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Postal Boxes

Our delivery boxes are available in kraft brown, black and white. Our kraft brown range includes two piece rigid boxes - perfect for efficient protection for your beautiful products and for a more gifty feel. We also do stock Kraft mailing boxes in a flat packed style which are great if you are low on space as they fold flat and still offer brilliant protection. Our Kraft mailers are brilliant if you need strong protection for your items.

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  1. Brand me
    White Flat Packed Micro Corrugated Mug Gift Box
    FCWHMU 112 x 112 x 112mm
    £1.03 £0.86
  2. Brand me
    Kraft Flat Packed Micro Corrugated Mug Gift Box
    FCKRMU 112 x 112 x 112mm
    £1.03 £0.86
  3. Brand me
    Earring Holder Kraft Mailer
    EMKR65 65 x 65 x 12mm
    £0.20 £0.17
  4. Brand me
    Earring Holder White Mailer
    EMWH65 65 x 65 x 12mm
    £0.20 £0.17
  5. Brand meNo Insert
    White Rigid 2 Piece Postal Box / Gift Box 105mm length
    RMWH01 105 x 70 x 40mm
    £1.73 £1.44
  6. Brand meNo Insert
    Black Rigid 2 Piece Postal Box / Gift Box 105mm length
    RMBL01 105 x 70 x 40mm
    £1.73 £1.44
  7. Brand meNo Insert
    Digital Lavender Rigid 2 Piece Postal Box / Gift Box 105mm length
    RMLV01 105 x 70 x 40mm
    £1.73 £1.44
  8. Brand meNo Insert
    White Rigid 2 Piece Postal Box / Gift Box 120mm length
    RMWH02 120 x 80 x 45mm
    £1.84 £1.53
  9. Brand meNo Insert
    Black Rigid 2 Piece Postal Box / Gift Box 120mm length
    RMBL02 120 x 80 x 45mm
    £1.84 £1.53
  10. Brand meNo Insert
    Digital Lavender Rigid 2 Piece Postal Box / Gift Box 120mm length
    RMLV02 120 x 80 x 45mm
    £1.84 £1.53

112 products

44 of 112 results

per page
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Don't just settle for the interior looking great. We can also print onto our 2 piece rigid mailing boxes which means you can have your brand name printed on to the mailer for the perfect first impression - perfect for subscription boxes. We also have a black and a white mailing range. These are pizza box style so brilliantly stylish as well as offering a clean finish and great protection whilst posting your precious items. Simply tuck the tabs into the sides of the box to secure and protect your products inside. For added protection simply secure some kraft tape

High Quality Delivery Boxes

Delivery boxes are so much more than just a means of delivering products to a customer. They are part of the products you deliver to your customers. A strong, durable, high-quality delivery box tells the recipient that you care about your customers and the quality of service they receive.

Sturdy delivery boxes also protect the products you are sending which can ensure repeat orders. As a market-leading packaging specialist, we understand and appreciate this, which is why our delivery boxes are built to be durable enough to withstand the strains of the shipping process, protecting your products and your brand.

We provide a huge range of kraft brown and white delivery boxes with sizes to suit all business types and products. Alongside our rigid 2-piece delivery boxes, we also offer flat-pack delivery boxes to help you save space when storing your packaging. Both are sturdy, strong and durable.

Our kraft boxes have a luxe matt paper finish which is soft to the touch and gives your delivery boxes a more gifty feel. We can also print your logo and branding to personalise your delivery boxes, helping you to stand out from your competitors and give the perfect first impression to your customers. We can do this for relatively short runs too, so if you are a small business or are just starting to offer delivery, we can accommodate your delivery box printing needs.

Ecommerce Delivery Boxes

Ecommerce delivery boxes need to be strong, durable, and high quality enough to impress customers, while being affordable and simple to use so your shipping process can be smooth and efficient. The experts at Tiny Box Company have perfected our range of ecommerce delivery boxes to give you the perfect combination of strength, beauty, affordability and ease-of-use.

We are the UK’s one-stop-shop for ecommerce delivery boxes and packaging accessories. We can provide everything you need to run an efficient delivery service regardless of the types of products you sell or the size of your business. We work with multinational companies and startups, household name brands and home craft businesses. Whether you are delivering clothes, food, jewellery, delicate items, bulky products or anything else, you’ll find everything you need at the Tiny Box Company!

Eco-friendly ecommerce delivery boxes

We are specialists in eco-friendly ecommerce delivery boxes and packaging. Your consumers have never been more concerned with the eco-friendliness of their suppliers and no other packaging company does more to improve the eco-credentials of ecommerce packaging than us. Our delivery boxes are 77% recycled by weight and we also offer ranges of recycled ribbon and packaging accessories. We strive to offer the best packaging and shipping solutions for eco-conscious brands.

No minimum order for mailing boxes

Unlike most other packaging companies, we have no minimum order for UK delivery of mailing boxes. We’re proud to support the growing UK ecommerce market and we understand that small businesses and startups may only need a few mailing boxes to begin with. If you are just starting out or trialling online retail for the first time, then you don’t have to buy hundreds of delivery boxes from us at a time. Simply buy as many as you need and we’re confident you will want to come back for more!

If you would like your branding printed on your delivery boxes, we do ask for a minimum run of just 50 boxes.

Delivery boxes for Etsy, eBay and Amazon sellers

We come highly recommended as suppliers of delivery boxes for sellers on Etsy, eBay and Amazon. With no minimum order on our beautiful kraft boxes, you can be certain your shipping needs will be met with an affordable, reliable solution from Tiny Box Company.

If you are just starting out as an Etsy seller, have just opened your eBay store or have recently started selling through Amazon, we understand that shipping can be confusing. Please feel free to contact our experts for advice.

Cardboard Boxes & Packaging Accessories

Our cardboard boxes are ideal for shipping, packaging or storage and we offer a full range of accessories to make sure you can get everything you need from one place, including glue dots, tape, raffia, pouches, gift bags and ribbon.

Choosing the right cardboard delivery boxes

Not sure which cardboard boxes you need? If you're unsure about how to pick the best cardboard boxes for your requirements, here are the main things to consider:

Size & Space

This seems obvious but you do need to make sure that your products will fit easily within your chosen cardboard boxes without too much spare room. Remember that the walls of the box will take up some space so it’s the size of the inside of the cardboard box which matters. Also, don’t forget to factor in the packaging as this can take up additional space.


Delivery boxes can take some abuse on their journey while they are being shipped! While customers do understand that sometimes boxes can be damaged during delivery, they usually point the finger at the seller as much as at the postman when their products arrive broken. Your cardboard boxes need to be resilient enough to protect your brand and ensure customer satisfaction.


Kraft delivery boxes can be used to make packages look more crafty, gifty, rustic or personalised. White delivery boxes can look clean, crisp and professional and often create the best contrast for branding to stand out. Black delivery boxes can look more luxurious. We have cardboard boxes in a range of colours.


We certainly hope you can sell enough that you quickly use up all of your packaging stock, but the reality is you’ll still need to store some of your delivery boxes while you take orders and process them. Flatpack delivery boxes can be a great idea for easy storage, but they can take longer to ship if you are processing a very high volume of orders.

Our team of packaging experts are waiting to answer your questions. Tell us about your products and shipping process and we’ll happily offer guidance around the best cardboard delivery boxes and packaging to suit your needs.

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