. The Easter packaging options available here at Tiny Box Company are ideal for this time of year, so peruse the products on this page and feel free to place your order online today. 

Easter Gift Boxes and Gift Bags

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Small / medium kraft bright blue jewellery box / recycled kraft blue gift box 77 x 52 x 25mm (KCBB6)
End Of Line | Light blue pendant / earring...
You Save 60.00%
Cream Thin Earring Box 75 x 55 x 17mm (WPEA2IV)
Luxury Cream Ivory Earring Box, Removable...
You Save 39.13%
Cream Earring box 75 x 55 x 25mm (WPEAIV)
Luxury Cream Earring Box, Removable foam...
You Save 40.28%
Cream square luxury choker / necklace box 160x160x40mm (MMSQI16)
End Of Line | Luxury Square Choker Gift Box....
You Save 59.89%
Deeper square kraft recycled bright blue gift box 89 x 89 x 38 mm (KCBB20)
End Of Line | Bright Blue Square Bangle box,...
You Save 60.66%
Cream Bangle box 100mm x 100mm x 17mm
(WPBA2IV) Luxury Thin Cream Bangle, Removable...
You Save 39.77%
Luxury Cream Ring box  52 x 52 x 40mm (WPRIIV)
Luxury Cream Ring Box. Ring insert included,...
You Save 40.28%
Cream Bangle box 93mm x 93mm x 25mm with Black Foam (WPBAIV)
Luxury Cream Bangle Box, Removable foam insert...
You Save 40.00%
Cream Deep Bangle box 93mm x 93mm x 45mm (WPBAIV45)
Luxury Deep Cream Bangle Box, Removable foam...
You Save 40.00%
Large kraft bright blue multi purpose gift box 178 x 128 x 32 mm (KCBB80)
End Of Line | Bright Blue gift box. Great...
You Save 59.79%
Cream A5 box 230 mm x 165 mm x 50mm (WPA51IV)
End Of Line | Luxury Cream A5 Presentation...
You Save 59.80%
Cream Luxury Thin A6 Gift Box (JUA62IV)
End Of Line | 165 x 116 x 17mm. These boxes...
You Save 59.87%
Cream A6 box 165 mm x 116 mm x 35mm   (WPA6IV)
End Of Line | Luxury Cream A6 Presentation...
You Save 59.62%
Cream A6 Box 165 x 116 x 50mm (WPA61IV)
End Of Line | Luxury Cream A6 Presentation...
You Save 59.88%
Large Turquoise Organza Pouch With Ribbon Drawstring 120 x 90mm (OGBBLA)
Large Turquoise Organza Pouch 120 x 90mm