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Tissue Paper

Tissue paper has a whole host of possible uses and here at Tiny Box Company you can choose from a wide range of coloured, recycled tissue paper. Being acid-free, this paper is ecologically sound and environmentally friendly. It looks great, whether in a gift bag or used as part of an art or craft project. Here at Tiny Box Company we offer recycled tissue paper because we feel it is more important than ever to protect our environment, and we know that most of our customers feel the same way. We also know that our customers want quality products and we can help there too!

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  1. Bestseller
    Small Recycled White Tissue Paper - 240 sheets
    TPWHS2 510 x 380mm
    £9.86 £8.22
  2. Bestseller
    Pack of 10 Folded Sheets Small Recycled Black Tissue Paper
    BWTPBL10 510 x 380mm
    £1.98 £1.65
  3. Bestseller
    Large Recycled Natural Kraft Tissue Paper - approx 240 sheets
    TPKRL2 760 x 510mm
    £14.81 £12.34
  4. Bestseller
    Pack of 10 Folded Sheets Small Recycled White Tissue Paper
    BWTPWH10 510 x 380mm
    £1.98 £1.65
  5. Bestseller
    Small Recycled Kraft Tissue Paper - 240 sheets
    TPKRS2 510 x 380mm
    £9.86 £8.22
  6. Bestseller
    Small Recycled Black Tissue Paper - 240 sheets
    TPBLS2 510 x 380mm
    £9.86 £8.22
  7. Bestseller
    Small Recycled Azure Blue Tissue Paper - 240 Sheets
    TPAZS2 510 x 380mm
    £9.86 £8.22
  8. Bestseller
    Small Recycled Cerise Pink Tissue Paper - 240 sheets
    TPCPS2 510 x 380mm
    £9.86 £8.22
  9. Bestseller
    Small Recycled Golden Tissue Paper - 240 Sheets
    TPGOS2 510 x 380mm
    £9.86 £8.22
  10. Bestseller
    Small Recycled Grey Tissue Paper - 240 sheets
    TPGRS2 510 x 380mm
    £9.86 £8.22