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Tube Boxes

Introducing our cardboard tube packaging, ideal for sending out clothes, artwork, sweets, cosmetics, and more with a durable finish, perfect for sending in the post. The cylinder tubes are available in four different sizes and two different colourways, black and kraft.
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  1. No Insert
    Small Digital Lavender Tube Box
    TULV01 40 x 100mm
    £1.63 £1.36
  2. No Insert
    Small Cedar Green Tube Box
    TUCG01 40 x 100mm
    £1.63 £1.36
  3. No Insert
    Small Deep Scarlet Tube Box
    TUDS01 40 x 100mm
    £1.63 £1.36
  4. No Insert
    Small Light Pink Tube Box
    TULP01 40 x 100mm
    £1.63 £1.36
  5. No Insert
    Tub Digital Lavender Tube Box
    TULV02 90 x 70mm
    £1.76 £1.47
  6. No Insert
    Tub Cedar Green Tube Box
    TUCG02 90 x 70mm
    £1.76 £1.47
  7. No Insert
    Tub Deep Scarlet Tube Box
    TUDS02 90 x 70mm
    £1.76 £1.47
  8. No Insert
    Tub Light Pink Tube Box
    TULP02 90 x 70mm
    £1.76 £1.47
  9. No Insert
    Medium Digital Lavender Tube Box
    TULV03 75 x 155mm
    £1.88 £1.57
  10. No Insert
    Medium Cedar Green Tube Box
    TUCG03 75 x 155mm
    £1.88 £1.57
  11. No Insert
    Medium Deep Scarlet Tube Box
    TUDS03 75 x 155mm
    £1.88 £1.57
  12. No Insert
    Medium Light Pink Tube Box
    TULP03 75 x 155mm
    £1.88 £1.57
  13. No Insert
    Medium Black Tube Gift Box
    TUBL03 75 x 155mm
    £1.88 £1.57
  14. No Insert
    Tall Digital Lavender Tube Box
    TULV04 95 x 95 x 320mm
    £2.10 £1.75
  15. No Insert
    Tall Cedar Green Tube Box
    TUCG04 95 x 95 x 320mm
    £2.10 £1.75
  16. No Insert
    Tall Deep Scarlet Tube Box
    TUDS04 95 x 95 x 320mm
    £2.10 £1.75
  17. No Insert
    Tall Light Pink Tube Box
    TULP04 95 x 95 x 320mm
    £2.10 £1.75
  18. No Insert
    Tall Black Tube Gift Box
    TUBL04 95 x 95 x 320mm
    £2.10 £1.75
  19. No Insert
    Tall White Tube Gift Box
    TUWH04 95 x 95 x 320mm
    £2.10 £1.75
  20. No Insert
    Black Tub Style Tube Gift Box
    TUBL09 60 x 80mm
    £1.76 £1.47
  21. No Insert
    Small Kraft Tube Gift Box
    TUKR01 40 x 100mm
    From £1.44£1.20
    £1.63 £1.36
  22. No Insert
    Small White Tube Gift Box
    TUWH01 40 x 100mm
    From £1.44£1.20
    £1.63 £1.36
  23. No Insert
    Tub Style Kraft Tube Gift Box
    TUKR02 90 x 70mm
    From £1.56£1.30
    £1.76 £1.47
  24. No Insert
    Tub Style Black Tube Gift Box
    TUBL02 90 x 70mm
    From £1.56£1.30
    £1.76 £1.47
  25. No Insert
    Tub Style White Tube Gift Box
    TUWH02 90 x 70mm
    From £1.56£1.30
    £1.76 £1.47
  26. No Insert
    Medium Kraft Tube Gift Box
    TUKR03 75 x 155mm
    £1.88 £1.57
  27. No Insert
    Medium White Tube Gift Box
    TUWH03 75 x 155mm
    £1.88 £1.57
  28. No Insert
    Tall Kraft Tube Gift Box
    TUKR04 95 x 95 x 320mm
    £2.10 £1.75
  29. No Insert
    White Tub Style Tube Gift Box
    TUWH09 86 x 86 x 76mm
    £1.76 £1.47

30 products

30 of 30 results

per page
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Tube boxes

The new member of the Tiny Box Company family is our tube boxes made from eco friendly cardboard tube packaging which is recyclable. Our new tube packaging is an alternative solution away from presenting your products in the standard box. Cardboard tube boxes are the finishing touches to many small business products or deliveries but people are mainly used to seeing 6 sides. We want to offer something out of the ordinary, and a rolling tube box is the perfect packaging for anybody looking for something a bit different.

Cardboard Tubes

Have you ever had cardboard postal tubes through your letterbox? It is not as common but they can be highly effective. There are many boxes to choose from to put your products in but rarely any tubes. How many products do you buy that are circular but you receive them in square cardboard boxes? To maximise storage space, tube packaging is ideal for any cylinder packaging and products. Our cardboard tubes vary from sizes and colours. The colours of our postal tubes come in either black or brown kraft. The sizes of the postal tubes range from: small cardboard tubes, tub tube packaging, medium tube gift boxes or tall tube gift box. You can find in the description the ideal products to put in all of these products but please be sure to measure your products before purchasing the postal tubes in order to receive the correct product.

Cardboard Tube Packaging

Cardboard postal tubes are the perfect design for any style of cylinder tubes, or product that can be folded into a tube. Our small cardboard tubes with a lid are great for storing USB's, lipsticks, serums or pencils, check the diameters of your product before purchasing. The tub cardboard tubes with a lid are great for cylinder cosmetics, watches or bangles, be sure to check the dimensions of your product before purchasing the boxes. The medium cardboard tubes with a lid are ideal for stationery, makeup products, rolled up socks or underwear, be sure to check the diameters of your products before purchasing. The tall cardboard tubes with a lid can be used for storing clothes such as t shirts, or other clothes materials, they can also be used for storing print and posters, check the dimensions of your products before purchasing the cardboard tubes.

Paper Tube Packaging

The round tubes are made from recyclable cardboard material. We take pride in offering eco-friendly tubes and packaging to our customer base. The world needs an assisted hand and we all play a key part to shape our future and the world's future. By making eco conscious decisions when shopping and purchasing cardboard material for your products, you are doing your part in helping the world to become more sustainably aware. If you are unsure of our eco credentials on each product they are labelled clearly on each product page on our website. The design of our kraft and black packaging tubes are the perfect eco-friendly storage idea to secure your products or prints in. The cylinder tubes make it an ideal product for rolling up your posters and prints to secure them in place for your customers. If you need assistance on picking the right cardboard postal tubes for your product, you can use our box finder search tool on our homepage. Simply add in the diameter and length of your product to the diameter descriptions and our search tool will find the best fitted box for your product. Not found what you were looking for? You can call or email our customer service team and they will be able to assist your query further in order to get the right boxes for your product.

Branded Gift Boxes

Are you looking to enhance your tube boxes with your brand? We offer a range of branding services to achieve your desired looks. Our in house branding services offer a range of printed stickers with your brand or logo on. These can be used to dress up your cardboard tube box and add that personalised touch. If you are looking for further custom printed options, we also offer printed ribbon to enhance your packaging. A ribbon can make your cardboard tube packaging turn from a simple box to an enhanced design focused box. The final touches to your packaging can leave that lasting impression on your customers. A simple piece of artwork added to a label or a ribbon will let your customers know your brand from the start before they've even delved into the product. Our in-house designer is able to assist with your artwork to make your brand be the talking point of your packaging. Or if you are looking for complete bespoke packaging, get in contact with us to find out more about what we can create for you.

No Minimum Order Quantity

There is no minimum order quantity when purchasing our tube boxes. Whether you are looking to order our cardboard tubes as a one off purchase or whether you are looking to order in large quantities, we can cater for all your purchasing needs. The larger quantity you purchase, the cost per cardboard tube box decreases, making it easy for you to buy our tube boxes at an affordable rate in bulk. Making it easy for our customers to purchase our tube box in a matter of days, we offer a next day delivery service when you purchase before 1pm Monday to Friday. Make sure to check our stock levels before purchasing in order for you to purchase the correct quantity for your business. If you need any further assistance with your tube box purchase, we are always here to help where needed. Contact us Monday to Friday on 01825 723 832 or you can contact us through our email address at [email protected] - You can also find us on our different social media channels, please feel free to join in on our conversations and stories on Instagram, we would love to get to know you and your business.

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