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Ring Boxes

Whether you are a jeweller or an individual needing ring boxes to present or sell beautiful rings in, you can find an extensive selection here in Tiny Box Company's collection of gift boxes. Our range of ring boxes should provide you with ample choice, whether you are looking for a box for a wedding or engagement ring, or a container for earrings or other small treasures. These boxes are simple and inexpensive, yet they still have the quality needed to house precious metals and sparkling stones.

The ring boxes available here are made from recycled boxboard, a quality cardboard with a smooth finish, available in numerous colours from elegant ivory to classic black. Each box is fitted with a black or white foam insert, which can be removed if you choose. These inserts have a niche in which rings can be fitted.

These quality boxes can also be personalised and customised, which might make a gift even more special, or which could be very useful for a jewellery shop to promote its brand. Slightly differing sizes are available in our ring boxes, so take a look at the sizes and colours available and order online for speedy delivery to your door.

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  1. Foam Insert
    White Ring Drawer Gift Box
    DRRIWH 50 x 50 x 38mm
    £1.08 £0.90
  2. Brand meFoam Insert
    Luxury Fondant Pink Ring Box
    RIFP40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.08 £0.90
  3. Brand meFoam Insert
    Luxury Apricot Crush Orange Ring Box
    RIAC40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.08 £0.90
  4. Brand meFoam Insert
    Luxury Forest Green Ring Box
    RIFG40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.08 £0.90
  5. Brand meFoam Insert
    Luxury Elemental Blue Ring Box
    RIEB40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.08 £0.90
  6. Brand meFoam Insert
    Luxury Radiant Red Ring Box
    RIRR40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.08 £0.90
  7. Brand meFoam Insert
    Luxury Lilac Ring Box
    RILI40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.08 £0.90
  8. Brand OnlineFoam InsertBestseller
    Luxury Grey Ring Box
    RIGR40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.08 £0.90
  9. Brand OnlineFoam InsertBestseller
    Luxury Kraft Natural Ring box
    RIKR40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.08 £0.90
  10. Brand OnlineFoam Insert
    White Swirl Recycled Ring Box
    RIWH31 40 x 40 x 31mm
    £0.82 £0.68
  11. Brand OnlineFoam Insert
    Black Embossed Recycled Ring Box
    RIBL31 40 x 40 x 31mm
    £0.82 £0.68
  12. Brand OnlineFoam Insert
    Kraft Recycled Ring Box
    RIKR31 40 x 40 x 31mm
    £0.82 £0.68
  13. Brand OnlineFoam Insert
    Aqua Recycled Ring Box
    RIAQ31 40 x 40 x 31mm
    £0.82 £0.68
  14. Brand meFoam Insert
    Black & Turquoise Ring Shoulder Box
    SRBT40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.74 £1.45
  15. Brand meFoam Insert
    Black & Grey Ring Shoulder Box
    SRBG40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.74 £1.45
  16. Foam Insert
    Black Ring Drawer Gift Box
    DRRIBL 50 x 50 x 38mm
    £1.08 £0.90
  17. Brand OnlineFoam InsertBestseller
    Luxury Black Ring Box
    RIBL40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.08 £0.90
  18. Brand OnlineFoam InsertBestseller
    Luxury White Ring Box
    RIWH40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.08 £0.90

20 products

20 of 20 results

per page
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Ring boxes

At Tiny Box Company we create the perfect ring boxes for jewellery makers and small businesses. We offer a range of ring boxes that are suitable for businesses looking for wedding or engagement ring boxes or a smaller box to put earrings in or other smaller jewellery pieces in. Our boxes are a simple but cost effective choice for highlighting your ring and jewellery designs, and they are still a high quality to place more precious metals and stones in. Our ring boxes come in a range of materials, colours, designs and styles to best suit your brand. Whether your key style is for fashion or if you are looking for something more understated and want simplicity, we have a ring box for you. Choose from our variety of kraft, white, grey or black recycled ring boxes. Or if you are looking for a more luxury feel to your ring boxes choose from our two toned ring shoulder box, suitable for all types of ring and jewellery.

Custom Engagement Ring Box

If you are looking for something more bespoke to make your engagement ring box stand out and for your customer to fall in love we offer a bespoke service to create your ideal ring box for your customers.   Our custom branding options are in house and bespoke. If you are looking for a specific rings box with specific dimensions you can get this made bespoke to create your ideal box for your shop and customer. Our printing services range from digital print and foil printing on our ring box. These are both executed in house and can be printed with a glossy finish or others dependent on the style of printing you choose. Our printing services create beautiful custom boxes for your business. If you are looking for any additional add ons for your custom ring box, we also offer printed ribbon and labels that will give the completed look for your custom printed boxes. By purchasing our ring boxes, with the additional printing it will give your customer the full experience of shopping from your brand. If you need any assistance on the custom boxes printed you can contact our customer service to follow up on any enquiries. Our in house designer is able to assist with any logos and to help you with how your brand can look best on your chosen ring box.

No Minimum Order Quantities

There are no minimum order quantities when purchasing your ring boxes. We want our customers to be able to purchase one off boxes as well as buying in bulk. When choosing your box and items please look at the stock levels on the product pages to find out how many you can purchase, if you encounter a problem with stock levels  and need more information please contact our customer service teams to assist and talk you through your enquiry to find out more. If you are needing instant stock we offer a next day delivery service Monday to Friday when you order before 1pm.

Eco Friendly Ring Boxes

The ring boxes are made from recycled boxboard, a cardboard with a smooth finish. They are available in a range of colours from ivory to black. Each box is fitted with a black or white foam insert, which can be removed at your wish. All our inserts inserts have a cut out section in which rings can be slotted into. Sustainable fashion is becoming more highlighted in the world, enabling us when we shop to look out for products that contain eco friendly materials at an affordable price. Our aim is to make people think differently about what they purchase to promote their products in, this is why creating eco friendly packaging for your ring boxes allows your customer to also be part of experiencing the change in buying with a conscience for the planet.

Customer Loyalty

The search for a ring box suitable to your product, business and customer satisfaction can be challenging to find. This is why we have created products to enable your products to shine through. We want to create a lasting impression for your customer from start to finish. Starting by you creating the search to find the right packaging for your product, the purchasing of the packaging, the boxing up of your item whether that's with our additional branding services, to then your customer receiving your product in the post with our packaging supporting your treasured jewel. By creating this journey of packaging your customer will be left wanting to shop from business in the future.

Great Customer Service

We take pride in our customer services as we want to make your buying experience smooth and easy. If you ever have a question or need help with finding the right boxes for your business, we are always here for you. Start off by searching on our homepage for our box finder, you can enter the specific dimensions of your product to discover which would best suit. If you need help from there you can contact us on 01825 723 832 or you can email us at [email protected] - You can also discover us on our different social media channels, please feel free to join in on our conversations and stories on Instagram, we would love to get to know a bit more about you and your small business.

Supporting Small Businesses

Taking into account the creation and running of a small business can be difficult especially when you are looking for support but cannot discover the right services to guide. Whether this is looking for materials to package your products in or the continued search for generic advice for businesses. Tiny Box Company will continue to support our customer in creating the best quality gifts and make the whole process of purchasing packaging a simple yet effective choice. We pride ourselves to offer the best services across all our departments to support you throughout the process of purchasing packaging for your jewellery or other small businesses.

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