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Food Safe Bags

Here at Tiny Box Company you can find an enormous array of packaging for all kinds of gifts and treats. You can also choose from a selection of functional and attractive bags, which are ideal for all kinds of edible items. Take a look around this page and see which bags are suitable for you. A whole range of food bags are available here for your perusal, all of which are manufactured to the highest standards.

Our stock of food bags includes clear Cello Bags which are available in various sizes and are great for storing and conveying things like sweets, and many confectioners use these bags in their shops, or to sell goodies from their online businesses. Please make sure you test all products first with any food items and make sure you use a food safe barrier with all of our packaging.

We also stock some quality brown paper bags at Tiny Box Company. These packages are often known as coffee bags, and indeed if you sell coffee they are absolutely perfect. But of course they can be used for all kinds of other foodstuffs, such as sweets, chocolates and other delectable treats. Our bags are perfect as gift bags if you want to spoil someone with something delicious, and equally apt if you are a food retailer, wanting to package and sell your goods in bags that reflect the standards you believe in.

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  1. Small Wholesale White Coffee Bag Without Window
    108 x 208 x 58 SKU: COWHSM
    £0.10 £0.08
  2. Small Wholesale Kraft Brown Coffee Bag Without...
    108 x 208 x 58 SKU: COKRSM
    £0.10 £0.08 As low as £0.06
  3. Large Wholesale White Tin Tie Bag With Window
    120 x 240 x 65 SKU: TTWHLA
    £0.42 £0.35
  4. Large Wholesale Kraft Brown Tin Tie Bag With...
    120 x 240 x 65 SKU: TTKRLA
    £0.42 £0.35 As low as £0.28
  5. Small Wholesale White Tin Tie Coffee Bag With...
    85 x 200 x 60 SKU: TTWHSM
    £0.34 £0.28
  6. Small Wholesale Kraft Brown Tin Tie Coffee Bag...
    85 x 200 x 60 SKU: TTKRSM
    £0.34 £0.28 As low as £0.20
  7. Small Clear Cello Bag
    140 x 90 SKU: CECLSM
    £0.19 £0.16 As low as £0.12
  8. Large Clear Cello Bag
    196 x 78 SKU: CECLLA
    £0.23 £0.19 As low as £0.14
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