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Matchbox Collection

If you are searching for high quality packaging for smaller gifts then you have come to the right website. The right page in fact, as here at Tiny Box Company we can offer you a selection of fantastically attractive and useful matchbox style boxes. These small but perfectly formed packages are ideal for gifts such as small pieces of jewellery and other little trinkets, and you can purchase as many as you like for excellent prices right here. As well as being great value and incredibly useful, our matchbox style boxes are recyclable, making them a green choice too. The box itself is designed like a classic shallow matchbox, with the addition of a foam insert if you would like, to display the treasure inside. As you can see from the boxes on this page, you can choose your packages in a variety of colours, from kraft brown, black, white, blue and grey.

These quality matchbox style gift boxes are the perfect packages to contain gifts for your loved ones, or if you are a shop owner, they are ideal to gift wrap the goodies that you sell, showing your customers that your establishment is pure class. Either way, a matchbox style box is an excellent choice, so order yours today.

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  1. Brand OnlineFoam Insert
    Small Kraft Matchbox Style Box
    MTKRSM 70 x 70 x 15mm
    £1.37 £1.14
  2. Brand Online
    Small Black Matchbox Style Gift Box
    MTBLSM 70 x 70 x 15mm
    £1.37 £1.14
  3. Brand OnlineFoam Insert
    Small White Matchbox Style Box
    MTWHSM 70 x 70 x 15mm
    £1.37 £1.14
  4. Brand OnlineFoam Insert
    Small Grey Matchbox Style Box
    MTGRSM 70 x 70 x 15mm
    £1.37 £1.14
  5. Brand meFoam Insert
    Luxury Small Lilac Matchbox Style Box
    MTLISM 70 x 70 x 15mm
    £1.37 £1.14
  6. Brand meFoam Insert
    Luxury Small Fondant Pink Matchbox Style Box
    MTFPSM 70 x 70 x 15mm
    £1.37 £1.14
  7. Brand meFoam Insert
    Luxury Small Apricot Crush Orange Matchbox Style Box
    MTACSM 70 x 70 x 15mm
    £1.37 £1.14
  8. Brand meFoam Insert
    Luxury Small Forest Green Matchbox Style Box
    MTFGSM 70 x 70 x 15mm
    £1.37 £1.14
  9. Brand meFoam Insert
    Luxury Small Radiant Red Matchbox Style Box
    MTRRSM 70 x 70 x 15mm
    £1.37 £1.14
  10. Brand meFoam Insert
    Luxury Small Elemental Blue Matchbox Style Box
    MTEBSM 70 x 70 x 15mm
    £1.37 £1.14
  11. Brand OnlineFoam Insert
    Medium Black Matchbox Style Box
    MTBLME 95 x 95 x 15mm
    £1.74 £1.45
  12. Brand OnlineFoam Insert
    Medium Natural Kraft Matchbox Style Box
    MTKRME 95 x 95 x 15mm
    £1.74 £1.45
  13. Brand meFoam Insert
    Medium White Matchbox Style Box
    MTWHME 95 x 95 x 15mm
    £1.74 £1.45
  14. Brand OnlineFoam Insert
    Medium Grey Matchbox Style Box
    MTGRME 95 x 95 x 15mm
    £1.74 £1.45
  15. Brand OnlineFoam Insert
    Large Black Matchbox Style Box
    MTBLLA 130 x 130 x 15mm
    £2.10 £1.75
  16. Brand OnlineFoam Insert
    Large White Matchbox Style Box
    MTWHLA 130 x 130 x 15mm
    £2.10 £1.75
  17. Brand OnlineFoam Insert
    Large Kraft Matchbox Style Box
    MTKRLA 130 x 130 x 15mm
    £2.10 £1.75
  18. Brand OnlineFoam Insert
    Large Grey Matchbox Style Box
    MTGRLA 130 x 130 x 15mm
    £2.10 £1.75
  19. Brand meFoam Insert
    Deep Black Matchbox Style Box
    MTBL60 170 x 170 x 60mm
    £3.58 £2.98
  20. Brand meFoam Insert
    Deep White Matchbox Style Box
    MTWH60 170 x 170 x 60mm
    £3.58 £2.98
  21. Brand meFoam Insert
    Deep Kraft Matchbox Style Box
    MTKR60 170 x 170 x 60mm
    £3.58 £2.98
  22. Brand meFoam Insert
    Deep Grey Matchbox Style Box
    MTGR60 170 x 170 x 60mm
    £3.58 £2.98