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growing biz Growing Businesses Ready to move to the next step? If your business is growing and you've done many happy dances, we're here to support you in how to evolve your packaging game.
Welcome to Growing Businesses! If you're here it means you really know your stuff, you've grown alongside us and are looking for support in the next step up from plain packaging to the divine world of sparkly branding. Below we explore with you some inspiration, some resources and most importantly how you can make that all important step to showing off the brand you've worked so hard on. Scroll on down...

How it works
5 easy steps to get packaging perfect
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  • 1. Choose your Gift Box / Gift BagUsing our box finder tool or simply having a browse through our categories, find the box/bag that takes your fancy and note down the SKU code.
  • 2. Get in touch!Drop us an email on [email protected] with your box choice, quantity, preferred print colour (if you know!), as well as any other details such as size or orientation. If you’re not quite sure, use our consultation service above to book in a chat where we can help work out the best route for you.

  • 3. Review3. We’ll provide you with a quote and mock-up to approve.
  • 4. Make paymentonce payment is made you get popped on our print schedule in line to be branded. All our printing methods are done by hand, which we pride ourselves on high quality. Our lead time is typically around 7-10 working days.

  • 5. Tucked in, packed up and shipped!Your beautiful and unique packaging is shipped to you by courier ready to be filled with your products and impress your customers.



Packaging solutions for growing businesses


There comes a time in every business’s development that serious considerations must be made about packaging. If you are at this stage then it is definitely something to celebrate because it means you are on the right track and have achieved some very exciting and important milestones. At this point, you probably don’t need us to convince you of the benefits of progressing from standard, off-the-shelf packaging to beautifully branded and bespoke solutions. Just in case you need a reminder, here are some of the most important (and valuable) reasons to invest in upgraded packaging.


Take your branding to the next level


It is no secret that top brands worldwide invest heavily in their packaging to make sure it hits all the right notes with their customers, and there are plenty of very good reasons for this. Firstly, your packaging is the first thing your customers will engage with when they receive their products from you. By using branded packaging, you can ensure that your products will all have the right look and feel, which inspires trust and loyalty and makes your customers feel valued. The right branded packaging can dramatically improve the perception that your customers have of your company, helping you to generate repeat purchases and surpassing customers’ expectations. It can even give your brand a competitive edge because it shows that you care about what your customers want and that your brand values align with their values as buyers. Not only does branded packaging help you to capture your audience's attention, it also goes a long way to making your brand more recognisable.


Custom branded gift boxes


Every business - from startups to enterprises and entrepreneurs - will benefit from beautifully designed, high quality branded gift boxes. They are a brilliant way to cement the reputation of your brand and can be made with your choice of colours and finishes. Most importantly, aside from looking the part, they will ensure your products are perfectly protected and arrive with your customers in excellent condition.


Gorgeous gift bags


Gift bags are an iconic packaging choice that always looks luxurious! To make your logo even more memorable and give your customers a practical way to tote their new purchases, there is nothing better than a gorgeously designed gift bag. From eye catching and colourful prints to luxurious and polished foils, your custom gift bags can be ready to go in a matter of weeks from the date you order.


Custom ribbons, labels and accessories


As a growing business you don’t want to send your products out half dressed, so why not use custom ribbons, labels and accessories to add the finishing touches to your branded boxes and bags? Customise your choices in terms of ribbon width, colours, prints, foils and label styles to complete the look. If you are a small business or are looking to bridge the gap between generic and fully branded solutions, we can provide you with beautiful, bespoke stickers for your packaging.


Let us help you to grow


For more information on any of our high-quality, cost effective packaging and labelling solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have the skills and experience needed to help you get the most out of your packaging at any stage of your business’s development and we’d love to chat about your goals!